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We Play Civ 5 Community Game Introduction

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Welcome to the We Play Civ 5 Community Game!!

With the release of Civilization 5, and all the new and exciting features that it brings, We Play Civ has decided to run a community game so we can learn all about Civilization 5 together!

If you are new to Civilization this will be a great place to learn the ropes. What better way to discover all the core strategies and subtle nuances than amongst like minded people here at We Play Civ.

If you are a Civ veteran and you're making the transition from an earlier version of Civ to Civ V then you'll be with other die-hards trying to get to grips with such novelties as one unit per tile, city states, no sliders, social policies etc!

Whatever your history of playing the Civilization franchise, we're all in the same boat now. We're all new to Civ V and eager to immerse ourselves in the latest incarnation of this epic strategy game!


Please make yourself at home here at We Play Civ and I'll explain what this game is going to be about......

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How does a Community Game work?

The We Play Civ 5 Community Game is a 'single player' game of Civilization 5 played as a community effort. The community as a whole make suggestions and decisions about the way our civiliztion runs and what directions we should head to achieve a victory in the game. It is similar to what is known as a 'Democracy Game' except it is being run purely for the purposes of fun, learning and growing a thriving, enjoyable Civ community. The emphasis is on co-operation rather than competition! Once we all know the ins and outs of Civilization we can move on to Democracy Gaming, both single player games and multi player team games!


One player is chosen, by the community, to be The President (turn player) and another is chosen to be The Vice President (The President's right hand man). They stay in these positions for 2 weeks, when a new President and Vice President are elected to play the game.


Over the course of the game posts, threads and polls can be made by any community member to suggest various actions and to gain the community's thoughts on particular aspects of the game.

Should we scout further to the west or head north towards that barbarian camp?

Should we befriend or shun that city state?

Should we attack the French!!!


The President then collects all the various opinions of the community and applies them to the actual game, reports back on what has happened, and the process begins again.....


Along the way, we, as a community learn more about the game, have fun, and see how other members of the community address the situations that this great game brings up.

It's a great way to learn new tricks, perfect your own strategies, or just come along for the ride and enjoy the adventure!


Read on for more details about this particular Community Game......

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We Play Civ 5 Community Game #1 - The Roman Empire

We Play Civ's first Community Game will be played as The Roman Empire, with Augustus Caesar as our leader!


Rome - Augustus Caesar

The Roman Empire is the most remarkable and long-lived political entity in the history of Western Civilization. It was founded around the 8th century BC, and portions of it survived until the 14th century AD. The Romans were great innovators in some areas, and they were not shy about appropriating good ideas they found in other cultures.

The Romans were a warrior people. At the height of their power, the Romans ruled an empire which covered much of England, all of Western Europe, North Africa, Egypt, Greece, and the Middle and Near East. During their long rule of Europe and the Mediterranean, the Romans greatly shaped Western culture, law, art, architecture, religion, language, and warfare.


Born Gaius Octavius, Augustus would become the first (and possibly greatest) Roman Emperor. He ended a century of civil wars and initiated two hundred years of the Pax Romana (Roman Peace) while overseeing a golden age of Roman literature and culture. During Augustus’ long rule Rome flourished and the Empire came to dominate the Mediterranean basin. The policies he put in place kept the Empire running smoothly, so much so that Rome would continue to rule the entire known world for almost two centuries without any major wars or other significant threats to its survival. Few if any leaders in world history could make the same claim.


We will play on:

A Continents map (The world will consist of a few large landmasses and some smaller islands)

of Standard size (Our human civilization (Rome), 7 AI Civilizations (Randomly assigned), 16 City States (Randomly Assigned))

at Emperor difficulty level

at Standard speed (The default game pace)

starting in the Ancient era (So we get to play the whole Civilization experience)


This should allow us to experience as many different aspects of Civ 5 gameplay without things being too easy or too hard! We will not know at the beginning of the game whether we are isolated on an island, or grouped with some other civilizations on a continent. We will, at some point in the game, have to experiment with the naval aspects of the game, which promises to bring a whole new aspect to Civilization strategy.

Rome has two early to mid game unique units, which should allow us to explore the various military aspects of the game.


Unique Unit #1 : Legion

Movement: 2

Strength: 13

Ranged Strength: 0

Cost: 90

Requires Resource: Iron

Technology: Iron Working

Abilities: Can build Roads and Forts like a Worker.

Notes: Replaces Swordsman (Movement: 2; Strength: 11; Ranged Strength: 0; Cost: 80; Required Resource: 1 Iron; Technology: Iron Working)


Unique Unit #2 : Ballista

Movement: 2

Strength: 4

Ranged Strength: 18

Range : 2

Cost: 100

Requires Resource: 1 Iron

Technology: Mathematics

Abilities: +10% combat strength vs cities

Notes: Replaces Catapult (Movement: 2; Strength: 4; Ranged Strength: 14; Range: 2; Cost: 100; Requires: 1 Iron; Technology: Mathematics; Notes: Must set up before firing. +10% combat strength vs cities)


As Rome has two unique units it doesn't have a unique building, but its special ability, The Glory of Rome, should also keep the builders amongst us happy as it helps speed things along in this aspect of the game.


Unique Building : none

Special Ability : The Glory of Rome : +25% production towards any buildings that already exist in the Capital.


Rome was chosen for our first game as it was a civilization that is known throughout the world, has plenty of reference material available for it, and provides plenty of role playing opportunities, not to mention they have kicked butt in all the previous incarnations of Civ!! ;)


Want to sign up and be a citizen of The Roman Empire? Please read on.....

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The constitution of The Roman Empire


Community Game Guidelines

This game is about fun, learning and growing a thriving, enjoyable Civ 5 community. Please, absolutely NO in game play is to be done by anyone but The President. NOBODY is allowed to check the map by cheating or playing into the future. NO reloading of the save for any reason whatsoever.


The Citizens of The Roman Empire

Everyone is welcome to be a citizen of The Roman Empire, all you need to do is contribute to the fun and learning. All players are encouraged to vote in polls etc and to participate as much as they would like. The more we contribute, the more enjoyment it is for everyone involved. Any game concerns should be posted publically, or PMed to The President / Vice President.


The Presidency



Presidencial terms last for two weeks. Elections are held at the end of every two weeks.Any player may run for a presidencial position. Self nominations for a presidencial positions are acceptable. A player may only hold one presidencial position at a time. A player may be in the presidency for a maximum of four terms in a row only, then they need a responsibility-free term before they can run for presidency again. The only exception is if there is no other candidate for a position in an election - this should only be considered as a last resort. Once elected, Vice Presidents must PM their email address to The President for administrative correspondance only. All game related presidencial activites must be transparent and open to scrutiny by everyone.


The President of The Roman Empire

The President plays the game. In the event of conflicting advice from the players, The President makes the final decision. If the decision is critical to The Roman Empire (eg imminent invasion), The President is expected to seek help from players and NOT go it alone. The President is to post the game save, for all players to have access to, after each in game session. The President should post a turn-by-turn account of the play and schedule activities with the intention of getting as much player involvement as possible.


The Vice President

The Vice President runs the election process, starts campaign threads, etc. The VP should assist The President in scheduling activities with the intention of getting as much player involvement as possible. The VP becomes The President in the event of abdication, then holds the position until the next election.


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If you'd like to partcipate in the We Play Civ 5 Community Game then please:


1. Introduce yourself at The Forum Magnus, so all the members of the community can get to know you and will know that you are interested in joining in the fun.

2. Check out The Imperial Library which is our central information store, with links to all important threads in the game.

3. Join in the fun by posting in the numerous active threads in the Civilization V Community Game Forum

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