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Believers Embassy



We traded Believers commlink from Spartans in 2131.

Sister Miriam is Seething towards us. This may be unpleasant conversation.




Sister Miriam: CEO Morgan I presume. Sister Miriam of the Believers at your service. I am told you have built yourself economic empire here on this rocky planet. Be aware that I plan to establish my faction as the governing Chiron, and I will brook no interference in this matter. My nemesis, Colonel Santiago is bent on equipping her private army and sieze control of Planet. I propose, that you switch allegiances and help me to stop her before it is too late.


CEO Morgan: Certainly not, Colonel Santiago is my friend.


Sister Miriam: An emergency arisen in one of my bases, CEO. Will you transfer me your knowledge on Nonlinear Mathematics?


CEO Morgan: Your fabricated tales will get you nowhere.


Sister Miriam: I find your unwillingness to cooperate disturbing. I warn you, that I am not going to tolerate cooperation with Santiago. Have you any further business?




What do we want from Miriam?

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CEO Morgan: Yes. We would appreciate energy loan.


Sister Miriam: I have no energy to spare. Please, excuse me, but I have no more time for this conversation. Miriam out.




That's it. We still remain in Truce setting.


Any recommendation for the next talks?

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MY 2144


Believers (seething)

- I am under attack by the forces of the paranoid Colonel Santiago, blah blah... If you will join me: Pact, 75EC and Field Modulation.

- Too bad, you're on your own!

- Blah blah, give me Nonlinear Mathematics!

- Only in exchange for Field Modulation

- No, I won't! And your so-called democracy is godless and wretched and I urge you to repent your sins...

And she refuses to sign Treaty against a tech too.

- Be warned that I no longer will tolerate collaboration with my mortal enemy colonel Santiago! (We don't care, *****, your powergraph is pathetic! :mad:)

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Sister Miriam called seething

She wanted a pact to attack Spartans. (Reminder: her might is pathetic and she's already in vendetta with Yang). I said NO!

She wanted Nonlinear Mathematics (C2) but refused to trade for Field modulation (C2)


"You are a wretched unbeliever, CEO Morgan, and your sins cry out to God for punishment. In the Lord's Name, I now pronounce vendetta upon you, that by destroying your so-called 'democracy', I shall redeem the souls of your follower while there is yet hope for their salvation!"


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MY 2216


Miriam proposed to sign truce for transfering 250 EC to her energy banks. She did not want to agree for 120 EC. She refused treaty, but agreed to end vendetta with Spartans.

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That's fine for me!

One thing SMAC would have really needed would have been a diagram (a heptagram indeed) showing the relations of each faction with the others with lines of different colors.

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Miriam initialy wanted Unified Field Theory for truce, but we refused and she agreed for it with no exchange.

It turned out, Zakharov was pushing for vendetta.

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