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  1. I did not create strikes, ask others for support or create farewell threads as I am not an attention whore. Like Darsnan left Poly so I choose the same for very much the same reasons and stating it to relevant persons. However a certain user forced my hand to post the following explanation by using my case without my consent. I value my integrity: my goodwill, listening to every side and giving everyone a fair chance. For that I have been rewarded with harassment. I have shown restraint for the past two months and I have been rewarded only with grief and utter disrespect from multiple sides and sources. The single thing that made me value WPC over ACS was promise of proper sanction of offenders - protesting the lack the same not only I have been thoroughly ignored, I found ou today that I have been called "immature". If quitting an unfair work environment is being immature then I choose to be immature. The site can get along without me and I never claimed that I am an integral part of anything. I value my goodwill and I will not squander it pointlessly as I have obviously done in past. As for intended purpose of this thread - I will not name any specific cases or name any names in order to prevent any further damage. However I wish to make two points clear. 1) I did not ask anyone to argue my case or for support. No strikes, no pressure through proxies. Any claim to the contrary is errouneous. 2) If someone is using me in arguments with others here, on CGN or on other sites he/she is doing so with my severe disapproval. This thread is sadly an exception to point 1) due to actions described in point 2). I wish no further discussion of me or any issues that seek to tie me in. What has been done is final and there is no going back. However if you do use me or my actions as an argument than make it clear that it is without my consent or intent. If you do not understand what this thread is about then you are lucky and you should forget ever reading this. I will lock this thread as my last mod action - to prevent unnecessary discussion about things of the past. WPC and other sites should not dwell but learn on past fiascos. Forget me.
  2. <p>Vyeh, stop "representing" me. I do not support your recent moves.</p>


    <p>Given what I've recently seen, this is not a return but a permanent goodbye to WPC. And no, to make myself absolutely clear, I am not striking, asking for attention or anything else and I automatically <strong>severely</strong> disapprove of any past and future campaigns to represent my status by anyone. The relevant people have been notified of my feelings long ago and this is that need to be known for their, my and site's sake.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I value giving a fair chance to everyone and my integrity intensely. For that I have been manipulated, made a fool and, in the end, called "immature". That is an insult beyond measure. I am an adult person - I'll find another hobby. If my services and integrity mean that I will be treated without any respect then so be it.</p>


  4. <p>Welcome back!</p>

  5. <p>Welcome to WPC! :)</p>

  6. I have portable Firefox on my USB. The problem is... it is too damn slow.
  7. <p>Welcome to WPC. :)</p>

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  11. He is a casualty too.
  12. Can't install anything new for obvious reasons.
  13. Why else would I use IE?
  14. Fixed.