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Welcome everyone!


This is Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC) Democracy Game.


U.N.S. "Unity" was hit by a meteorite shower. Survivors from the ship split into seven distinct factions and in escape pods landed on Chiron's surface.


We are playing single faction:

Morgan Industries




The remaining AI factions are the same as in vanila SMAC:


Gaia's Stepdaughters

Human Hive

University of Planet

Spartan Federation

The Lord's Believers

Peacekeeping Forces




1. What is SMAC DG?

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Democracy Game is a game played collectively by a group of players who discuss their strategy and actions using this forum. We are playing with Alien Crossfire expansion.

The precise form of the game is currently being discussed. This introduction will be extended when more details are known.


2. Who can play SMAC DG?

Any registered user of We Play Civ website, who can post is welcomed to participate in this game.


3. Do I need SMAC on my computer?

You do not need to have SMAC game installed on your computer, however, for the best experience of this democracy game, it is recommended to have it together with the expansion pack - Alien Crossfire.


4. What is participation level in SMAC DG?

It is your decision how much you want to participate. It can vary from reading game discussions and occasionaly posting a comment to playing so-called "game turns," being a faction leader or leader of a group of players.


5. When the game starts?

The game started on Thursday February 18, 2010. On Saturday, February 20, we advanced from the first turn 2101 to 2102. We try to play one mission year (MY) per day with the exception of weekends and holidays, when it depends on activity of players.


6. If I have the game installed what should I do to view it?

Visit threads pertaining to specific mission years. Game saves are there for download. Put them in usual place where SMACX save games are. However, please be sure to follow the rules presented in the second post, after this one. We ask, that as a regular player you only view the turn, check infos on F1 to F12 screens, etc. and not move units or advance turns. This is important for the gameplay.


You can also place in your "scenarios" an additional folder with text files and graphics to view in-game additional info. This does not change the game mechanics. You can find most recent "Enhanced Interface" version in the post below:


7. Where can I find more information about similar games?

There were SMAC democracy games held on Apolyton Civilization site:




ACDG-Police State Game:




ACDG4, other:






Drogue's short DG history, till ACDG3:


7. How to sign up?

This is a thread, where you can post your intent to play.


8. Open Positions in Morgan Industries Corporation


The Corporation is pleased to announce, that is has open position for Diplomatic Director, responsible for contacts with other lawful entities on planet. Appointee to this office will:

- probe diplomacy in as little invasive into game manner as possible.

- consider our diplomatic relations and discuss them with other faction members of Morganities.

- lead "official" talks with leaders of other factions. This would be in official game saves.

- report them in appropriate Embassy Threads (6 of them at the moment, 2143)


Interested persons are asked to post their application in DG sign-up thread:


Thank you,

Engineer Marino Trevino

Diplomatic Officer, second class

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Below are proposed rules.

Current revision: February 18 (2)

You can discuss them and propose changes:


Revision February 18 (2)



Regular player - person that is not a turnplayer.

Turnplayer - person playing actual turns.


General Rules


  • (G-1) Mutual respect, as described in WPC Forum Rules. Please consider, that this is a team game and players may have very different views on how to play it. We intend this game to be "newbie" friendly.
  • (G-2) Human players will not attack bases with copters.
  • (G-3) More than one social engineering change per line, per turn is prohibited. For instance, one is not permitted to start the turn in wealth, switch to power mid-turn for the extra disbanded minerals, and then switch back to wealth that same turn, getting the refund. Switching only to see results of the change without any played actions is permitted.
  • (G-4) Use of build queue manipulation to build something that could not be directly added to the build queue is prohibited.
  • (G-5) Upgrades anytime are allowed. One may upgrade a unit through the unit workshop and attack during the same turn.
  • (G-6) Human players must build or conquer the base containing Voice of Planet SP for win by Transcedence.
  • (G-7) It is not allowed to discover bases in unexplored terrain by clicking darkened tiles.
  • (G-8) Any use of the scenario editor is prohibited. Please do not enable the scenario editor.
  • (G-9) Changing AI workers to specialists on F4 screen in infiltrated factions is prohibited.
  • (G-10) Playing alternative turns with previous saves is prohibited. It is allowed to open such saves for inspection in a "regular player" manner.
  • (G-11) It is prohibited to insert a stockpile energy after a unit in the base build queue. It is allowed to leave build queue empty after a non-unit item.
  • (G-12) No multiple airdrops in a single turn with the same unit using the right-click menu. No air drops using the right click "air drop to" function, when it is not possible to do so with the "i" button, ie. after already having moved or made a drop.
  • (G-13) Game Advancement Pace (see the fourth section of these rules) is discussed and adjusted occasionaly by players.
  • (G-14) Two Secret Projects: Empathy Guild and Cloudbase Academy are disabled (set to destroyed). These SPs are the most powerful in the game. Empath Guild gives too big infiltration advantage and Cloudbase Academy gives too big advantage to air power.
  • (G-15) Reverse engineering, when possible in-game, is allowed except obtaining rover/speeder chassis before having Doctrine: Mobility.



Regular Players


  • (P-1) As a regular player you can open a save file and perform actions that will not give you "prohibited" knowledge. This pertains to all turns: the current turn and all previous turns.
  • (P-2) Regular players do not move any units.
  • (P-3) No playing beyond current turn in the game saves. If you are not a turnplayer, do not push "end turn" button in any circumstances.





  • (T-1) No repeats of saves to achieve a better battle result, pod popping or any other random result.
  • (T-2) Turnplayer saves and post the game immediately prior to hitting the "end turn" button, this is so-called "turn-end" save. If for any reason some additional changes to the turn are made, a new "end turn save" must be made.
  • (T-3) Turnplayer saves and post the game after AI moves as soon as he/she gains control over the interface. This is "turn-start" save.
  • (T-4) Saved games should be compressed, since SMAC does not compresses these files. Possible format is zip or rar. Below the rules there are links to some compression utilities you might use.



Game Advancement Pace

Proposed speed by Mission years:


  • 2101 - 2110: ...



Freeware 7zip utility, it can also open rar format (for Windows):

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Short History of WPC SMACX DG


WPC SMACX DG = We Play Civ - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Alien Crossfire - Democracy Game


February 4, 2010 - Discusion about possible demogame started. Link


February 11, 2010 - WPC SMACX DG forum opened Link


February 18, 2010 - Scenario completed. Morganic Unity escape pods land on Chiron.


February 20, 2010 - The first turn 2101 is played. Morgan Industries base and three other bases are established.


March 04, 2010 - Played till MY 2110.

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Roleplaying Notes




---=== * * * ===---


Bases sizes (after GURPS):

No code has to be inserted here.

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