[HELP ME!] Test of Time crash in game (win7 64bit)

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Edit: Solved on CFC. There's a third party patch.


I asked on CFC, but there's no harm in asking here too:

I can (apparently) successfully install Test of Time because the installer and game are 32bit programs, unlike the original Civ2 games. But when I start the game and attempt to build a city, the game crashes.


What I've tested so far:


* It happens in any game type.

* The game is not adverse to the existence of cities, since I can skip my turn and cheat to see my opponents have built cities in their first turn.

* I can open the city dialogue if the city already exists, such as in the Midgard scenario. (as stated, building a new city still results in a crash)

* Reinstalling didn't help. Neither did reinstalling to somewhere other than the Program Files folder.

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problem solved

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