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1.The game must be old to you(i.e. if you're 16 it could be a two year old game!). So no hard and fast rule on this here.


2.The aim of the thread is to educate each other on the wonderful history of computer gaming(even recent stuff).


3.All gaming platforms are acceptable.


4.Clues can be given in a variety of ways, text, pictures, sounds(this may depend on the upload limit for attachments). Try to not make them too obvious, leave yourself room to post a few.


5.The Clue giver keeps giving clues until someone correctly identifies the game, then that person has a go at posting their own game clues for the rest of us to guess......and so on


6.You can ask questions of the Clue-giver, but they are not obliged to answer...but it can help them shape new clues better for later!


7.You can make a few guesses between clues, but dont kick the pants out of it i.e. no repeat spam guessing as that can invalidate your attempt(at Clue givers discretion), and a new game will be found or the Clue giver can nominate someone to take over.


8.A score of successful posters is not mandatory, as this can lead to 'guess-the-game fatigue' when it's 'your' turn to start a new thread and update everyones scores. So this is just much more for the fun, but if someone wants to keep scores by all means do(But Dr.Spike will probably win!).


9.Use of Google/google-like searches should be declared if it gives you the answer you wouldn't have got otherwise. Note: using goolge is a bit like cheating! and may make some people cross ;)


10. You are not allowed to guess your own game when it is your turn to give the game to be guessed.


NOTE: use of the term 'joker' is when someone has won a game(they correctly guessed it) but at the time can't think of a new game to put into play, so they offer it up to the thread. They then can claim a 'joker' play later at any date in place of their game they passed on for that turn. It's kind of like an IOU.



list of games guessed so far:



Bards Tale III

Big Birds hide and speak

Star Wars: Supremacy/Rebellion(in usa)

Return of Heracles

Double Dragon 2

Donkey Kong

Jagged Alliance(1)

Seven Cities of Gold







Mario Teaches Typing

Dragon Warrior

Destiny of an Emperor

Ultima VIII: Pagan

Bards Tale(1?)



Commander Keen

Boulder Dash

Imperium Galactum

This mean WAR!(not guessed - cheers for headsup DC!)


The Lost Vikings


Le Mans

The Last Ninja

Aces of the Deep

Into the Eagles nest





Golvellius(not guessed!)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Commander Keen - Aliens ate my Babysitter!

Airbourne Ranger

Starlord(not guessed!)

International Karate+

Solo Flight

Age of Wonder

Pinball Construction Set


Historyline 1914-1918



Red Storm Rising

WWF Micro League Wrestling

The Bulge: Battle for Antwerp(Not Guessed!)

Stunt Car Racer

Tomb Raider

Donkey Kong Country

Madden 06(well Madden was guessed)

Cutthroats: Terror on the high seas

Trade Empires

Force 21(Not Guessed!)

Spy vs Spy

Europa Universalis


No One Lives Forever

Full Throttle

Centurion - Defender of Rome

Power Drift


Temco Bowl


Full House(not guessed)



The Incredible Machine



Moebius: the Orb of Celestial Harmony(not guessed)

Krusty's Super Fun House

Team Fortress


Populas: The Begining


Neuromancer(googled - but it was tough)


Beneath a Steel Sky

Frontier: Elite II(kind of guessed)

MissionForce - Cyberstorm

Dungeon Master

Grand Theft Auto


Rolo to the Rescue






Emperor of the fading Suns

Star Raiders II(aka The Last Starfighter)

Transport Tycoon



Companions of Xanth

Crystal Caves

The Sims!


Theme Park

Conqueror: A.D. 1086

Strike Fleet

Batman - Return of the Joker

Phantasy Star

Beach Head

Uncharted Waters 2

Pirates of the Caribbean


Star Fleet 1



Test Drive

Traffic Department

The Great Escape

Rock 'n' Roll Racing

Arcy 2 - (Not Guessed!)

The Incredible Toon Machine


Fallen Haven(Not Guessed!)


Spellcross(Not Guessed!)



Fire Power(Not Guessed!)



Gender Wars

Hidden Agenda

Balance of Power

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

Donkey Kong Junior


Greenhouse - Game+Watch

Oil's well


Defender of the Crown

Hidden and Dangerous

The Way of the Exploding Fist


Bugaboo(the flea)

Captive II - Liberation

Magic the Gathering


Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

Flip & Flop(not guessed!)

Walker(not guessed!)




Ok I'll punt first:


Clue1: early side scrolling game with maybe the first use of film based story telling techniques.

Edited by El_Cid

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wow - that´s vague. Can we ask questions? If so, i´d like to know the genre. If it´s adventure, i think i know the answer. But i think it is more likely to be a shooter or jump´n´run, since the adventure i am thinking of would not exactly fall in the category of EARLY side scrolling (which is very old - think ´scramble´, ´falcon patrol´ etc.)


EDIT: Nice thread idea BTW.

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Edited by DarkCloud

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I think when El Cid says ´early´ side scroller, he is talking about some 80´s title - probably early 80´s, DC.

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The first side-scroller that comes to mind for me is Defender. Not sure about the "film based story telling techniques" though.

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Okay, i´ll give my first thought then, as well: Maniac Mansion. Though, as i said, i wouldnt consider it an ´early´ side scroller, really. But it is certainly one of the first games to have film based story telling techniques (being from LucasFilm/Arts after all - remember the cut-scenes? ´gee - i am hungry...´)

Edited by Mr. Scruffy

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Not yet - keep trying :b:


Clue 2: at the time it came out it was considered ground-breaking for a home computer game, using music and cut scenes to create, for that time, a new unique experience.

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Great! That would still point me to MM, except the music part... ugh... well at least we know now its home computer. That means i probably know it... but hell... need more thinking (really nice thread, El Cid !)

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Well, thinking about it, it probably is LucasFilm Games. And i did never see or play the earlier titles like ´koronis rift´ or ´the echelon´ - so i think its Koronis Rift... (the echelon wasnt a side-scroller, i know, and i am not sure about KR)


Want to set a new rule ? 3 guesses max per game and player ?

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I'm assuming you get one guess until the questioner confirms it's wrong.

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Damn it - he went offline again ! He cant do that !!! aRGH! :D

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El Cid, I'm surprised you aren't still smarting from the whupping I gave you in the 'Poly Name the Game threads. :cute:


We need to get Cap here so I can have some competition. :)


I'll guess Pitfall.

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well, i remember the music (yes, it does play in my head right now - thanks - it will take days to get it out again), but if it had cut-scenes, i never progressed far enough to see them (i always found jump´n´run rather annoying). Also, it did not only scroll horizontally (at least the c64 version did scroll vertically as well, dont know about the vcs2600)- which is what i understand as ´side-scroller´.


About the competition - we´ll see about that, Dr. Spike... :D


EDIT: Can you point me to somesort of Pitfall walkthrough ? Cause how to progress in that game always remained one of the mysteries of my life...


EDIT II: Correct myself - i only ever saw Pitfall II, i guess...


EDIT III: Found a walkthrough for P2 myself - this balloon-part i never got, though i had heard rumors about balloons in the game.

Edited by Mr. Scruffy

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Posting to be ready when a game I know comes along.:D

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@ Dr.Spike,


I never smart or compete when the greater good is calling - but welcome master of guess the game via google......!!!! did i just say that!!! i'm very sorry! ;) (i dont think that btw).



Clue 3: this games early cut scene magic featured a hunting hawk on a characters arm.


( that is a bit of a giveaway clue!)


[i'll edit the rules for clarity for those that haven't played these games before]

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I'm suddenly thinking of King's Quest, but that's probably very wrong.

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ähem... a hawk on a character´s arm... now that makes me rather clueless... i am pretty sure i never played it... i think a good clue would be the platform(s) you know it was released on. Another question - where the ´cut scenes´ animated, or just still pictures? And the genre would still be greatly appreciated.

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@ Dr.Spike,


I never smart or compete when the greater good is calling - but welcome master of guess the game via google......!!!! did i just say that!!! i'm very sorry! ;) (i dont think that btw).



Sour grapes. :(

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Okay since it´s one guess per clue (i´ll just make that my rule) and you said the hawk is a giveaway clue, i say ´Hawkeye´. It´s a side-scroller (albeit i wouldnt classify it as early), and i have no idea if it features ´cut-scenes´ - all i know, is that it had pretty good graphics for its time.

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Sour grapes. :(


I really dont think that - honestly, i just like to pull your leg about it :)


Clue 4: Far east

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YESS ! Just watched a video of it on youtube - and it is Karateka - hahaha !


Note, i only googled it after the guess!


Good one, El Cid - ´early´ really fits here. In fact, that was one of the titles that got my older bro into computer-games and with him me. I have totally forgotten about it (and never played it myself).


So my turn, uh?


I guess i´ll have give easier clues, at least for the first (clue as well as game) one, since i am going to bed now:



Edited by Mr. Scruffy

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oh, maq, that picture looked so familiar all of a sudden, since i have seen this little man as a dancer on an avatar - and never knew where it came from. It all makes sense, now :D

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