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The Spartans are on the other side of the sea of fungus north of our territory. Here is the first negociation:


Mood: noncommital

-Have you heard from deirdre recently? I would give you 20EC for her commlink

- Yes, I'm forwarding her comm frequency now

Mood: cooperative

- Lets us exchange knowledge on a quid pro quo basis: Applied Physics for Doctrine Loyalty

- Give me Nonlinear Mathematics instead and we got a deal!

- Accepted!

Mood: submissive

- I believe your data in Gene Splicing could have important implications for ma military preparations. Interested to exchange it for Applied Physics?

- No but I could divulge information on Secrets of the Human Brain

- Accepted!

- Are you willing to exchange Gene Splicing for a copy of my world map?

- No (Note from Strategic Command: Gene Splicing leads to Synthetic Fossil Fuels and Air Power) but I could divulge information on Ethical Calculus.

- CEO Morgan, my survivalist followers are content to guard their homes in armed peace. I suggest we sign a Treaty of Friendship and stay out of each other's way.

- Fair enough but I shall guard my borders carefully!

- Splendid!

Mood: solicitous

- I desire access to believer's commlink

- I see. And what do you offer in return?

- Would you find a modest sum of energy credits helpful?

- Yes, 25EC

- I accept.

- Have you any further business?

- I believe we are finished here. Morgan out!


Other info:

- Spartans in vendetta with University

- Planetary Council votes: 24

- Economy: Planned

- Don't have communication with the Hive

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This is a very good turn out of the first contact! Looks like Santiago can talk further. I wonder, if she would sign Pact?


I took liberty to add graphics to the first post, :) So it is like other threads.

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Mission Year 2132


Santiago mood has lowered from Solicitous to Cooperative since last turn.




Santiago: So we meet again,CEO Morgan. I trust your business plans proceeding to your satisfaction. Have you heard from Lal recently? I offer 20 EC if you provide me with his comm link..


CEO Morgan: Certainly, I am forwarding his comm link right now.


Santiago: CEO Morgan, our visions are compatible and our interests convergent. Will you swear a Pact of Brotherhood with me that we may sweep all before us?"


CEO Morgan: Excuse me Colonel, I must consult this decision with my advisors.




Any opinions on this?


I would say, let's take this Pact for now. It will provide us with additional income, and Spartans are on our continent, so taking sides in this conflict on Santiago side is safe for us for the time being.




CEO Morgan: No, we decided not to enter such agreement at this time.


Santiago: state your business quickly, for I have little time.


CEO Morgan: Would you loan us some energy reserves?


Santiago: Yes, your credit is good, so I can give you 59 EC for yearly payments of 1 EC/year for 76 years.


CEO Morgan: Great, we take it.


Santiago: Anything else?


CEO Morgan: How about some of your technical daya?


Santiago: Sadly, I do not have anything you might be interested. My apologies, but I have to attend my duties. Santiago out.




Santiago is back to solicitous.

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MY 2136


Santiago: Greetings to you, CEO Morgan. You are always the most shrewd and your followers are the most wealthy. My mortal enemy, Sister Miriam has ruthlessly attacked my holdings. Will you assist me in repulsing her?


CEO Morgan: No, the Believers have done me no wrong.


Santiago: I must caution you, that my engineeres have completed an advanced Impact rover prototype, (4-1-2). this makes my forces practically invicible.


CEO Morgan: Sure.


Santiago: Unfortunatelly in one of my bases there was an accident and information on high Energy Chemistry is required, can you help?


CEO Morgan: Your fabricated tales will get you nowhere, Colonel.


Santiago: CEO Morgan, our visions are compatible, and our interests are convergent. Will you sign a Pact of Brotherhood?


CEO Morgan: With great pleasure.


Santiago: Bold words, but will you also pronounce a vendetta on my bitter foes the Believers?


CEO Morgan: I cannot honourably do so...


Santiago: Your actions speak louder than words. Pact Brother we are not.


CEO Morgan: Maybe we could sign this Pact in some other way?


Santiago: No. My military preparations will work sufficiently without our closer cooperation. Please excuse me, CEO, but I must attend my duties.

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MY 2164



- seething

-runs Fundamentalist/Free Market

- demands Doctrine Air Power

- I ask 25EC for it, Santiago accepts (My rationale: I was just afraid of another vendetta)

- warns us about Knowledge

- I try to get Pact for data, she refuses

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MY 2216


Santiago agreed to end vendetta with Peacekeepers. No luck in talking her into pact.

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MY 2224

When contacted, Santiago demanded Bioadaptive Resonance, but our answer was that her faction is no longer significant.

We proposed Pact but she refused.

We threatened crushing her faction and Santiago became submissive.

We are now in Pact with Spartan Federation.




Santiago has been given 2 techs:

- Bioadaptive Resonance

- Organic Superlubricant

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