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This thread is for technical issues discussion.


Current topics


1) Our first topic is the rules. Please see this post in introduction thread:

read proposed rules and if you would like them to be changed, please post.

Presently there is second revision of the rules


2) Game Advancement Pace

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Not a change but a question:

(T-2) Turnplayer saves and post the game immediately prior to hitting the "end turn" button. If for any reason some additional changes to the turn are made, a new "end turn save" must be made.

Doesn't it force us to make 2 saves every turn? (one before and one after the End Turn)

Because, for starting discussing the next moves,we need the start of the turn after AIs moved.

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Doesn't it force us to make 2 saves every turn? (one before and one after the End Turn)

we will have at least 2 saves/turn, as there is always a chance that some events may occur during the turn that need discussion/voting before the 'turn player' can proceed

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We could discuss "Game Advancement Pace"


In short this is how fast we proceed with playing turns. This is important matter, since probably many of us will have different opinion on that. When someone will find certain moment of the game interesting, other person would consider it boring and want to hurry through several turns at once.


From my experience what works well is some steady pace. We all would know more or less what to expect, e.g. we cannot login for a week to WPC, but we know, that game will advance certain number of turns. It somehow makes our "game world" more real by having such consistent speed ot its time.


Remarks to consider:

- Game should be not too slow and not too fast. There must be both enough time for discussions and we should not lag the game and make it boring.

- Weekends and holidays may be special cases. When majority of players in this time will not be online, the game may slow down. Unless activity may be maintained and it can proceed as during weekdays.

- We can change game pace as majority or almost all players see that appropriate. E.g. in early turns there will be probably less to do. In later game we may have to do more and turns might be played less frequently. It is our game, and we decide.

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For years 2101 - 2110, how about 1 turn/day?

That would be Monday-Friday. For Saturday and Sunday we can decide then if there is enough activity, so e.g. on Saturday turnplayer would wait till Sunday or Monday if there was not enough activity in the game.

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We already played till 2110. We kept around 1 turn/day, but I can see, that slower game pace may be desired. Am I right?


How about 3 turns per week? We would advance to a new turn:

- Monday

- Wednesday

- Friday


We would have roughly 2 days per turn. Game will be slower, but we will have more stuff to do.

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Sounds good Mart. I think that players should be able to check in every other day-or at least give enough orders to cover any brief absences during that time.

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