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So there is a great game type that I have found over in the Civ IV form called diplomacy where people write stories about the game from the point of view of the civ they are playing as they play against each other. I would love to do this with someone on AC, given the way this game is set up it would be wonderful to do this and it really is all most set up perfectly for it.


Basicly we would play our turns normally as you would in a AC game but write stories on the forum here while we did so. Related to our game but with freedom to go off on tangents. It is an amazing amount of fun when I have done it with Civ IV..


Any takers?


Dacole is interested in starting a SMAC DiploGame.


what is a DiploGame?

Diplogames are champagne and opera to duel game's beer and tractor pull.


Looking through the threads you'll find countless definitions of diplogames. In summary a diplogames comes down to this: A long term Civ2MP game with 5-7 players who try to resolve problems by diplomacy. Managing your civ is not enough. You try to play a 'leader' thus roleplaying and storytelling in a diplogame is as important as gaming skills. An eloquent speaker who uses tact can get the same work done as the no.1 in the game, if he speaks up.


The Diplomacy takes place in the form of negotiations, treaties, special alliances, pacts and in the end...WAR. To keep track of historic events players will be required to post their view on events on a public forum. Everyone is free how to write his own posts it can be funny, formal, boring...anything is allowed as long as your message gets through...


here is the link to the 'Poly DiploGames CivGroup.

here is a link to the thread 'Diplogame FAQ and Reference Manual' by OzzyKP.


so, anyone interested? please post here or in the Poly thread

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