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Hive Embassy




We received Yang's comm frequency from Deirdre in 2136, and this is the sixth contact, so as of now we can call for Planetary Council meetings.




Yang: Well met, CEO Morgan. I act, as the voice of Hive, whose intent is to found a society on the principles of security and control. I see you and your minions have flourished on this unforgiving world.


CEO Morgan: Welcome Chairman Yang.


Yang: Your so-called pact sister Lady Deirdre has gone mad and now spends time dancing naked through the trees. Won't you renounce pact with the Gaians to gain my friendship?


CEO Morgan: No, Gaians are loyal allies.


Yang: I must caution you, that my engineeres have just completed an advanced prototype unit of Impact squad (4-3-1). My military is practically invincible.


CEO Morgan: We understand. We wish to honor your values and way of life.


Yang: An emergency has arisen in one of my bases. Lives are at stake. Information on Gene Splicing would save many of Hive citizens. Can you transfer it to me as a personal favor?


CEO Morgan: In exchange for High Energy Chemistry, perhaps?


Yang: I cannot trust you CEO Morgan. That's a pity... Be warned, that I will not tolarate cooperation with my mortal enemy, Lady Deirdre.


CEO Morgan: Well, Chairman Yang, how about we sign Treaty of Friendship?


Yang: And what do I get in return?


CEO Morgan: You need but name your price Chairman.


Yang: I would ask for Gene Splicing data.


CEO Morgan: That is agreeable.


Yang: Would you also break your Pact with Gaians?


CEO Morgan: We cannot do that. We must remain in that pact.


Yang: Well, then. My social plans and your business initiatives complement each other nicely. We shall commence trade and commerce at once. any further business?


CEO Morgan: Would you end the vendetta with Gaians?


Yang: So be it. As a personal favor, I shall end the vendetta with Lady Deirdre.


CEO Morgan: How about exchanging technology data?


Yang: I am intrigued be your knowledge of Industrial Economics, maybe I would transfer information on High Energy Chemistry to you in return?


CEO Morgan: Yes, that is acceptable. And, Chairman, maybe we should sign a Pact of Brotherhood?


Yang: Yes, I can agree to it. From now on, we will remain in close partnership. Let us dominate the planet! I am uploading to you my most recent map.


CEO Morgan: Would you lend me some energy credits, Chairman. I can see you have 151 EC in your energy banks.


Yang: Sorry, CEO Morgan, but I have no energy to spare.


CEO Morgan: Well then. I believe that is all for now.

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MY 2139

Talks Report


- Exchange of maps with Chairman Yang. No large new territory revealed.

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MY 2153


We have finally more interesting talks with Yang. He opens commlink obstinate and asks for our participation in vendetta against Believers. When refused, his mood changes to belligerent. However, it is his initiative to exchange his Synthetic Fossil Fuels for Optical Computers. He also encourages us to research Cyberethics, while he works on Doctrine Air Power.


Chairman complaints about our social choices and urges Morganities to install stronger political control in society.


We exchange maps.


Further it turns out, that he is able to aid us with incredible beneficial loan of 56 EC with payments of 56 EC! (1/year). I took liberty of accepting that offer.


I closed commlink, Chairman was in obstinate mood again. It means we can contact him anytime still.

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MY 2156


Yang exchanges his Doctrine Air Power for our Environmental Economics.

He asks for vendetta against Miriam, but we refuse.

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Yang called to renounce our Pact. He doesn't like us running Democracy.

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MY 2183


Chairman Yang (seething) wanted us to attack Santiago. I refused. He then blackmailed us to exort Information Networks, I gave in. Finally, I succeeded in defusing some of his hate by having him stop vendetta then sign Treaty with the Spartans.

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MY 2216


Yang demanded that we attack the Peacekeepers. As we refused, he declared vendetta.

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Yang came to talk.

Demanded that we attack Lal. We refused.

Demanded that we return Factory Drift. We refused.

Demanded that we pay 350EC for a truce. We refused.

Vendetta continues.

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