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great mod dude seriously, it nurtues y smax fix for a new game , 1 q though , coyld it be played multyplayer as in pbem

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You know, perhaps instead of using my previously stated idea, you could just use the journeyman system. Or perhaps you could use a hybrid of the two. I would try to help, but I know Civ 4 modding like a frog in a well knows the ocean.

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Good idea again, but unfortunately any programming changes like using the journeyman system would also require rebuilding the DLL. One idea I could try more easily is making the initial purchase cost of specialist types from Earth much lower, but making costs increase more with each additional specialist bought of that type. I don't know much about the multiplayer system for Col, but if you can do it in the standard game I'd think it still should work with this mod.


Any other general playtesting balance feedback, gameplay suggestions or tech ideas would be welcome, hopefully I can release an update in the coming year. If you'd like to pitch in but don't know much modding, you can find some Pedia entries that could use writing then post here & I'd be glad to put them in the game.

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Hello guys, I have a problem. I have installed other mods of Colonization and they run perfectly, but this 2071 (both the versions) make my video flippering and can't change it: I must turn of the PC and start it again. Does "2071" requires different graphic settings? (My PC is not new, btw...)

Thanks for any help!

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Good news space cadets For everyone wanting to emigrate from dystopian Earth, I recently restarted some work on updating the mod and have uploaded a preliminary beta version 1.1 below. I would love any playtesting feedback to help expand and balance the tech tree and other new features, and especially input from modders able to edit the DLL.



Colonization: 2071

version 1.1 preliminary beta




Major new features and updates in v1.1:


* After researching the right technologies, you can assign Colonists to special Professions that extract advanced goods directly from tiles containing rare Progenitor Improvements. For example, a colonist assigned to work as a Quantum Physicist in an excavated Progenitor Reactor can create Fusion Cores without the need for manufacturing from raw Uranium inside a colony. After researching Progenitor Symbology, you can assign a colonist to work in an excavated Progenitor Databank to produce Research without having to consume resources as usual in your colony's Research Labs.


* These rare Progenitor Improvements do not begin visible on the map; but are buried beneath tiles with a Progenitor Metropolis. After researching the Planetology tech, you can send a Laborer to build an Excavation on the tile. After enough time, an Event will trigger revealing the hidden Progenitor Improvement which can be a significant source of wealth.


* The map can also contain unique alien resource sites like the Ruined Temple, Spider Lair, and Grand Ziggurat. After researching Xenoarchaeology, you can sent an Intrepid Archaeologist or Seasoned Explorer to the tile to build an Expedition. This consumes the colonist but enables the direct harvest of advanced goods from the tile such as Platinum and Progenitor Tech, especially after additional techs that boost the yield from Expeditions.


* The main planets can be orbited by various classes of planetoids (such as Volcanic Moon, Arctic Moon, Verdant Moon etc). By researching space technologies, you will be able to build a Colony Ship and send it to construct a Lunar Outpost; the moon tile can then be worked by colonists on the main planet. Founding an Outpost will consume the Colony Ship; yields will start small but the Outpost will gradually grow to a Lunar Settlement and eventually a Lunar Colony with a progressive increase in yields.


* After researching Orbital Industry, you can construct a Mining Vessel and send it into deep space to mine Asteroid Belts or salvage Space Junk; this sends the harvested goods directly to your nearest colony. If this works out I plan to add theh ability to construct Science Vessels which can absorb Plasma and Dark Matter features from deep space for fun and profit.


* I identified the error that was previously causing the Aliens to be unable to do research. (Because the Techtree modcomp code is based on BuildingTypes, all civs currently need to have the same BuildingTypes to avoid errors). I temporarily deactivated the unique Alien buildingtypes and they are now able to perform research without errors. Hopefully Kailric can soon be able to update the modcomp to use BuildingClasses instead, allowing me to re-enable all the unique Alien buildings and units.


* A number of graphical updates including the Technology interface and Board of Directors


Known issues / requests for help:


* Needs playtesting and bug reports to confirm whether all the new features work as intended. Based on playtesting the tech tree, building/unit lists and Board of Directors could all be added to and rebalanced. It is intended to be harder and more challenging than regular Col in that you start with very few colonists and techs initially available and it takes a lot of planning to found and advance functioning colonies; but the growth of the REF has been sharply reduced making it much more achievable to actually win Independence.


* I would love some help from an SDK-savvy modder to see if it's possible to switch the Native (Alien) civs to use the default AI scripts for colonial nations - this would allow Alien AI players to found new cities and trade with Earth and make the game a lot more interesting. Changing isNative tag in XML would remove everything that's unique to the natives; hopefully by searching the DLL it might be fairly easy to find places where the AI script checks for native civs, then simply change these to use the default script for colonial nations. Also if the default Sea Worker AI from Civ4 could be imported, this should make the AI able to use Mining Vessels and Colony Ships appropriately since they basically function like Civ4 Work Boats.


* Changing the Progenitor Improvements caused problems with python script to place Progenitor Killbots guarding those areas, so this will need to be reworked. I'd also like to develop some variant mapscripts with different planet sizes etc; if the Mining Vessels can be perfected it would be cool to include an Asteroid Belt mapscript, where there are smaller planets and a large part of the wealth comes from sending Mining Vessels out to grab needed resources while protecting them from Privateers.

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Hey there Orlanth! Nice to see you back, and awesome stuff on the new version. There's definitely a lot to look at... I've been playing for the past week and just collecting thoughts.


New stuff!

* I wasn't able to successfully build an excavation on a Progenitor Metropolis. I tried with both a hardy and non-hardy laborer, with Xenoarchaeology properly researched. I don't have Prog Symbology but that shouldn't hold it back, should it? In a separate game, managed to build an expedition just fine, but I wasn't able to work the tile for the 2 progenitor tech (nor 1 biotech, but I don't have the tech for that anyhow) that it shows when I mouse over the tile on the map.

* Mining Vessels seem to work just fine. Depending on how you feel about how they should work, I know T.A.C. mod has a similar feature using whales and whaling boats, only the ship has 1 cargo space, "works" on the tile gradually gathering resources, then returns to the port to drop it off when it's full. I *believe* that the resource is limited as well, and isn't just endless supplies of whale oil. They've also added a command to automate the process.

* Did you remove Prog killbots?

* I've only had 1 game out of around 15 start without a laboratory (compared to 9/10 in v1.0), but was never able to replicate the problem.


Old stuff!

* I really like the idea of hydrocarbons but I haven't really had the chance to try it out in earnest yet. I noticed that oil only seems to kick in later, with Power Plant requiring tier 2 machine shop and tier 2 warehouse. Do you think there might be a place for a tier 1 oil building?... say 3 hammers per citizen, maybe a small side bonus to keep in theme with the other oil buildings? Otherwise, since it can't really be sold, hydrocarbons end up being something you can research super early but sits unused for a long time. This might be a nice way to boost the Caliphate as well, since that bonus tech sits idle and they don't start with any special way to make money.

* I definitely like the cash incentive for going after Venture Capital, but it's awfully long to go after if you wanted to get a lunar outpost down before, say, turn 100 or so. Any chance of moving the requirement for Colony Ships elsewhere?

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Hey there, thanks thats just the kind of feedback I need!:cool: Should hopefully put out another update over the weekend.


* I wasn't able to successfully build an excavation

There was a problem with building Excavations which I fixed, but after playtesting it looks like the discovery events aren't triggering correctly. For the next version I'm changing it so the Progenitor Improvements can either start buried under an Ancient Mound feature that needs to be excavated, or can start in the open but guarded by Killbots.


* Mining Vessels seem to work just fine

Great. Now enabling Science Vessels which can extract advanced goods from Anomalies in deep space. Also, each of the Moons will now have a unique Atmosphere type that affects the yield of their Moon Colonies, and can be terraformed by Science Vessels with the right technology. Ive heard about the whaling boat mod but don't know enough to reprogram the SDK myself. It would be great if I could find how to reenable basic Work Boat AI from Civ4; for now the AI just seems to use them as basic tranport/exploration which I guess is ok.


* Did you remove Prog killbots?

Never fear they are reinstalling themselves for the next version.. if I can import FfH graphics maybe there will be some other inhabitants as well ;)


* Any chance of moving the requirement for Colony Ships elsewhere?

Good point, I'm moving it to a new Tier 1 tech Interstellar Ecology which also allows building Ranches on native fauna. I would like Venture Capital to give a free Colony Ship, still working out how to do that though.


* I've only had 1 game out of around 15 start without a laboratory


* I really like the idea of hydrocarbons but I haven't really had the chance to try it out

Hmm youre right. From now on they will be as valuable on Earth as the other export goods and the Power Plant will have no buildling prerequirements; that should let you generate early earnings from exports and then unlock a further industry advantage at tier 2. I'm also having Convoys require Hydrocarbons to build, making it more challenging for Humans to colonize the interior early on which will have many of the valuable Progenitor sites. I'm toying with the idea of making Vehicles industry valuable and important needing Hydrocarbons and Tools to produce, being required to make Convoys Artillery or Mecha plus a new Mechanized Laborer, and with a high export price to reward developing advanced industry.


Do you think its too easy/hard in general? My goal was to make it a lot tougher than vanilla to get a good colony going, but more achievable to win independence if you do well. I havent played through to the end :p but it seems challenging to me. I think the main issue may be lack of Food, so trying to add some more unlocking Food benefits from technologies.

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:b: You ought to put the updated version in the dowloads section here at WPC. :nod:

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Thanks again for the feedback here & on civfanatics. I've just uploaded an updated version 1.2 below, I'm really pleased how its starting to come together. There are plenty of changes but some of the most significant are:


Hydrocarbons now a cash export good, found mainly in Desert (Barren) regions along with Ore; but conversely to Ore, you'll earn most of your yields by using Oil Wells to harvest from Barren flatlands rather than coal mining from hills (or a number of other oil-rich sites such as Petrified Forests and tiles with Paleontology deposits). Building and w orking Oil Wells over flatland desert can eventually discover Oil or Natural Gas bonuses deeper down. Also unlike most resources yields are actually worse near rivers due to the water table.


Techs and Bonus/Improvement yields undergoing rebalancing, with an aim toward having the later techs become more useful; another goal being to have the Progenitor sites and unique archaeological sites be something you have to devote some focused effort to mastering then reward you with escalating unique payoffs not avaiable through vanilla goods/buildings, hopefully making each game play out very differently depending on local environments and techs. This will still need a lot of playtest adjustment by people who play the mod more than I do :p so I'm open to any feedback and suggestions.


Several new Professions, including the Orbital Trader who generates Earth Goods by working tiles in Low Orbit, with yields increased if a Spaceport is in the planetary settlement.


Progenitor Improvements can either start buried under an Ancient Mound feature that needs to be excavated by a Hardy Laborer, or can start in the open but guarded by Killbots or other unique hostiles.


Colony Ships, Mining Vessels, Science Vessels now all seem to be in and working. :D As mentioned each of the Moons will now have a unique Atmosphere type that affects the yield of their Moon Colonies, and can eventually be terraformed by a Science Vessel.


I'm thinking I may re-up the REF growth a bit or find something else to ameliorate AI stupidity (like declaring war without any Soldiers!) The TAC mod codebase looks like it could be great to include but not knowing C++ I'm worried about the stability effects of fusing different SDK mods. I would love to have someone who knows his/her way around the SDK take a look at it to see if any enhancements can be made, either by


* letting native races use the default colonial AI behaviors

* adding existing TAC mod code for AI and event enhancements

* using the default Civ4 Work Boat code to make AI players use Mining/Science/Colony vessels, or adding the Whaling Boats modcomp

* letting tech modcomp use BuildingClasses instead of BuildingTypes


Anyway, a few other things in this release:


Several graphical fixes and updates


New Earthling leader option for the Caliphate


Groovy new space-funk anthems for the Green and Grey


Enjoy and let me know what you think. For Liberty and Propaganda! :p


Colonization 2071 version 1.2





* completely delete any old versions of this mod

* ensure you are using Colonization with the latest patch

* download from the link above

* unzip into your civilization iv colonization/mods folder

* start Colonization, choose Advanced, Load a Mod, Colonization 2071


You ought to put the updated version in the dowloads section here at WPC.

Ok I'll give it a try. I've had problems uploading here before though, maybe because the file is so big?

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Could be. Our tech guys will be motivated to hook you up if you contact them. The Site Issues thead in Site ought to do, or PM Donald23. That kind of thing can be resolved if you get their attention.

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Yeah it was too big to upload here. I'll ask the tech support about it when it gets to the next full release.


patch 1.2a with a few quick changes:


Planetology now gives free Research Labs in every city; so if your colony starts without one you can acquire it from the aliens; I had also set them to be buildable for 10 hammers though it had seemed sometimes they still didn't show up in the menu. If this works maybe we can eliminate the starting RLs and say the bug is a "feature". ;) I tried to test using this patch but didn't start without labs in 6 games, let me know what you find.


Finally found how to mod the cityscreen map icons, so no more fish and tobacco leaves:goodjob:


Based on your earlier comments, I've bumped up the iEuropeCostIncrease in units/civ4unitinfos.xml, so you can buy early units at the same price but this escalates with repeated purchases so Earth's shrinking talent pool pushes you to plan and develop Education. The Japanese Androids and AI have less of an increase but its still significant (you can actually manufacture these yourself as Japan IIRC). Made Platinum prices more vulnerable to crash after selling heavily to Earth (thinking of renaming this Precious Metals or Hard Currency.) I also nudged down the REVOLUTION_EUROPE_UNIT_THRESHOLD and REVOLUTION_EUROPE_UNIT_THRESHOLD_INCREASE in globaldefines.xml to make Earth tyrants ramp up the REF a bit faster.


It would be cool if we can balance things so that you likely can't afford to reach more than 2 or 3 of the top-tier techs in any given game, but they can each give you a different but very worthwhile endgame advantage. Then we could adjust up the REF increase factor so that if you just sit around in a few colonies making Liberty the Earth bad boys will kick your ass, but you can get ahead of them by using big unique advantages from endstage techs and unique map sites to grow the endgame power of your colonies faster than the deadliness of the REF. I'm also hoping people will want to capture some of those Progenitor forts and bunkers and use them tactically during their revolution.


The top-tier techs still need something significant. I'm thinking of adding some powerful buildings available with later techs which require advanced resources to construct (eg could build Neurotropic Enhancement in your colonies using 100 Narcotics for a big local boost to Education/Liberty/Propaganda. For top-tier Hydrocarbons, maybe build an Industrial Sprawl with a % bonus to manufactured goods and % penalty to local raw materials and Food. For the ancillary Progenitor Tech slot after Dark Matter Physics, finally somehow make use of that Janus Device lurking in the Pedia:p) I'd like to fit in some really cool or weird techs that are offshoots of the basic production ones to spice things up and reward people who manage to achieve large-scale production of the advanced goods, like Nerve Stapling which makes your Convicts more productive than Free Colonists at the cost of a Liberty penalty, Soylent Green which increases food production by the tax rate, Orbital Superstructures which gives you a one-time Colony Ship that can construct a Space Station in Low Orbit, or Psionic Awakening which turns all your Visionary Researchers into powerful combat units that can ignore fortification bonuses:p.


It would be good to be able to thoroughly plan out a revised tech tree that works well with gameplay before modding it in, so definitely let me know if you have any ideas for this. I actually dont play the mod that thoroughly cause I always stop to change something after x turns :p so design input from players is really useful.


(patch instructions: extract zipfile into your Colonization 2071 folder, to merge with your Assets folder)

Edited by orlanth

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Colonization 2071 v1.3 Update


(the latest version should always be linked from this page)


v1.3 changelog:


Alien Empires

The main change for v1.3 was reworking the Aliens to be playable with the tech modcomp. It took a lot of doing but by changing all unique alien buildings to their own buildingclasses, it looks like the Alien races are finally becoming fully playable and should be able to conduct research and use their unique units/buildings.


It would take some SDK modding to fully make them more active & expansionist like the colonial civs, but I was pleasantly surprised that in some of my test autoruns a few of the alien civs did seem to abduct some UFO Cultists from Earth and occasionally even nab a Director. Earthlings watch the skies, your colonies can be threatened by..


Alien UFOs

Even while presenting a facade of benign altruism to the Earthling interlopers, hidden saucers under the control of less sympathetic Alien Elders rained devastation upon unwary human colonists who were rash enough to venture into the New Worlds unprotected. The quick human Corvettes rapidly grew adept in Evasive Maneuvers, hiding in Low Orbit and strategic Asteroid Belts where they could often outmaneuver more powerful craft, and building colonial networks of Spaceports and Drydocks for damaged vessels to find refuge and repair.


Alien Saucers, UFOs and Smugglers use a mysterious propulsion mechanism entirely different from the massive Resonance Drives used by Earthling vessels, which enable humans to traverse the wormhole more rapidly but restrict them to Deep Space and Low Orbit tiles. By right-clicking over a planet's interior, an Alien Saucer can fly through the entirety of its atmosphere, reaching sites and colonies not directly accessible to Earthling ships. This leaves unwary Earthlings vulnerable to abduction by their alien neighbors. After discovering Xenolinguistics, units accompanied by an Alien Guide may receive forewarning of UFO attacks.


Stability Improvements

I've found and fixed several bugs which I think should improve stability; though there are still a few occasional crashes I couldn't trace. As a general idea when I ran 10 games on autorun for 400 turns, 9 ran without any errors observed and there was one crash on turn 43. So hopefully any crashes should be fairly rare, don't know if they're reproducible so may be avoided with autosave.


I did include an update to the Resource.thm files which I think might possibly improve stability but it's hard to be sure. If you want to try it, inside the mod's Assets folder you'll find a file Resource.zip . In your root Sid Meier's Colonization folder, make a backup of your original Resource folder, then extract Resource zip in your Sid Meier's Colonization folder, overwriting old files.

Other fixes and updates:


Misc issues from civfanatics forum (improvement builds, specialist costs, etc) mostly addressed. Wanted to make special Space Station improvements over Lagrange Points but need to find how to check for Lake squares in python.


No more messing around with automatic Research Labs on starting settlements - if you want to research in a colony youre welcome to build one for a whopping 10 hammers. So, that bug's solved ;):p


Expeditions should now be buildable on all the archaeological sites. I think the Expeditions, Progenitor Improvements and unique sites should be providing yields if you've cleared any Ancient Mound have the right profession technology to harvest them (eg Progenitor Symbology, etc) but havent been able to playtest these out thoroughly. If they're still not working, maybe I should add their yields directly via the techtree.


New promotions enabling specific advantages vs Feral (beast) and Progenitor units, and tactical promotions for Naval units taking advantage of the Deep Space features. The Seasoned Explorer is intrinsically more powerful against beasts.


New bonus resources including a wide variety of native fauna, while making each individual species more rare to provide diversity. All species may not appear in every game, and several are endemic to a single planet.


New special Professions discoverable with research:

the Journalist can generate Propaganda by field reporting on certain sites on the map

the Astronomer can research Anomalies in Low Orbit near a colony

after investing sufficient capital to found an Interstellar Bank, the Offworld Banker can generate Hard Currency profits directly


Several graphical and pedia updates


New Earthling civilization, the Syndicate Colonies representing organized crime

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Wow, looks very impressive...might be i'll install Colonization in near future to give this a spin.

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Oh yeah, I'll give this a go as soon as possible. It's taking awhile though...big download.


Also, Lemmy: Yes, that is an excellent idea. This mod fixes a lot of the issues I had with vanilla Col, as well as introducing a rich, atmospheric world (in fact, multiple worlds, whole planets even!) with a great soundtrack and fantastic environment to tool around in. It looks different, it feels different, and it plays different. And different...is goooood. :nod:

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Colonization: 2071 patch v1.3a


(the latest patch can always be downloaded from the first post on this thread. the patch is only 150kb, didn't want to inflict another 500MB download so soon;))


This patch should *finally* solve recurring problems missing tile yields from resources and Progenitor Improvements (turned off discovering map bonuses with research since it looks like there's a problem with the tech modcomp code for this). The professions Neuroscientist and Theoretician can allow direct map harvesting of Narcotics and Progenitor Tech respectively from appropriate map sites.


Important factoid re Expeditions:

The expeditions are in fact buildable by Intrepid Explorers or Archaeologists, but you have to assign them to the Laborer profession in your colony since that's the only one with a buildrate.


Balance changes

Nerfed UFO strength to 4, and very significantly bumped up the Evasive Maneuvers defense bonuses in Low Orbit or space feature tiles for Corvettes/Merchantmen etc. It looks like the UFOs are now more reluctant to attack you in these tiles and if they do are likely to lose; but you'll still need to be worried about making long voyages in Deep Space unprotected (also need to think more about protecting captured Progenitor Treasures). Please feel free to tweak these values in the XML to find what plays best.


When walking on the map, the civilian profession types now have moderate strength values but can't attack; so they should have a pretty good chance against UFOs in hills/forests/ruins/forts (especially with the Alien Guide promotion) but will be more vulnerable out in the open.



Patch Instructions

Extract attached Assets.zip file into your Mods/Colonization 2071 folder, overwriting old files.

Edited by orlanth

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I've got two inevitable crash bugs. Both are from the same game, but the second was started from an earlier autosave. Both consistently crash when I go to the next turn, no matter what I do. In replaying this game from an earlier autosave, all I managed to do was gain myself one turn before a crash.


Version is 1.3a

He-Who-Seeks AD-2074-January (Crash 1).ColonizationSave

He-Who-Seeks AD-2074-February (Crash 2).ColonizationSave

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From a look at the log files, it seems like nearly all of the crashes I've seen occur after an alien AI player runs a function "(AI Diplo Declare War Trade)" ; hopefully there may be something simple to fix in this function that resolves almost all the crashes. Unfortunately not being a programmer or knowing any c++ I haven't had any success when trying to locate this problem or edit the DLL myself. I've attempted it several times but keep running into many problems I dont understand, and due to my job demands I realistically cant invest enough time to learn c++ from scratch this year. So at this point, I'd need to ask for some help from an SDK modder to advance much father with this mod. If anyone reading this has some familiarity with the SDK and would be willing to take a quick look at the mod, please contact me & I'd be very grateful :)

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Good news, I think the patch 1.3d I just uploaded to the main page has resolved a lot of the instability. It can't be used with old savegames, but give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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This seems very cool, but a couple of early issues are making it less fun. First, there's something weird about research lab availability. Some of my starting colonies have it, some do not, and cannot build it. There has been no pattern yet that I can identify. Are there any rules about where colonies should be placed to get research labs?


Second, alien privateers right out of the gate are IMHO not much fun. Before we even get a chance to get established, we're already being plundered and forced into major tax increases. Is it intended that the human players should have to creep about from asteroid to asteroid constantly on the lookout for enemies?

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Welcome to the Playground, kynalvarus. orlanth comes by every few days, so I'm sure he'll have you an answer soon. I just wanted to welcome you.

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Thanks for the commends kynalvarus. After playtesting feedback I agree the early Alien UFOs may have been too hard or frustrating; the updated version removes the option of a free starting UFO for the aliens, while also making some improvements to the alien AI behavior so that the Alien Empires hopefully can eventually develop and build some on their own much later into the game. Don't get too secure though as I may re-add more UFOs in a later version after enabling a UFO Countermeasures tech to defend against them. >:)


As mentioned in the top post, there is an occasional bug where Research Labs will not be available in your colonies after starting a game. We havent yet been able to track down the cause; but for now a basic workaround is if your first colony starts without a Research Lab, start a new game. If your first colony does contain a Research Lab, you should be fine for the rest of the game.

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I've now uploaded a new Version 1.4, some of the principal updates are below:


* The mod now includes the Domestic Economy Modcomp by Androrc. Each colonist type and colonial building generates demand for a certain type of goods which can be seen in the Civilopedia. If you generate enough supply and demand, goods can be consumed in your colonies by your citizens and buildings, creating cash from your internal economy that can eventually decrease your dependence on trade with Earth.

* Some graphical updates; let me know what you think of the new look :D

* Enabling the full set of diplomacy options for Alien players

* Removed starting UFOs to make the early game less difficult, while leaving open the possibility for Aliens to develop and build UFOs in the later game

* A number of changes to the default AI behavior for natives (aliens), mostly by removing most of the native-specific behaviors from vanilla Colonization to hopefully enable Alien Empires to behave more like regular colonial civs, while also having more of a focus on internal population growth from Food.

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