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Skunkworks: How to pay 2.5 Energy/Mineral for any unit

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At a glance, the Skunkworks is one of the least useful facilities. It costs upkeep, and apparently is only useful when prototyping. So, just build a couple in high-mineral bases, and you're done, right?


Wrong. The hidden value of the Skunkworks is that it allows you to switch between building any facilities with no lost minerals, and the same for units. You lose minerals when switching between units and facilities, and with satellites and other stuff IIRC, but that's it.



  1. Set up your design workshop to create either a 2-row unit, or a 1-row unit if you're running negative industry. Or maybe even a 3-row unit if you're drones with +5 Industry. This is the 'holder unit'
  2. Put a base with Skunkworks busy to building this unit. If you've done things right, it should cost only 2.5 credits/Mineral to complete this unit.
  3. Calculate how many minerals it takes to finish the unit you really want, the 'destination unit', and then click the button to hurry the 'holder unit.' Select partial payment
  4. Overpay for as many minerals as you need for your 'destination unit,' even though you're hurrying the 'holder unit'. Yes, you'll likely overpay for the unit, but that's the secret because you next...
  5. Switch to the 'destination unit', keeping all the overpaid minerals! As simple as that, you've created an expensive unit for 2.5 credits/mineral, and in one turn!
  6. For extra sneakiness, hurry an extra 10 minerals in your payment step above, letting you repeat the process the next turn


As you can see, the Skunkworks allows you freedom to exploit a game mechanic, and hurry units for only 25% more cost than it takes to hurry facilities! Builders beware, energy-rich Momentum/Hybrid players can now swoop down on you with a horde of units, paying very little more than you do for your precious facilities! Mind you, they have to build a 6-row facility first, but still, it tips the mid/late game balance over to the Momentum/Hybrid players, I'm afraid.:eek:


Oddly enough, this strategy is probably unavailable to Santiago, as I think her 'free prototype' ability makes her unable to build Skunkworks. If I were to redesign her, I would give her the tech for Skunkworks and Skunkworks as a free facility. She would become danged scary again...


Jonathan Fisher

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Very clever, I never knew about this technique, or the Maniac Manoeuvre.

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Does the AI ever use Hurry? I suspect not.

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I think AI uses hurry when having abundant enough energy reserves.

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vyeh thinks they do. He made a test scenario where they hurried something. The AI can also switch production for free and keep roll-over minerals.

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