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This is History of Chiron as written by Morgan Industries.

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(*) This presentation is using SMAC franchise materials (SMAC, SMAC Alien Crossfire, SMAC GURPS, Wikimedia Commons)

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1. Earth Period.



Extensive observations of Alpha Centauri star system began in 2028. In 2032 presence of an earth-like planet around Alpha Centari A was finally confirmed with sufficient details to show possible human colonization.


The first half of 21st century on Earth did not see bright future, that generations of 20th century Industrial Age were predicting. Worldwide pollution caused large difficulties in food production. Economic system that would function well could not develop with increasing prices of natural resources that were more and more difficult to exploit.



Polluted industrial city on Earth.


Earth witnessed many wars, famine and violent uprisings.



Earth military during war.



Urban violence on Earth.


Moon and Mars were colonized, but they could not provide sustainable existence to human race without help from Earth. Faced with possible collapse of civilization on Earth, United Nations started a novel project in the late 2040s: colonization expedition to Alpha Centauri star system.


During 2050s, interstellar colonization starship U.N.S. Unity was built in high Earth orbit by effort of many nations that were capable to contribute. Ship stardrives were designed by Prokhor Zakharov, one of the lead scientists from Russian Commonwealth. Colonists and crew were thoroughly selected for the mission. Two years before the launch, Captain Garland addressed thousands of colonists and Unity crew members highlighting difficulties of the mission:


In the past 30 years, we have used our telescopes to gather a few terabytes of information about the target world. On this basis we glibly call Chiron "earthlike." I want you to consider for a moment what that means. Chiron has gravity not too much higher than we find comfortable, an atmosphere containing water and free oxygen, a surface climate that we can tolerate. That's all. Billions of years of separate evolution have inevitably made Chiron a greater challenge than we can imagine. even a familiar will be alien.

- Captain John Garland, initial address to the Unity crew, 2058.


In June 2060 U.N.S. Unity was launched. Colonists and most of the crew was cryogenically suspended, only skeleton crew oversaw acceleration period after which all human passengers were asleep in cryocells for almost 40 years.



United Nations colonization starship U.N.S. Unity leaves Earth's orbit.

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2. Voyage to Alpha Centauri.



U.N.S. Unity launched with initial over 5 hours high-acceleration boost after which its Bussard ramjet was deployed. The ship within a year achieved 11% of light speed - its cruising velocity. Further voyage was slow deceleration using ramjet scoop to break against interstellar medium.



U.N.S. Unity en route to planet Chiron in Alpha Centauri star system.


Final deceleration when entering Alpha Centauri system was planned with use of a fusion rocket. However, in 2099 Unity collided with a small meteorite shower, which damaged fusion reactor.




Unity is damaged in a space collision with meteorites. Escape pods are launched before the ship explodes.



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3. Planetfall.




U.N.S. Unity escape pods on Chiron's surface.


Survivors following CEO Nwabudike Morgan landed in four groups on western coast of a continent on southern hemisphere.



Landing site of Morganities.


---=== * * * ===---

CEO Morgan rose from the fold-away chair in the pre-fab'd dining hall.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he waited for the noise to die down, "while today we dine on hard and tasteless ration packs, and the atmosphere is so hostile outside that we must have airlocks, and while this very building is a re-purposed colony pod; we must look at all these as challenges to be overcome."

"The soil here is rich in nitrogen, so why not try planting crops and starting an agricultural industry. I promise you, the first man to do that will become a rich man."

"The atmosphere is hostile? Think of how many ways we could overcome that problem. Think of how many different ways to monetise these problems of ours. With domes, rebreathers, genetic modification, atmospheric modification, terraforming!"

"I tell you today, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a planet of hardships, this is a planet of opportunity!"

"I propose a toast; to New Enterprises!"


- "New Beginings" Morganities History, MY 2195 Edition.


---=== * * * ===---


The survivors made a decision to build bases as soon as possible. The main base with faction headquarters was established near the mesa formationto the east, almost 2000 meters above sea level along a river. CEO Nwabudike Morgan named it Morgan Industries, directly after the corporation name he was going to continue on the planet. The remaining three bases were established on the coast to the west of the mesa. Near the estuary of the same river as headquarter base, Morgan Mining was built. Further south were established Morgan Transport and Morgan Interstellar.



Morgan Industries base founded just after planetfall. The first base facilities are being constructed from escape pods elements.


Colonists early in 2101 mission year sent out patrols to scout surrounding terrain. Although UNS Unity was damaged, it was able to scatter supply pods around the planet surface. Two such pods were recovered close to landing sites. The one near Morgan Industries turned out to contain a scout rover in working condition. No other vehicle like this was in escape colony pods that Morganities used.



Unity supply pod on Chiron.



Unity rover found in supply pod.


Scouting teams moved further to the east and entered mesa formation finding on the plateau mysterious structures, that most likely were made by an intelligent race. Some people were speculating Earth origin, but this would suggest, that humans in some distant past travelled to Alpha Centauri system. Majority suspect, it was made by other than human race.



Mysterious monolith found on a mesa plateau, south east from Morgan Industries base, MY 2101.

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4. Early Years



4.1. Advancement of Chironian knowledge


Survival on Planet required from colonists sufficient knowledge on the environment. The first efforts of scientists were then directed towards Centauri Ecology, that would allow for basic terraforming of Chiron. Research lasted two years after which modernization of computer systems started. The intention of efforts to acquire better Information Networks was to speed up research rate and improve industry by its computerization. Unfortunately, professional network nodes were not built for many decades since 2103. Colonists were happy with "ad hoc" local networks and business entrepreneurs did not require anything more sofisticated too.


In 2106 work has started to create technologies of recycling with emphasis on biological methods. Circulation of micro- and macroelements was already a big issue for several years. The first recycling tanks facility was designed in 2110 and most scientific efforts was directed back to computerization of early colonies. Biogenetics allowed also for research into human genome, but scarcity of resources did not allow for a full project to start.


Finally, in 2110 Planetary Networks were set as further aim of research efforts.


---=== * * * ===---


From Encyclopedia of Centauri Technology:


Centauri Ecology


By studying the Xenofungus we can learn how to survive.


Planet's atmosphere, though a gasping death to humans and most animals,

is paradise for Earth plants. The high nitrate content of the soil and

the rich yellow sunlight bring an abundant harvest wherever

adjustments can be made for the unusual soil conditions.


^ -- Lady Deirdre Skye,

^ "A Comparative Biology of Planet"


Finding adequate sources of nutrients, energy, and

minerals is the most immediate problem facing the

colonists after Planetfall. An

understanding of the basics of {Centauri Ecology}

provides the new arrivals with the tools they need to begin

shaping the world around them-how plants grow, what

geological structures exist, and how natural energy

sources may be exploited on Planet.


Information Networks


The foundation of scientific research


Survival equipment from the [unity] contained a variety

of computers purpose-built for the needs of a frontier

society. However, they must first be connected into

{Information Networks} before scientists can utilize

their power.




Understanding the intricacies of the genetic code.


The alien environment on Planet brought a host of unforeseen

health problems for the colonists. Early inquiries into

Biogenetics center on the prevention and treatment

of these problems. Researchers in this discipline seek

an understanding of the entire genetic code.


4.2. Exploration of Chiron

By the Mission Year 2110 majority of southern part of the continent that Morganities landed was explored. As shown on the map below, roughly one third of the explored territory was in operational range of established bases and workers could collect resources.


Exploration was performed by four scout teams and one scout rover found in a Unity pod. Major land features discovered were rich in uranium flats in equatorial region (Uranium Flats), Rocky Mountains to the east from uranium and Cydonia Plateau, mysterious system of alien buildings with their powerful influence on human mind and live matter in general.



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