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I'm really curious about the way democracy games have been run in the past. Thought I'd take a look at the links that Mart provided here but looks like the content of these archives has not survived the transition of Apolyton to a new forum (?)


Some of the thread titles within the ACDG-Police State game archive look to be quite exciting:


  1. Current Politburo and Executive Government
  3. Coup Attempt - ALL secretaries
  4. Overthrow the hive: Save ACPSG

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I think they are all there, the way as in February. The archives are changed compared to original threads, so they make impression of something missing.

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The discussion in the Archives thread at Apolyton:


When I try to assess the faction threads of the Apolyton Smac DG3 I only get an empty frame. Has the content be deleted or is there still some way to view it?


This problem has been reported in Site Feedback and News.


The content of the archives haven't been moved to the new server yet.


With luck the archives should be back within 2 months.


For now you may want to check and search for Apolyton- they sometimes save snapshots of what forums looked like in the past.

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