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Next year 2156 we'll get Enviro-economics and have to make a choice having long-reaching consequences.


The choice is between:

- Doctrine Initiative (with SP "Maritime Control Center")

- Centauri Meditation (with SP "Xenoempathy Dome")

- Bio-engineering (with SP "Longevity Vaccine")

- Cyberethics (with SP "Planetary Datalinks")

- Superconductor

- Field Modulation

- Adaptive Doctrine


My stance on it:

- as a builder faction without any real threat these days, the last 3 don't seem urgent

- we are happy with Wealth (instead of Knowledge) and have a few SPs to get far more important than the Planetary Datalinks. We get techs fast enough and can exchange with others if need be. => Exit cyberethics

- running Free Market, the Longevity Vaccine isn't very useful (we'll get it later in our capital if/when there is nothing else pressing us). And running Free Market, we won't use many military units soon needing clean reactors. => Exit Bio-engineering


So my real choice would be between:

- Centauri meditation: 1) Empaths are better than Doctors 2) In our terrain, removing fungus faster and using it as roads will be unvaluable, especially at sea. In short: some immediate bonus and a very useful SP.

- Doctrine Initiative: It involves a major strategic choice and would makes getting the SP mandatory. Separated of the Spartans by a sea of fungus and by every other factions by sea, having a few cruiser probes moving 8 tiles would allow us to infiltrate and do agressive as well as defensive actions. A few Probe-3-8 would be our main strategic force, even after Air Power (that FM will let us use only as interceptors). SP will speed/help our seaformers too.


Centauri Meditation or Doctrine Initiative? They seem complementary. With Gaians in game, I'd say the first one first: CM

Of course, I may have overlooked something: I have just thought about the immediate uses of these techs. Maybe another one will beeline us to something bigger: fusion, ascetic virtues, ...


Your choices?

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Centauri Meditation or Doctrine Initiative? ...


Your choices?

I would agree to Centauri Meditation also.

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