Any interest for a multiplayer Democracy game with roleplaying rules?

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A multiplayer democracy game is a multi-player game where teams of players play against one another and manage their factions through discussion and consensus.


Additional Role playing rules (up for discussion and new proposals are welcome)

1) Cannot switch Society Values more than once every 10 years

2) Must wait x number of years to switch economic models, where x = population/4

3) We can come up with some interesting rules for switching politics model

4) Create a forum-based component to the game where factions can influence the society choices of other human controlled factions through some kind of espionage activity. (We have yet to invent some rules for this)

5) Human controlled Democracies cannot declare vendetta without cause for war

5.1) What constitutes a cause for war: (we have yet to decide on this, some obvious ones are being attacked by an aggressor or coming to the aid of your ally) We will not allow democracies to declare war by agreeing to an AI-proposal for a joint-attack, or back-stabbing another AI or player.

6) Fundamentalist Factions can't delcare vendetta against other fundamentalists


I'm thinking that additional "role-playing" rules may make the SE choices less typical, for instance it may be worth running a police state because it is easier to declare war than under a democracy.


Probably the number of human-controlled factions should be 3 at most to create an interesting geopolitical environment and allow for the game to advance at a suitable pace.

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