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  1. Cameron is a socialist? And isn't Corbyn the one being accused of being EU-ambivelant rather than a die-hard supporter? One interesting view i read was that the referendum and the result of it were because of strategic errors by Cameron. During the elections he campaigned to hold the referendum, never expecting to win an outright majority. When forming a government, he intended to trade it in during negotations with the LibDems. Except he did get an outright majority...so again he has a choice: lose some face and not hold the referendum, or go on with it, expecting to Remain to win anyway...again he chose wrong. If true, pretty incompetent if you ask me, as a PM with a majority in parliament, he ended up doing the very thing he never intended to do.
  2. My car was stolen monday/tuesday night I liked my car, it was only 6 months old. Thankfully it was a lease with all the proper insurance, so it is not costing me much. Apparently this is not uncommon in the city where we moved to since late last year. For me, it's the first time...also nobody in my social circle ever had their car stolen. Was your car ever stolen?
  3. Congrats!
  4. Sporadically.
  5. Nice build :b: What screen res do you use with that GTX 970?
  6. Why cover THAT up...who would object??
  7. According to my Steam profile i already spent 80 hours playing this game. I've only spent more time on Civ5 and CK2, and less on games like M2:TW, Empire TW, Fallout New Vegas, and Dragon Age. The problem is, of those games, V2 is the only one i don't "get" What i mean is, i understand the mechanics on a general level. What i've yet to experience is the feeling to actually be in control of the country i'm playing, and have the feeling that i'm really manipulating the world for my own purpose, rather than just trying to survive and grow in a natural way. (At some point in CK2 i knew exactly how my actions aided in dismembering the HRE). So i'm preparing for another attempt with V2.. I've chosen Japan to play with, the isolation suits me, i want to focus on the domestic side of things first. To start with, i'm reading various guides to get a feeling for the mechanics again..any guides in particular you guys would recommend?
  8. It's 3pm...workplace is practically deserted. Three people remaining in a conference room...all other 30+ workplaces here, all of them in a big open office, are empty.
  9. I usually interpret the 10% discount on pre-orders as a sign of weakness, a lack of confidence that the game will sell once it can be scrutinized by the public, trying to get as many sales as possible before that.
  10. I'm alive! Still married and close to achieving a domination victory in Civ5 :)
  11. If you want to generate a livable income, i wouldn't focus on the gaming industry. Everyone wants to work in the game industry, including many more talented people who are willing to put in more hours for less money than you. Your interest in games is a great way to learn though, think of a simple game you want to program, pick a language/framework and just go with it. You can also use whatever you make in job interviews to show your experience in coding, and show that it's more than just work for you...in my experience recruiters love developers who code in their free time as well. I'd suggest focusing on enterprise-accepted programming languages like Java or the .NET stack (ASP.NET/C# and/or Sharepoint). Delve into the wonderful world of web services (REST and SOAP), databases (MSSQL, Oracle), application servers (IIS for .NET, tomcat, jboss, websphere and many more for java) and you'll find a job in no time. I would not focus on any desktop technology like WinForms, DirextX, WPF/XAML (my specialty) or any Java GUI. Desktop apps are almost becoming extinct in the enteprise world (which is where the money is). Almost everything today is developed for web, even if it's an intranet application. If the above sounds too boring, you might also try frontend web development instead (HTML5+CSS+Javascript+your favorite framework). You'll have more competition, but on the upside, more of the competition will be like you, self-taught developers with no relevant college education. It's hip, it's fun, it's also frustrating due to lack of compatibility between platforms (personal pet peeve.... App development...i don't know. It's growing for sure, but my impression is that it is not as well paid as the jobs in the enterprise world. As a career path, if you want to get into higher paying jobs in the IT, then starting as a developer is a reliable way to get into the industry, but within a few years, ideally you switch sideways to for example technical architect (the most technical option), functional designer (still IT/project/product focused, could eventually lead to positions like product manager) or project lead (management focused). As an example, my past two managers of product development (managing the team, not the product) both started as programmers way way back.
  13. U SA ! U S A! U S A! Amazingly the US has almost survived the group stage, almost beating Portugal as well. I'm impressed, even though i haven't seen the match, but i'll cheer for any opponent of Portugal on principle.
  14. woohoooooooo 1-5!! To me any goal by the Netherlands against Spain was amazing...i wasn't expecting much looking at the line-ups. Almost our entire defence plays in the dutch league at clubs that are no match at all for the clubs that the Spanish players play at. Credit for the victory goes to van Gaal imo. Utd are lucky to have him next seasons!