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  1. RIP
  2. Owning a gun for personal protection is an alien concept in this part of the world. In Fiji gun ownership is almost entirely illegal - not even for hunting (there a pigs and fallow deer). My family in NZ has rifles for hunting - mainly bolt action 303's - Dad did have however a sweet 32-20 pump action rifle for pig hunting that had a pistol grip and a (probably highly illegally) shortened barrel. In NZ hand guns are pretty much illegal - and carrying any fire arm in public will land you in jail. If transporting a rifle in a vehicle (say going hunting) it must be unloaded. the police generally prefer if the bolt is removed as well. Having said that - my son really wants to do THIS when we are in the US later this year.
  3. I am flying home, only for a week, after being away for two weeks in the Kingdom of Tonga (we are opening a new hotel there on 01 Nov). So it will be family, family and family. Tonight will be Cluedo, a couple of episodes of ST DS9 (we have worked our way through TOS and NG) and then cards. Sunday morning will be taking the dogs for a run/swim on the beach, lazy lunch at the Vuda Boat Shed, more boardgames, the boys and I will cook dinner, followed probably by more DS9 and cards. We try and have no electronics (apart from music and TV for Star Trek (or Andromeda or Blakes 7 or Doctor who when it comes back on next year) from lunch time Saturday until they retreat their bedrooms Sunday night.
  4. I probably will purchase it - but I will not pre-order after Civ V.
  5. Any word on Russia yet?
  6. This. And give me Uncle Joe!