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  1. 2 x simple questions. Has anyone got it? Is it worth buying?
  2. RIP
  3. Owning a gun for personal protection is an alien concept in this part of the world. In Fiji gun ownership is almost entirely illegal - not even for hunting (there a pigs and fallow deer). My family in NZ has rifles for hunting - mainly bolt action 303's - Dad did have however a sweet 32-20 pump action rifle for pig hunting that had a pistol grip and a (probably highly illegally) shortened barrel. In NZ hand guns are pretty much illegal - and carrying any fire arm in public will land you in jail. If transporting a rifle in a vehicle (say going hunting) it must be unloaded. the police generally prefer if the bolt is removed as well. Having said that - my son really wants to do THIS when we are in the US later this year.
  4. I am flying home, only for a week, after being away for two weeks in the Kingdom of Tonga (we are opening a new hotel there on 01 Nov). So it will be family, family and family. Tonight will be Cluedo, a couple of episodes of ST DS9 (we have worked our way through TOS and NG) and then cards. Sunday morning will be taking the dogs for a run/swim on the beach, lazy lunch at the Vuda Boat Shed, more boardgames, the boys and I will cook dinner, followed probably by more DS9 and cards. We try and have no electronics (apart from music and TV for Star Trek (or Andromeda or Blakes 7 or Doctor who when it comes back on next year) from lunch time Saturday until they retreat their bedrooms Sunday night.
  5. I probably will purchase it - but I will not pre-order after Civ V.
  6. Any word on Russia yet?
  7. This. And give me Uncle Joe!
  8. So I am slowing sorting out my home media situation. Bg TV and surround sound etc is sorted. Now onto music. I have a good "stereo" - or whatever we call them these days. My digital music collection is pretty big. Over 500 GB in MP4 format (which I know is not the best format but I am not an audiophile). I am looking at getting one of THESE or something similar to run the music off. Now the big question is what software to use. I dislike iTunes - although it is visually nice. What would you recommend for software given the size of the library?
  9. Hi Dale Spotify does not work in Fiji. PLEX looks interesting - but possibly OTT for my needs - but I will look into it. Have you tried either foobar2000 or MediaMonkey or Clementine?
  10. Today Fiji won its first ever Gold Medal at the Olympics - and it's first medal at the Olympics as well. They absolutely snotted the English in the final of the Men's Rugby 7's. The celebrations have been madness. Fiji Times A very proud day for this little island nation. Enormous amounts of Kava will be consumed over the next fews days, and apparently the PM is going to give us a public holiday when the team comes home. I don't really drink kava apart from when formal tradition dictates - but there is a natural alternative:
  11. Hi all. My wife has family in San Francisco and we are thinking of heading up that way to see them around Xmas time. So - the question is - what stuff would you recommend we do while up there? Me, wife and two boys who will be 12 & 14?
  12. Thats all in the "plan". :b: Well the plan as far as it goes. We try and do a fair amount of research, get a bit of a wishlist together and then hit the road and see what happens. I hate structured holidays. I prefer to stay in a spot a bit longer if we like it.
  13. There does not appear to be an Ugly Duckling - but there is Rent-a-Wreck. Thanks :b:
  14. The car is for heading out of SF. We tend to holiday by getting in a car - grabbing a map and heading off. Las Vegas is not that far away - the boys will never have seen anything like it. As in nothing like it. We actually have Redwoods in NZ - in my home town - largest forest of them in the Sthn Hemisphere. I am sure however we will get to Napa Valley - for obvious reasons.
  15. Thanks for that Roth. Would anyone have any recommendations for rental car companies? Searching from afar I can only really find the "big boys" who tend to not be as cost effective a local companies.