Tonight! (Sept 9th) Interview with Composer and Lead Audio Director for Civ V!

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Hi All!


I wanted to let you know that a I'll be airing an interview with Geoff Knorr and Michael Curran, Composer and Lead Audio Director for Civilization V, tonight (Thursday, September 9th) on my radio show, Super Power Up! If you're interested, the show can be heard on WLOY (1620AM in Baltimore, MD, and streamed live worldwide on -- just click the "Listen Now!" banner at the top of the page) from 9PM to 11PM EDT. The show is pre-recorded, and the interview itself will air around 10PM EDT.


Geoff and Michael talk about the process of conceptualizing, designing, performing, and editing the music and other audio from Civilization V, as well as discuss the evolution of the music and audio from earlier Civilization games. Several tracks from the Civilization V soundtrack will also be aired!



Player One

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I just found out from Geoff Knorr that he has posted the interview from last Thursday on his website! It can be found on his "News" page:


There's no transcript, currently; if I have time to write one up at some point, I'll let you know.


Sometime soon, Geoff is also hoping to post more in-depth information about his pieces, as well as post photos from the interview! (which were snapped by WLOY's General Manager) I'll let you know once those become available.


Enjoy! :D

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I wanted to let you know that Geoff Knorr just posted some some in-depth information about several of his compositions on his website:


In his own words:

As promised, I've finally posted some more details on the pieces I composed for Civilization V - you can read a little more about the melodies used, see all the various instruments used, and for the musicians out there, even view some of the orchestra scores used for the recording sessions.


Some interesting reading to help pass the last few hours before Civ V is available to play! :)



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Thanks for the info! I've posted this info as news. :)

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