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  1. Hi Vel (and everybody),hope your health is well. I didn´t play yet and like to ask for an add. The "what for" lesson; please let me try to explain with civ iv. Let´s assume I knew everything about granary, whip, tiles prodution of food, but I didn´t know each pop needs 2 food, food adds to hammers when building settlers or workers and only pop could work tiles: actually I would know nothing about the food things. It´s the "what for" that can guide us. And I found nothing about the "what for". Can you help me, please?
  2. For several days I could not connect this site. Not even try. Its short cut was replaced by "securety error". I have Wintows 7, goggle chrome and AVG. Today all things came to normal without any action from myself.
  3. Hi, so, at last I got to install the game. Now, I need to print the manual to read it while the game runs. Is it better, if possible, to print from the game or from this site? My thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you again, friends.
  5. Thank you Roth and Rob. Then I'll buy the Digital but not the Controller. Is there any advantage to wait for the DVD (not on sale yet here in Lisbon) or better go right now to the Steam instalation? And the manual, how to get it? Cheers.
  6. Thank you, Nikolai. There 4 options: buy the game, buy the game - Digital Deluxe, buy the Steam Controller+the game and buy the Steam Controller+the game Digital Deluxe. So, the "Digital Controller" means better graphics or what? And the "Steam Controller" what for this thing? My thanks in advance.
  7. Hello again, friends. If you remember me you know I knew nothing of computers; now I know still less. I got an email from 2K to "buy now" the game. But, A "Steam" thing.. what's that? And several options...since the game began now I guess it's about some kind of connection or that Steam thing. Please, can you be kind enough to help me?
  8. Hello, my friends! I'm happy to be back. I have been seek and my memory is now weak. I voted for Roth. I still remember that demogame,too. I could not forget a very wrong decision from me, as domestic minister: a 2nd city foundation that made us lose lots of time. Well, that was a great game!
  9. I need to be replaced (or kicked to AI) in this game, Europa, and also in The Med and Endymion. I tried to put away the password, but I couldn´t; so, the password for the 3 games is: cinco
  10. Just arrived and played
  11. Nice post, it looks my English studies at highschool (some time ago, of course).
  12. That's bad luck, Andy. I hope all goes well.
  13. That's unfair; Blackye and Shari told me Thomas is the only one caring.
  14. Congratulations pal and good luck.