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MY 2129



Deirdre: "Greetings to you, CEO Morgan. You are as always the most shrewd of us all, and your followers the most wealthy. Deirdre, Lady of the Gaians, salutes you. You may be interested to know that I've been in touch with our former colleague Lal, who lately has been styling himself Brother of the Peacekeeper. Lal has become quite obsessed with his humanitarian initiatives, but I have had several fruitful conversations with him and I believe, he can provide you with information on Doctrine Loyalty. If you like, I can provide you withhis commlink frequency for mere 10 energy credits.


CEO Morgan: "Very well, then. 10 EC here it is."


Deirdre: "I must caution you. My engineeres have just completed the Synthmetal Garrison prototype, (1-2-1). The first units are entering service now, rendering my forces practically invincible. CEO Morgan, I am concerned that you appear to be withholding scientific data in violation of the UN Charter for this mission. Please release your files on Industrial Economics to me at once!"


CEO Morgan: "And you will reciprocate your data on Gene Splicing?"


Deirdre: "Well, I cannot trust you with this information. However, CEO Morgan, our visions are compatible and our interests convergent. Will you swear a Pact of Brotherhood with me that we may sweep all before us?""


CEO Morgan: "With great pleasure!"


Deirdre: "Then I, Lady Deirdre of the Gaians greet you formally

as Pact Brother! Together we shall both dominate Planet's economy and preserve Planet's native life. May our plans and forces converge to victory! Pact Brother, I am now downloading my most recent map to your datalinks. Have you any further business?"


CEO Morgan: "Yes, we need access to your datalinks."


Deirdre: "And what do you offer in return?"


CEO Morgan: "You need but name your price, Lady."


Deirdre: CEO Morgan, I know I have been accused of spouting tree-crazy prattle, but I think you will find that I am a woman of reason. Let us exchange knowledge on a quid pro quo basis: I will share my files on Gene Splicing, you must, in return, fully disclose your data on Industrial Economics."


CEO Morgan: "That is satisfactory. Have you interest in further trading under the same terms?"


Deirdre: "Through cooperation we can achieve mutual satisfaction of needs. Will you transmit your files on Information Networks in exchange for my information on Doctrine Flexibility? Think how your business plans could be enhanced by proper use of such knowledge."


CEO Morgan: "We agree! Shall we trade more technologies?"


Deirdre: "As part of my grand planetary vision I shall transmit to you,

gratis, my data on Secrets of the Human Brain. Guard this knowledge carefully, and do

not forget my generousity. What a pleasant chat we've had, CEO Morgan. I'm afraid, however,

that I must now attend to other matters. Deirdre out."




And Deirdre in fact signed treaty with Zakharov.


No code has to be inserted here.












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I checked the 2134 start save and we can trade a comm frequency to the Gaians for 20 EC - if we so desire.

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definitely I would be for it, I checked and Deirdre will pay for commlink to Miriam. They will get contact soon anyway, so these are just money waiting to be picked up.

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Deirdre is still magnanimous towards us.

MY 2134




Deirdre: "Greetings to you, CEO Morgan. You are as always the most

shrewd of us all, and your followers the most wealthy.


CEO Morgan: It is nice to see you, Lady Deirdre! I was wondering if we could exchange information?


Deirdre: Yes, CEO. Do you have contact with Sister Miriam? I was unable to locate her settlements so far. I would offer 20 EC for the comm link.


CEO Morgan: Of course, the frequency is being transferred as we speek.


Deirdre: Thank you. And please hurry, CEO Morgan, as I have little time. I am now uploading the most recent exploration map of Planet to your databanks.


CEO Morgan: Sure.


Deirdre: I am now researching Intellectual Engineering. Perhaps you should next direct your research efforts toward Ecological Engineering so that we can share information more efficiently?


CEO Morgan: We will consider that.


Deirdre: any further business?


CEO Morgan: Do you have comm frequency to Chairman Yang, by any chance?


Deirdre: Alas, I lack his comm frequency myself. What a pleasant chat we have had, but I must attend now to other matters. Deirdre out.




We have 20 EC more. No commlink with Yang from her.

It does not look like her new map has something new explored.

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MY 2136


Deirdre: Welcome, CEO Morgan! How can I help you? There is one problem I'd like to talk to you about. My mortal enemy, Chairman Yang has brutally attacked my settlements. I'm afraid, that I have to now ask you to honor our Pact and join my vendetta against Yang.


CEO Morgan: I am afraid, that our present situation hardly allow us to enter a vendetta. But maybe we could help you in some other way?


Deirdre: Do you have anything to suggest?


CEO Morgan: Would you transfer to me Yang's comm frequency?


Deirdre: Yes, and you receive also my recent maps. Please excuse me, but I must attend other duties.

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MY 2139

Talks Report


- Exchange of maps with Lady Deirdre. No large new territory revealed.

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MY 2145

It was very quick:


"Enough of your monopolistic grasping, CEO Morgan! From this day, we are pact brothers no more!"

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MY 2153


... details soon...

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MY 2165


Deirdre gave us Superconductor for Environmental Economics.

She was cooperative.

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Lady Deirdre (ambivalent) asked for Neural Grafting. As I refused, she then renounced our Pact.

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MY 2178



Topic: Exchange Agreement with Lady Deirdre


Meeting was in belligerent mood.

Technology exchange was decided, that Morgan Industries Corporation provides Neural Grafting for Adaptive Doctrine.

Lady Deirdre expressed her displeasure regarding free market social choice and warned us, that she posseses Chaos Penetrator (8-1-10 Air) military technology.

Although Gaians posses chaos gun technology, they refuse further exchange. Similarly, pact agreement was out of question.


End of report.

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MY 2182


Lady Deirdre wanted us to sign a pact and launch a vendetta upon the Peacekeepers. As Lal seems vastly more powerful than Deirdre, I refused.


"Your systematic rape of Planet's limited resources is unforgiveable, CEO Morgan. Since you have failed to heed my warnings on this matter, I see no other choice but to use military force to put an end to the environmental crimes you commit in the name of market economics. Vendetta upon you, CEO Morgan, in the name of Planet!"


:mad: :doitnow!: :mad:

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MY 2221


Lady Deirdre came talking seething.

She wanted us to attack Lal; we refused.

She demanded Homo Superior to end the vendetta; we refused.

Vendetta continues.

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Deirdre answered when contacted and demanded Unified Field Theory for truce, but we refused.

Then asked for truce and we agreed.

We later threatened her and demanded Treaty agreement, she complied.


We have now Treaty with Gaians.

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MY 2231


Lady Deirdre responded to a call.

She declared not to be scared by our Planet Buster capabilities.

She wanted Unified Field Theory, but we refused - her faction is no longer significant.

After threatening her, she became submissive and we signed a pact.

Our income is +1533 EC/turn

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