Secret Project planification

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With our switching to FM this turn, I wouldn't recommend it.


We could use a military base. Since size1 bases with a specialist never revolt, the only limit on how many troops a base can support is minerals, which can be increased with crawlers.


Although it may not be in the spirit of an economic game

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We could have options, majority of faction can be pacifists aiming for peaceful money earning, but some few influential people can think of conquering.


Another option is to pay EC for other bases, but those with SPs would have probably very high prices. AI bug does not exist in this case, I guess. So we could allow trading bases for EC.

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Take note that this picture is subject to the graphic bug, so don't mind the colors!


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We need to vote on Secret Project planification.


The Planetary Transit System seems pretty useless for us on this map.

I have started the Neural Amplifier.

There are several other available SPs.


What I would know:

Nobody else started the Neural Amplifier yet so I think we could grab the Command Nexus just under Hive/Spartans/Believers nose (they'll probably change to something equivalent like the Merchant Exchange)

Why this one and not the Citizen Defence Force? Things to consider:

- CDF is 300 minerals, CN is 200. That would change us from 33 turns to Amplifier to 22 turns to CN.

- First thing we do at a new base is to build a defender. Then, that guy would be 25% better. Ok, CDF gives +100% but we can build a perimeter later and we have both, while building a command center later forces us to rebuild a scout.

- Command centers have 1EC maintenance while defence perimeters have none. Thus, if we plan to have 18 bases, the CN would save us 18EC/turn. Nothing to sneeze at, even if DP is 50 minerals against 40 for CC.


So, would you choose to:

- keep building NA then CDF?

- change to CN then NA again?

- try a full conventional defence with CN then CDF if possible then only NA?

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My vote would go to get Command Nexus now and then we will see.

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So I change to Command nexus but of course it still can be changed until we get it.

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We SHALL get the Command Nexus. It's no longer a matter of if but when.


Next turn I'll launch our next SP in Morgan Construction. It should be possible to build it with only M-Industries/Construction/Shipbuilding contributing thus letting other bases do individual developments. Since terraforming goes well and most of them will soon reach or surpass 10 minerals/turn, they can start some much needed infrastructure.


The question here is, what shall be the next SP?

Citizen Defence Force or Neural Amplifier?


Of course it can be changed until the next second. And it much depends upon what the AIs will choose when we'll take the Command Nexus. And the fact that we can't run after every SP: our bases need infrastructure! (There are still Xenoempathy Dome and of course the Planetary energy Grid which are mandatory!)


Military base defence or psi defence?

I'd say NA at this moment (mainly for our future seaformers)

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It depends on how long we're going to stay out of vendetta, doesn't it? Improved psi resistance is more useful in peacetime...

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MY 2162


I would definitely get Planetary Energy Grid.

And if this is needed, I would probe Gaians for the technology and sacrifice pact. Possibly, Gaians would return to good relations. Note, that we have pact with Deirdre despite having free market.

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I don't think we'll have to probe.


if we grab XD (we'll do if she doesn't rush it), she'll redirect to CDF or another and get it before she gets Adaptive Economics.

Even if we don't get this tech next time, it's more than possible than we still get it before she can complete the SP (at 10-11 turns/tech, that seems obvious). Or you can try to trade it or buy it.

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