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Colonization: 2071


update 1/28/12: the latest version 1.41 has been kindly hosted here at weplayciv after the shutdown of megaupload, and is now available for download from the link on this page. The latest patch will always be available at the top of the civfanatics forum thread.


Welcome to Colonization: 2071 , a complete scifi / space colonization remake of Civ4Col. Replacing ocean terrain with Deep Space, New World continents with faraway planets, Caravels with Starships, and native tribes with alien species, this mod aims to recreate the classic gameplay of Colonization in a scifi setting.


Similar to their compatriots of 579 years earlier, the colonists of 2071 are setting forth from a repressive and dystopian Earth in search of freedom and opportunity in strange new lands. Arriving on a variety of distant planets, the colonists encounter rare plant and mineral resources instantly in great demand by Earth's dying industry, and uncover a series of ancient ruins left by an advanced and mysterious alien race known as the Progenitors.


The latest version incorporates features from the Tech Tree Modcomp by Kailric, enabling a technology tree that gradually unlocks access to various resources, units, and professions with the progress of research. The natives (alien species) are also enabled as playable civilizations that can interact with Earth. Read the Game Concepts entries in the Civilopedia for a review of the major new game features in this mod.


If you want to try the gameplay of standard Colonization with a scifi setting, I'm leaving up a link to the 0.02 version which is largely a cosmetic reskin of the original game with few dramatic gameplay changes.


All of the graphical imports you'll find in-game are taken from the excellent work of other mods (mostly Final Frontier and NextWar, also DuneWars, Planetfall, FfH2, Mars Now, Song of the Moon and more) and contributors on civfanatics forums (including LordTirian, Deliverator, cfkane, Ekmek, TheCapo, nitro15, Walter Hawkwood, GeoModder, GarretSidaka, seZereth and again others too numerous to mention). This version also includes a custom mapscript created by TC01 that can generate sets of random circular "planets", as well as the awesome Tech Tree Modcomp by Kailric. Thanks to them and the relative simplicity of Civ4Col (and some quick Civilopedia find/replace ;-), I was able to go from nothing to a playable version in just under two weeks! I'll look forward to hearing any playtesting reports and feedback, and would welcome anyone interested to join in on mod development.


Some screenshots and background below:






The year is 2071. As constant unrest seethes beneath an unchanging balance of power among the elites, the superpowers of China, NAFTA, Russia, and the European Union have reached an uneasy stalemate on a deteriorating Earth.


The world seems suspended between chaos and stagnation - until unexpectedly, a half-forgotten collaborative project between a team of international scientists detects evidence of a dormant wormhole-like anomaly lying hidden between Venus and Mercury. An exploratory craft is soon able to enter the wormhole; the spirit of cooperation quickly gives way to nationalist infighting among the project's sponsors as it becomes clear what has been revealed.


The wormhole enables access to a handful of distant worlds; each Earthlike enough for human habitation, but home to exotic plant and mineral resources that could prove a boon to Earth's dying industry. Humanity is no longer alone - the worlds are sparsely inhabited by a handful of primitive sentient alien species with bizarre language and customs but vaguely humanoid features. Further exploration discovers ruins left by an incredibly advanced ancient race known as the Progenitors, whose lost technology constructed the wormhole as a means of transport, and who some believe created each of the races on the worlds it links - perhaps even Humanity itself.

The Earth Colonies:


(thanks to Heraclitus for much of this background text):


China (replaces England)

The China of the late 21st century is similar to today's China, but with an older and larger population (1,8 billion since the Legitimate Children Registration Act), Mongolia, North Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, and nearly all of Southeast Asia have been annexed or made into puppet states. Similarly to Europe and Russia, China has problems with its large Muslim population and represses it mercilessly, along with its numerous other ethnic and religious minorities. Although China is arguably the world's preeminent military and economic power; the century-long stranglehold of the Communist Party over its vast population is looking ever more tenous, as a tide of silent unrest seethes beneath the surface. Due to its massive population, tightly-controlled media and repression of dissent, Chinese colonies require less Propaganda (Crosses) to generate each new Earth emigrant.


Greater Russia (replaces The Netherlands)

Since the aftermath of the Soviet Union's collapse, Russia has gotten a bit worse politically and better economically, but is actually slightly more democratic than North America. The power of the central government was seriously undermined by the second great economic collapse, and Russia has been periodically seized by corruption on a scale not seen since the 1990s. Ironically, the pervasive influence wielded by its cadre of billionaire corporate oligarchs has made Russia one of the last bastions of unrestrained free-market capitalism. The economy is vast, fairly prosperous, and diversified, although marked by deep divisions between rich and poor. The populace is nationalist and very anti-Chinese and anti-US. Belarus, Its current President is a strong proponent of realpolitik. Eastern Ukraine, Armenia, Serbia and Abkhazia are part of the Russian Federation. Bulgaria, Estonia, and much of Central Asia are once again puppet states beholden to the industrial titans of Saint Petersburg. Thanks to the pervasive economic influence of its cash-flush multinationals and organized crime, Russian colonies enjoy a more robust market for exported goods.


NAFTA (replaces Spain)

In the United States, the office of President has been continuing its growth much as it had in the 20th century. Megacorporations now openly sponsor and endorse candidates, and some even have contracts with their employees regarding who they have to vote for. A nuclear terrorist attack destroyed Boston in 2055, after that a nuclear war with the Saudi coalition almost ensued. Civil liberties are severely eroded. Although nominally sovereign powers, the nations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (now including most of Central America as well as Canada, Mexico, and Capitalist Cuba) have become increasingly indistinguishable and interdependent, relying on a constant flow of remittances and cheap labor between their borders. In spite of a faltering economy and widespread unrest at home, NAFTA military spending continues apace, with an ever-increasing flow of resources drained into propping up its client governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Venezuela. The NAFTA colonies begin with a Veteran Soldier, and have an advantage in combat against the natives of the New Worlds.


The European Union (replaces France)

Late 21st century Europe is varied; some countries have semi-functional social democracies, others are corporate republics, while others have practical oligarchies or even in the case of Britain are ruled by a very despotic regency council (the royal families have been mostly killed off by bioterrorism). Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Western Ukraine and all of the Balkans except Serbia have become EU members. Citizens have many rights in theory, but in practice the nanny state of the EU has become a prison; a comfortable prison but a prison never the less. Democracy on the level of the union is in theory the best in the world since the constitution was adopted in 2017, but in practice Brussels is fast becoming the next Washington. The ESA has become an EU agency. Certain sciences remain well funded by the federal apparatus, and Zurich is a world center of neuroscience and genetics. Perhaps because of this scientific advantage, and perhaps due to the environmental rhetoric and measured diplomacy of the plodding central bureaucracy, European colonies enjoy an advantage in dealing with the native species of the New Worlds.

Tradable Resources:





For the wealthier nations of Earth, the development of nuclear fusion was a partial answer to the dual problems presented by the peak oil crisis and worsening global warming. However, the technology is not as efficient as had been hoped, and requires a steady input of radioactive metals, which are now becoming depleted from Earth's crust. Upon the discovery of the New Worlds, a new gold rush of Uranium Miners journeyed forth in search of fresh deposits of radioactive fuel. They were soon joined by a cadre of enterprising Physicists, hoping to break Earth's monopoly on the refining of raw Uranium into functioning Fusion Cores.



While believed to be native to a faraway star, the narcotic plant dubbed Soma has found a welcome home in the sweltering heat and heavy rains of portions of the New Worlds. Pleasantly addictive yet with fewer long-term ill effects than the synthetic drugs of Earth, hundreds of Soma plantations sprung up in the Chinese, Russian, and NAFTA colonies, turning the long roots into an invaluable industry. A professional Drug Runner has an almost magical ability to turn a ton of raw soma, worth a pittance after shipping costs, into pallets of refined Narcotics, which are not only more valuable and addictive than the soma they came from, but also much lighter and thus cheaper to ship. A top-quality refinery could easily increase the profitability of a soma plantation exponentially.



The alien spores of the New Worlds are a surprisingly challenging crop to master. Spores can be found naturally throughout the worlds, but their thick threads can be so filled with toxic mycelia as to be completely unusable. Many biotechnologists wrote the fungus off as too difficult to earn a profit from. Yet in the hands of a skilled Spore Grower, even these great challenges could be surmounted. Selective breeding could make the fibers more workable and use of inventions like the Bioreactor suddenly made this botanical nuisance the most popular - and profitable - fiber in the pharmaceutical industry. Raw Xenospore extract is turned into potent Biotech pharmaceuticals with the ability to extend human life for decades. This is a slow, arduous and difficult task at best, but in the hands of a skilled Biochemist, such transformations can be quick, industrious and artful, creating a product far superior to anything a mere amateur could create.


Progenitor Artifacts

The ancient ruins dispersed across the New Worlds held a wealth of ancient Progenitor Artifacts, whose analysis required a bewildering array of skills, from higher mathematics to nanoparticle engineering to molecular xenobiology. If eventually adapted into usable Progenitor Technology, the Artifact became worth many times its inital value. With the universities of Earth under close government control, few colonists of the New Worlds could ever hope to muster the vast knowledge, resources, and containment facilities necessary to reconstruct shattered centuries-old alien technology. Nevertheless, a select few Visionary Researchers managed to escape the clutches of Earthside governments and traveled to the New Worlds to unlock the secrets of the Progenitors for themselves.



Although of little use by themselves, consuming Hydrocarbons in a Power Plant or Oil Refinery can greatly increase a colony's industrial output, especially if there is a shortage of Plasteel. The Power Plant generates no production on its own, but laborers burning Hydrocarbons in the Power Plant add a significant percentage bonus to all Industry (hammers) and manufactured goods being generated in that colony.

Alien Civilizations:




The alien races (natives) are now enabled as playable civilizations. They begin with several existing settlements via Advanced Start, and maintain an advantage in harvesting native resources, but are much slower than humans at creating advanced infrastructure and manufactured goods. They start with access to alien techs but are unable to research the advanced human technologies.


Alien Economy:

Living in a state of pastoral anarchy until the arrival of the humans, the aliens must construct a Ziggurat in each settlement to enable further organized development, effectively giving human players a 50-turn head start. The Ziggurat also functions as a basic market building to represent the aliens' internal economy; enabling each settlement to automatically sell excess resources at a small fraction of the price on Earth. This ratio can be increased by constructing buildings such as the Landing Pad to enable offworld trade with independent smugglers.


Aliens and Earth:

After gathering sufficient industrial goods and building a Shipyard, the aliens may construct a variety of space vessels such as the Saucer and UFO, and can eventually discover and enter the wormhole to Earth. Due to the monopolistic practices of the Earth superpowers, aliens can only conduct covert trade with disenfranchised Third World nations, and the market prices they receive will be much more volatile than human colonies. Nevertheless, smuggling goods to the black markets of Earth can prove a vital lifeline for alien civilizations in need of currency and manufactured goods.


Aliens and Human Colonists:

On dystopian 21st-century Earth, the political situation in some Third World nations has become so intolerable that some aliens are able to lure a limited trickle of human colonists to their worlds, by building an Earthling Habitat in their cities to generate Propaganda, or having an alien Elder work on a tile with an Abduction Site. Although aliens again have a severe disadvantage in attracting emigrants compared to the human colonies, the manufacturing skills of even unspecialized human colonists make them greatly prized among the species of the New Worlds. Abducting human colonists by force is another alternative to gain access to their vital skills - when conquering a human colony, aliens will create a Human Hybrid who will also work in manufacturing facilities much more efficiently than the aliens themselves.


Aliens and Liberty:

Accustomed to unquestioning obedience to the tyranny of the long-absent Progenitors, the arrival of the Earthlings stimulated many alien elders to return to the ways of their ancient mystery traditions in search of enlightenment and power. Long dismissed as the rantings of conspiracy theorists, secret societies such as the Illuminati have covertly permeated alien and human societies for centuries, and have many secret adherents among certain select members of the Earth elite. Through deep connections to this far-reaching conspiracy, the alien elders of an Illuminati Lodge could begin to challenge the dominance of the Progenitors, and occasionally even attract highly-placed human conspirators to join with their agenda.


Other gameplay changes:

* All the low-level resource processing buildings (Biotech Lab, etc) are no longer automatically present in every colony, and will need to be constructed. The Earth Colonies start with a free processing building depending on their nationality.

* The Expeditionary Force starts the game larger, but grows much less rapidly with Liberty production, making independence through Liberty a more achievable aim.

* New terrain features representing the forests of the New Worlds now get placed by the Planets mapscript. Alien races now have unique Garden and Plantation improvements buildable on forests, which can eventually cause forests to spread. Aliens have a unique Alien Supremacy civic which gives them extra yields from these forest improvements, as well as from Alien Totem and Burial Ground goody huts (so don't let the Earthlings pillage them!)

* The Board of Directors: (replaces Founding Fathers)

With the worldwide deterioration of democracy, real power on Earth is concentrated in the hands of a small cadre of military, corporate, scientific, media, and political elites. Attracting one of these men and women to your side could prove a crucial advantage in the struggle for the New Worlds. Want to produce more Biotech from each unit of Xenospores? Then you'd better be the first Earth power to recruit the services of the Biotech Tycoon. Want to generate more Propaganda (Crosses) for each point your Tax Rate is raised? Then the Notorious Tax Evader is your man!

* New human buildings: Mass Driver (fortification that protects against damage from bombardment), Space Elevator (allows for automatic sale of goods without the hassle of transport).

Technologies and Research:




The latest version incorporates features from the Tech Tree Modcomp by Kailric, enabling a technology tree that gradually unlocks access to various resources, units, and professions with the progress of research.


Research is done by selecting a Tech from the Tech Tree (light bulb icon on the top of the main screen) or by opening a menu light bulb on the bottom right of the city screen, then having colonists work in the Research Labs in your colonies. Producing each unit of Research will consume one unit each of various other goods, with the type of goods consumed depending on the specific tech being researched. See the Technologies entry under Game Concepts in the Civilopedia for full details.


Research Strategies:

Survival on the harsh frontiers of outer space is far more challenging than regular Colonization. You will start with very few resources, colonists, and profession types available, and must invest in research to unlock new possibilities. To discover the technologies needed to harvest alien resources like Soma, Xenospores, and Progenitor Tech, trade for samples of these precious materials in alien settlements, then ship them to your Research Labs for analysis. With supplies of Weapons jealously guarded by the Earth superpowers, most military units are not available early on, leaving colonies vulnerable to alien attack. In planning your technological research, balance the needs for a powerful military and a strong colonial economy.


Technology Trading and Research Pacts:

If you are friendly with another human colony or alien empire, trading technologies through the diplomacy menu can be an effective way to gain a scientific advantage. Civilizations can also enter into a Research Pact where all progress on that technology made by both participants will be pooled.


Visionary Researchers:

Performing research in your colonies can gradually attract a Visionary Researcher from Earth, a special type of Great Person with superior Research output. Constructing a Databank, or upgrading the basic Research Lab to a Research Institute or Research Complex, will also significantly boost scientific output.


New Professions and Progenitor Improvements:

The unique sites found in a Progenitor Metropolis can hold a wealth of valuable goods and treasure, but are often guarded by centuries-old security systems. With the proper technology, capturing a unique site such as a Progenitor Reactor can allow direct extraction of Fusion Cores and other advanced goods without the need for time-consuming manufacture from raw materials.


Not finding Research Labs?

There is an occasional bug in version 1.0 where Research Labs don't show up in any of your colonies from the start. If you encounter this, just start a new game and it should go away.




Installation instructions:

* completely delete any old versions of this mod

* ensure you are using Colonization with the latest patch

* download from the link above

* unzip into your civilization iv colonization/mods folder

* download the latest patch from this thread, then unzip into your colonization/mods/Colonization 2071 folder, overwriting old files

* start Colonization, choose Advanced, Load a Mod, Colonization 2071










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Thanks Dale! :alien::cool: Glad you like it.


Here's a post for discussion of potential future plans for the mod - there's still plenty to be done and I'd greatly welcome anyone willing to join in on development! Below are some issues in need of help:


Graphics Issues

Need to find how to get some of the Features (eg Asteroids, Space Junk) to display properly on Space Terrain. Would love to make a freaky semitransparent leaderhead for the cyberspace Japanese Emperor :p.


Text Issues

In need of more pedia text and cleanup etc - let me know of any typos.


Coding Issues

I've been wondering if it would be possible to make a dummy variable for latitude while generating each planet, ie:

latitude = 100 * Ydistancefromplanetcenter/planetradius

and have the mapscript use that when making terrain types; that would create polar ice caps and equatorial regions on every planet. Would also like to find how to make a python check for inland "fresh water lakes" and for the "sail to Europe" space terrain, since I'd like to put some special improvements over those terrain types.


Gameplay Issues

I've been thinking of making the Alien races more powerful/aggressive, somehow improving their AI to act more like the human colonies, occasionally abducting earthling Colonists, and placing Crop Circles over colonial improvements. Not sure how to accomplish this though.


SDK Issues

I've been wondering if it might be possible to re-enable some of the existing features from Civ4, like Technologies and maybe espionage. As a non-programmer I wouldn't know where to start, but if someone with SDK knowledge thinks it's possible to bring over some existing code from Civ4 I'd be very interested!

Edited by orlanth

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I have laid away Civ4Col for a long time ago, but this mod make's me want to play again. Nice work. And just a suggestion for a new, add-on civ:

[ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_League]Arab League[/ame]

They are arabs, so maybe a benefit from tiles almost unworkable for other civs (particcualry dry land) would fit them as a good trait. I'm sure Tsentom1 over at civfanatics could make such a trait using some of his genuine python ;)

And once again, this mod looks great :b:

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This mod is awesome. :D




I would love to contribute what little I can, but I'm currently busy with exams so I can only find time to check for typos. :(

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SDK Issues

I've been wondering if it might be possible to re-enable some of the existing features from Civ4, like Technologies and maybe espionage. As a non-programmer I wouldn't know where to start, but if someone with SDK knowledge thinks it's possible to bring over some existing code from Civ4 I'd be very interested!


I haven't got the time to help but with the SDK and porting code from Civ4 across, it is possible. During Civ4Col development all the unused Civ4 code was removed but it shouldn't take a programmer long to reimplement it. The hardest part will be returning all the hooks into the various spots within the code. But comparing the hooks in Civ4 to the related spots in Civ4Col should help.

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veBear I have laid away Civ4Col for a long time ago, but this mod make's me want to play again. Nice work!

Thanks a lot veBear. BTW, could I maybe persuade you to try doing a quick reskin of your Ra leaderhead to create a Birdman alien leader? I took off the headdress in nifviewer and I think with a few tweaks to skin and lighting he could make a great alien. :alien::b:


Heraclitus This mod is awesome.

I would love to contribute what little I can, but I'm currently busy with exams so I can only find time to check for typos.

No worries Heraclitus, feel free to drop in when you're done w exams. After all we've got a good 60 years or so before this mod starts to look out of date. ;)


Dale I haven't got the time to help but with the SDK and porting code from Civ4 across, it is possible. During Civ4Col development all the unused Civ4 code was removed but it shouldn't take a programmer long to reimplement it.

Great; hopefully a tech tree could possibly be brought over at some point since that seems a relatively modular aspect of Civ, with the tie-ins limited to building and unit prereqs. For any interested coders, in the meantime the mod could most use some help with updating the existing Planets mapscript.


GarretSidzaka im adding this in the upcomming mods segment of a future podcast

cool, thanks a lot Tony. Be sure to mention that there is a vast government conspiracy to cover up the existence of this mod, and I had to smuggle it out of Area 51 at great expense. Hopefully that should generate some interest ;):p



For my next act, I'm working on enabling the aliens as playable civs. The idea is to provide a variety of useful buildings and units to make them more interesting, but make many of these require processed goods (Hammers, Fusion Cores etc) which they are bad at producing, so that they'll need to acquire these through trade or abduct human Colonists to produce them.


I found that giving them a parent "Europe" civ to represent the Progenitors they can regain access to the Earth screen for trade, and made an Alien trait with large penalties to travel time and market prices to disadvantage them compared to humans. They will also have access to a "Ziggurat" market building that sells excess goods at a fraction of the price on Earth (ie the existing Warehouse Expansion mechanic). This is sure to need lots of playtesting balance & feedback to make sure it's fun; so post any alien gameplay ideas/comments here, and when ready I'll upload a beta 0.03 with those changes to give them a try.

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I've just uploaded version 0.03 with the aliens enabled as playable native civilizations. See the top of the thread for link and details - the playable natives are a big change sure to require lots of feedback and balancing to make them fun to play and not over or under powered, so give em a try and post any impressions and ideas here. :alien::b:

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Now uploading version 0.04, including several graphical updates and a new Planets mapscript by TC01, plus a variety of gameplay changes focused on providing more versatility for alien players, such as new unique alien Improvements and citizen types, and easier abduction of humans from Earth (see the Alien Civilizations section under Game Concepts in Civilopedia for a complete review.)

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we recorded this episode with this mod on it. i hope you dont mind. it won't be out till march. btw: you got glowing reviews from us :D

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btw: you got glowing reviews from us

Thanks! I knew shipping you those Fusion Cores as a bribe was bound to pay off.. (ba dum bum) ;):p

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LMAO!!! you can send them to my home address, and they better be enriched!!


seiously tho keep me updated on your major releases. and we also have a tendancy to get modders on the show, those that we cover in the "upcomming mods" segment. so think about doing that in april or later maybe?

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I've just posted an updated 0.05 version with a variety of graphical updates (eg new Ruins in an array of fetching designer colors), rare but powerful Progenitor Improvements guarded by security forces you'll have to defeat before claiming them, and an all-new new human colonial civilization, the cybernetic Empire of Japan.


For some reason I had a ton of trouble uploading this time; I tried both here, strategyinformer, and atomicgamer and it would repeatedly get hung up 3/4ths of the way through, I don't know if it's my connection or what. I finally upped it to megaupload by using their upload client, I think they often erase things after awhile though. If one of you WPCers downloads the mod, would you mind mirroring the file here as well?

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This looks pretty sweet. Can't wait to get around to playing it.

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Posted a likely final version 1.0 above, with a number of additions including a fully researchable Tech Tree enabled by Kailric's tech modcomp. See first post for details.


Enjoy and let me know what you think. If you get an error where Research Labs don't show up in your colonies, start a new game and it should go away.


Edited by orlanth

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I've been having an issue every time I try to load this mod (v1.0), I get an error:

Tag: MEMORY_MISSIONARY_FAIL in Info class was incorrect

Current XML file is: xml\Civilizations/CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml

Any fixes for that?

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Have you installed the Colonization 1.01f patch, from either here or from some other site? You cannot use the in-game patcher, it doesn't work, and 2071 requires the patch.

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Have you installed the Colonization 1.01f patch, from either here or from some other site? You cannot use the in-game patcher, it doesn't work, and 2071 requires the patch.


I have done, EVERYTHING I can think of, I downloaded the patch, I've put the folder where its supose to be, yet it. STILL. doesn't work! :'(

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Tag: MEMORY_MISSIONARY_FAIL in Info class was incorrect

Current XML file is: xml\Civilizations/CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml

I think I remember a report of that happening when files from the base copy of Colonization have been edited. See if you're able to run other Colonization mods without any errors; and if not try doing a reinstall and patch of your copy of Colonization.

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I love this mod, but I feel that some of the skilled people types are a little difficult to come by sometimes. I've actually had to carry people to other planets sometimes to get ahold of one that I'm looking for. Is there any way you could mod the Educational system? Like, for example, making it so that schools can have students graduate into any profession that's been unlocked, but at a much higher cost without a preexisting skilled person of the corresponding profession on-site?

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Thanks. I think that's actually a really good idea about modding the educational system, but I don't know how to implement it as it would likely involve reprogramming in the DLL.

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Hullo? is this thread dead, or just hibernating until Civ5-omania cools down?

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Well, I'm still here :p It's cool to know the mod's still getting played. I'd like to fix some of the remaining bugs such as enabling research for aliens and getting AI Mining Vessels to work, but haven't been able to figure those out. If anyone wants to contribute some more content such as pedia entries or tech ideas I'd be glad to eventually include them in a future version.

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