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Thanks to Dale for a birthday present years ago in Warlords but unfortunatley for me, it is now obsolete and Dale has a lot of things in the works understandably


Ok, so I was tweaking and over at CFC found something that may ssolve my desires, so am bringing back here to share and expound upon.


I found by using Custom Assest/Leader head traits??? I actually can make my own "super leader" with multiple traits I so desire


I dont do Pitboss and dont do PBEM so for me alone.


My question is this:


I altered the leader head and got my desired changes, will this same theory work say for a CIV specialty?



ENGLISH have Stock Exchange in place of it as simple as adding Assembly plant (German Factory) in a file so that say I am English and now I have both?


Next, in Call To Power the Television gave 5 gold per pop count, the city clock gave 1 gold per pop count, in a scenario I made I change the gold to 10 on Television, does BTS have a similiar file thatI could easily alter i provementsin same manner?



Thanks for any feedback all!!!


Grandpa Troll

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