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Found 1 result

  1. With Vel's gift, the SMAC section is shaping up. I'm looking forward to Darsnan explaining to Ali the art of CMNing. I should have taken Mart up on his offer to teach CMNing before he got busy. I also think it is great that Ali is planning to bring "Joe" over. The AC Stories subforum is inactive. I'm wondering if someone (Solver, Illuminatus) could put in a welcome thread similar to the one that Grandpa Troll did in the Call to Power section. It could also double as an intro thread. (For Buster's Uncle's information, the reason I don't do it is that I like the fact that other people are supplanting me.) For Solver or Illuminatus, I think the welcome message should contain some informal guidelines, e.g. (1) this is a gaming forum (and without referring to the past, we'd like to note there is an Off Topic forum for nongaming issues). (2) the general policy of WPC is "family friendly." Given the recent re-release of SMAC/X on Sold Out, it is conceivable we may have younger games here (there is a self-acknowledged 12 year old on CFC), so we should show some awareness (again there is this nice Off Topic forum) Not to take anything away from the other game forums, but there is an opportunity for the SMAC forum to begin as the most active SMAC forum on the net. I think active moderation (more active than 'poly) at the beginning would help. I like the fact that people are having fun. I would also like to see some content heavy threads on strategy. By active, I'm thinking more along the lines of PM's (Jack Hawksmoor sent me PM's when I was new on 'poly) rather than those "Moderator Actions" in the threads. What is the possibility of getting a SMAC download section? We could start with SMAniaC. Buster's Uncle and I have been working on a "Strategist" custom faction at 'poly. I plan to move it here (because I'd like Darsnan's feedback), so that is another item of content that could eventually end up here. And maybe Buster's Uncle could be persuaded to contribute some of his finished work here. I also note that Darsnan is setting up a PBEM game for Ali and her cousin. Maybe this is a good time to set up a MP subforum and start an active players profile thread. I don't have any interest in poaching players from 'poly or CFC, but the second game I CMN is illustrative. One player asked for a game. Within days, 4 more players wanted to join. There is an appetite for games. One other thing that could draw new members to the SMAC section: troubleshooting. I don't know if you want a special troubleshooting section, but someone should reach out to Petek, the star SMAC troubleshooter on two forums, and we should consider a sticky thread that troubleshoots some of the most common issues. See this post.