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Hi Guy's, Just wondered if anyone had thought about doing a Let's Play Alpha Centauri? on youtube:). It would be a great idea and would help MANY new players get to grips with the game:). If it was done step by step covering maybe just the basics. It would be great.

Thanks Ritchie:)

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.. and there are many more where this came from.

you just have to google: 'you tube let's play alpha centauri'

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Hi dude, yea just watched most of these but the guy goes about a zillion miles an hour...lol:). e's very good but just doesn't explain how,what and why he his doing things.Thanks for the vids though, Your a Star m8:)

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then i guess we'll have to take it one lesson at a time and explain every move. what do you say?

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first i will need more info about your skill level. i see your're having problems with your terraformers, so i guess it's pretty basic.

how long have you played SMAC? are you playing it on a daily basis?

on which difficulty level do you feel confortable?

have you played other TBS games?

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Hi dude, Ok, so here is what ive played before SMAC:). Empire Total War, A bit of Galactic Civilizations, Civ IV:). I have been playing SMAC for a few days now and im addicted but have only been able to get in 1 full day of playing. I play on Citizen, and im currently playing on a huge map. As i dont want to get in a war with anyone, when they ask for a tech or credits i just give them what they want. I think the game is amazing but VERY,VERY deep. I really need to know in really simple terms what to do. I really do need my hand holding through this...lol:).

Ritchie:) Im playing as Morgan also at the moment:)

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...I really do need my hand holding through this...lol:)...




ok. forget about Vel's Guide. at least for now. you'll have time for that later.

your main sources of info should be:

- SMAC Manual, that you can download here in .pdf format;

- Datalinks (shortcut key F1 inside the game)

- Gamespot guide to Alpha Centauri (link)


for starters, i suggest you turn on the in-game tutorial messages.

this will give you hints on what you should do next (like the pop-up window in the image bellow):




also i recommend you take the tours provided with these tutorial messages.

this will give you more info about the interface of the game.


with all the manuals, movies and the forum i think it's a good idea that you play the game in a window. do you know how to do that?

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Hi mate, yea great advice dude:). I don't know how i can play this game in Windowed mode. Im using Vista too:)

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well, i'm not using Vista, but it works under Windows XP, so let's try to see if it works for you too.

first you have to start SMAC, then use Alt-Tab to return to Windows and start SMAC again.

now use Alt-Tab again to return to your first SMAC game and close it. this will leave you the second game in a 'window' in the upper left corner of your screen. you can't really call it a 'window' because you can't move or resize it, but now you'll be able to switch between applications with more ease.


let me know if you can do it or not.

also, tell me if you managed to activate the in-game tutorial messages.

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Hi Mate, Yea i can get it to play in windows mode:) Also i think the game when it starts and you found your new base, i think the tutorial starts on its own if not i dont know how you activate the tutorial

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...if not i dont know how you activate the tutorial


to activate the tutorial messages you have to use the shortcut key CTRL+P to open the preferences menu and then check the respective box like in the image bellow:



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i don't think that MP it's the best way to learn the basiscs of this game.


i have another idea: you start a game with your preferences, make some moves trying to replicate what you've seen in the first movie and stop when you don't know what to do post here a screenshot or attach the save and i will try help you.


what do you say?

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first step:

start a new game on a random map with average everyting.

difficulty level should be citizen .

for the custom rules i think this setup is ok:



after you land on the planet save the game and attach the save in this thread.

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let's see what i can do..


fist you have to "Go Advanced"



then choose "Manage Attachments"



hit the "Choose File" button



then browse the saves file in your 'Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri' folder until you find the file to attach. select it and click on the 'Open' button



now you'll have the save under the current attached files to you post.



last step: click on the submit reply




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Ok Dan, here is the first game with the rules like you said dude:) I think i have found out how to attach the save file dude:).



oops, seems that i'm a little late there ..

anyway, glad you find the way to do it :b:

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In my saves i cant seem to find the game i saved dude.

It just says Alpha Centauri Autosave 1.SAV and there is just another file that say's Alpha Centauri Autosave 2.SAV. Hope this helps. Unless of course it has worked Dan:)


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you have attached 'Alpha Centauri Autosave 2.SAV' to post #18 in this thread. (see link).


In my saves i cant seem to find the game i saved dude.



the path to the latest save can be found in the Alpha Centauri.ini file that you can find in the game main folder.






anyway you should start again because you choosed a tiny map and this has production and growth boxes altered (more on that later). better start on a standard map, but first be sure you can find later the save you'll make.

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This is what it says in my Alpha Centauri ini file Dan:)


[Alpha Centauri]



Prefs Format=12


Map Type=0

Top Menu=0



More Preferences=1110100111000101101000





Custom World=2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1,

Time Controls=1

Latest Save=

Latest Scenario=

Main Volume=127

Voice Volume=127

Music Volume=127

SFX Volume=127






Faction 1=CYBORG

Faction 2=PIRATES

Faction 3=DRONE

Faction 4=ANGELS

Faction 5=FUNGBOY

Faction 6=CARETAKE

Faction 7=USURPER




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no problem. let's try something else:

look first in the main game directory (that's the 'Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri' folder) to see it your save is there or use the 'search for files or folders' (if your remember the file name) to find the save you made on your computer.

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