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You are evil, my dear. :D


Marifaa it is, then.


-I am going to use this, though. It is to larf. This gives me a very funny idea, actually.

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We need to conference in the GotM folder... If you consent, I'm ready to write another chapter of Stand, now.

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A witness of two genocides and a few massacres in third-world countries, he developed an unhealthy interest in chemical and biological weapons and specialized in this field. It was natural that he managed to obtain the position of Military Advisor responsible for NBC protection in the UN mission to Chiron.


OT-nbc? You had to pick nbc :p I guess there will have to be a careful analysis of the funding for nerve gas pods at future Morgan Industries board meetings.

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Cumbrian Messenger, 14/07/2049.


James Howatson, 44, was recently selected to join the crew of the UNS Unity on its voyage to the Alpha Centauri system. Howatson, who only moved to Cumbria recently, said that although he would miss Cumbria, he was ecstatic at the prospect of joining the Unity expedition. "Travelling into outer space, let alone to another star system is a prospect I just couldn't pass by. All my life I've dreamt of travelling the stars".


Howatson was selected from thousands of applicants for the post of Systems Engineer, a spokesman for the Unity mission said "Mr. Howatson was selected both because of his outstanding work in the PacificaFighter Machine Interface team and because of his outstanding performance in our trials".


You may remember the somewhat controversial PacificaFighter project headed by BAE Systems...


Name: James Howatson

Occupation:UNS Unity Systems Engineer

Agenda: Unknown

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