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Well, we talked about avoiding exploits when we began, so as not to take all the challenge out of it; reloads are just plain cheating...

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I don't know.



It's probably better to let it be like it is. No vendetta going.

I would keep it this way too.


And we can avoid re-doing diplomacy - it is less of taking advantage over an AI. Already probing, that we do, is advantageous for us.

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MY 2202


Zakharov called (noncommital).

He proposes a Pact of Brotherhood to crush the Spartans, I refused.

We exchanged Neural Grafting for Field Modulation, then Bio-engineering for Bioadaptive Resonance.

He became Cooperative, then talked about his new chaos fusion copters, then asked Doctrine Air Power (that's what he wanted since the beginning) as a favor. I said No, hoping to trade it for a Treaty and he just...declared Vendetta! :eek: "Your open and shameless pursuit of Wealth is no longer acceptable, CEO Morgan. Vendetta upon you!"

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That was difficult to predict.

Zakharov cooperates with Lal, and here we have something to fear.

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Zak will know fear.

The base near Morgan Biochemical should be ours in 2 turns (it shall probably destroyed though).


Zak and Lal don't cooperate enough that Lal can give him Air Power, it seems.

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MY 2216


Zakharov proposed truce and right after that to sign treaty. We have +118 EC/turn of commerce.


Vendetta short summary;

We destroyed one Zak's base.

We conquered 2 bases (sea) and keep them.

we lost some units, mostly F8, crawlers, formers?

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We lost a few crawlers but, as I said many turns ago, we were able to replace them in one turn while a copter would take him many turns.

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MY 2235


University of Planet - Pact of Morganities member - took control over 3 bases:

- Mendelev College

- Monitoring Station

- Zoloto-Gold

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We formally asked our pactmate to stop vendetta with Miriam. Zakharov agreed.

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