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Found 2 results

  1. Vel's SMAX Guide Version 4.0 (final) By: Velociryx I registered yesterday, then sat here quietly wondering what I wanted to "do" with my first post on these new forums. After much contemplation, it struck me that as I began my forray into the 4x genre with SMAC, this would be a fine place of beginning. gift to the WePlayCiv community is to put the entire, commercial release of the SMAX guide here, in these forums, in hopes that as this venerable game continues to attract new players, they might find many answers to their questions here. Please post any comments in the SMAC guide comment thread. OoO Legal Stuff: The guide you are now holding is one of a handful of “Unofficial” guides for Sid Mier’s Alpha Centauri, and as such, all titles, items, characters and products described or referred to in this guide are trademarks of their respective companies. Introduction: I’m not sure, but after this, the strategy guide’s fourth revision, I think we may well be closing in on saying pretty much everything that can be said on the topic of our favorite game. Since it seems that Firaxis is not going to be making any additional patches, fixes or releases to the game, what we’ve now, the condition of the game as it stands at this moment is very likely what we’ll be dealing with for the remainder of our SMAC-ing days. The disappointing thing about that is the fact that in some ways, SMAC-X is still a bit of a flawed gem. An outstanding game by any measure, that is true, but I think everybody who has played the game extensively has a list of a few things that could stand to be tweaked, changed, or improved upon. On the other hand, the upshot is, we DID get a lot of bug fixes as of the last patch, and the game as it stands now is worlds better than it was. Go back and do a quick’s no contest. Also, for me as a writer, working in a relatively static environment means that the stuff I write today won’t be obsolete or irrelevant in months to come, undone by some future patch, so I guess I can count that as a bit of a personal advantage. So to anybody picking up this guide because you’re new to the game, welcome! I hope it serves you well, and makes all your SMAC-ing endevours easier than they otherwise would have been, and to those of you who are joining me for this, the fourth release of the guide, and have been with me from the start, all I can say is a heartfelt “thank you,” and once more, welcome back! And while I’m thanking people, a special note of thanks HAS to go out to the folk of Apolyton ( The Alpha Centauri forums on that site served as the testing and discussion grounds for the vast majority of the material you’re about to read. If not for the tireless efforts and constant discussions on that board, this guide would only be a shadow of what it is now, if it existed at all. Guys, you’re the best! :) -Chris -=Vel=-
  2. Just stumbled upon a new strategy game: Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. Reviews on Steam aren't really good currently, so might be best to wait a bit for a patch, but I really like the concept. Anyone familiar with it?