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  1. Sorry for all you've endured ET...
  2. Elections are how presidents change, unless you want war in the streets. That and who gets the big donations from corporate interests. I bet they love all this impeachment stuff, spotlights are somewhere else.
  3. Give her the lowest possible score required to keep your job and see if you can get her to use her beauty skills to give you a haircut into the bargain.
  4. If it was me, sorry. I've resigned a few times, hope this gets them to take me up on it, if it was me. Appears likely. Thing is, I can't imagine how. There is no easily scrod up button that I can see. There's 'Save', 'Go advanced' 'Delete' and 'Cancel'. Anything else I see doesn't 'accidentally' close a thread. To do such I would have to go to "Moderation Tools' and I didn't do that.
  5. Dang, mine is the last post, hope I didn't screw it up. I wasn't in any pages where one does such stuff.
  6. Its hatred of the other party that keeps the political system going, not love of the virtues of one's leaders.
  7. Its the military, what could go wrong? vs Its Hillary or Donald, what could go wrong?
  8. With any luck the military will stage a coup.
  9. If he drops by for a burger I'll pass that on BigDork.
  10. If I had known you were stopping by every day I'd have tried the same thing, BigDork, but I didn't stop by to find out you were stopping by.
  11. Have fun with it godking, it will come out better. Congrats!
  12. I haven't been here for a while, been wondering how many of you guys still stop by? ... Lancer
  13. We order stuff from Amazon and it goes to my Pa-in-law in Oregon who fills a box and trans ships it to us here, by ship, takes maybe 6 months from order to delivery. So I ordered Abby a Hello Kitty wrist watch. Today this conversation occurred. Abby: "Tatay, I know time, the other kids in my class don't." Tatay: "Ya, it will be nice when you have your Hello Kitty watch." Abby: "Why it take so long?" Tatay: "It just does, you have to be patient." Abby: "Oh ya! Like the ketchup!"
  14. Stored all my games up in the attic for safe keeping when I went into the army. When I got home the attic was stripped of everything. "We cleaned up."
  15. Eggs tend to be small here...okay I can work this out now. Thanks godking. I tried the 1/2 lb burger as a 90% beef burger steak with bbq sauce and it was tender, juicy and excellent. Highest beef content of anything we've got. So, it will be a special as long as supplies last. When they're gone I'll have another go at one on a bun.