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  1. When I first played the aliens I won in this manner, it was a ridiculously early victory too. But for a 'standard' game, no an economic victory is not really viable.
  2. I would like to clarify, not a single point, but a single round of damage. A round may deal more than 1pt of damage - as anyone who has sieged mind worms/probe teams will attest.
  3. As noted in the updated datalinks, base tiles have NO resource restrictions (I.E their output is not limited until a tech lifts a restriction like others), a resource bonus tile also lifts a resource restriction of that type only, so generally it is better (at least early game, before you get the restriction lifting techs) to not build your base on a resource tile, that way you get the extra bonus of the resource lifting. Borders WILL prevent another faction from putting cities within it, as long you are at peace, once issue with SMAC/X is that sea borders do not extend very far.
  4. My Comprehensive Datalinks Update (see sig) mentioned by Buster's Uncle notes that the supoply crawlers have no maintainence (probe teams have no maintenance either). The next update that I'm working on will include the forest chopping bonus. Re: monoliths, you can also use them to heal units, and this has no chance of making the monolith disappear. I am most interested in making the datalinks improvements newbie friendly. If you come across a poorly worded entry or cannot find the info you are looking for please, let me know.
  5. also only possible in SMAX
  6. just a quick note, the documentation for ECON >2 is wrong. You get a bigger bonus than the one listed - see sig to update your datalinks.
  7. psi armor is a bad idea for probes, keeps em vulnerable to bombardment damage - one decent shot -> 1hp.
  8. <p>Great to hear. If you find any errors, or something you'd like to be added/clarified, just PM me, or make a post in my CFC thread.</p>

  9. I am sure you would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.

    <p>Just stumbled across your Datalinks updates! Great work! :b:</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I'm plugging them into my SMAX folder now.</p>


  11. +1
  12. the weapon also decides what special abilities are possible (no combat stuff for formers/probe teams, etc..)
  13. that Comprehensive Unity Pods link is included pretty much in its entirety in my datalinks update (see sig) that way you can have the info in-game.
  14. THere was no consensus I could find when creating my Comprehensive Unity Pods thread. However I am sure I read somewhere that there was a limit on the number of Battle Ogres that could be owned, and that it depended upon the map size.
  15. I cannot believe no-one has yet mentioned the use of artillery vs native wildlife. Since their armour is always treated as 1, even with a low attack vlue artillery can completely wreck native lifeforms. This is very useful if your PLANET rating sucks, or you are polluting a lot and getting fungus pops frequently. While artillery are not the primary fighting force, they do have their uses.