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  1. Discord is the best place I'd say.
  2. In Norway, we just removed jurys this year. Too many cases of jurys and professionals disagreeing totally I think. Advertised as good for the security of the accused.
  3. I bet it´s because of the Discord server taking much of the traffic.
  4. I´m afraid the game has already started and you cannot hotjoin in PBC matches...
  5. What good news!
  6. Østindisk Kompagni Te? Unpronounceable? I've never heard such silliness.
  7. And with that, the first ever non-beta Imperator:Rome AAR is finished.
  8. So. Not all like my son as heir. Some even think themselves disloyal to me. The people need to be distracted. War with Egypt should fix that. That of course doesn't mean we won't seek vassals the peaceful way too. I'm particulary pleased with securing the allegiance of Byzantion. Paonia is also a nice little catch. But the most prestigeous of them all; the vassalization of both Macedon and Phrygia, age old enemies of Rhodes! I'm feeling in a good mood, and take on Carthage for good measure. Our fleet is 1.5x their size, and while they have an estimated 400k of troops on the mainland, we rule the sea and the desert means an attack through the coast is unlikely, and potentially devastating for them. I don't have time for casus bellis though, the doctors tell me I have little time left... To my absolute horror and anger, the Egyptians, while being thorougly beaten, snuck a small army behind our lines and sacked Alexandria! The Museon was burned down. The barbarians! I let them off lightly enough in the peace though, as I want to focus on the war on Carthage. In the Mediterranean, we catch the entire Carthagian fleet, and obliberate it. I am growing weaker though. The doctors estimate another two months, tops. Rhodes, and later I, have built a tremendous Empire though. An Empire to stand the test of time. An Empire that can stand beside the one of Alexander. This is Themistios Mithridatids, signing out.
  9. Ah, the life of a Tyrant. The Judeans, that happy lot, have been granted protection from danger. Not to be any worse, I negotiate the same terms for Bithynia. And Aetolia. After losing to us and then to Carthage, they saw the error of their ways. Then Trapezous got the same offer, and accepted. Being a Tyrant is good. Of course, the happiness couldn't last forever. Some relative just had to be plotting! Thankfully, the plot went nowhere. It's good to be the Tyrant.
  10. With the title of Tyrant secured, it was time to secure my rule and the continued rule of my dynasty. The first problem was that my son was still underage, and many people in our country felt my ageing, older than me, brother should succeed me! Further, not all approved of my rule, and several people within my administration was increasingly disloyal. Far from a problem at this time, but a thing to be closely monitored. The problem of my older brother worked itself out soon enough, though. As soon as my son came of age, I married him to a suitable bride. The boy was soon working hard on giving me grandchildren. During this time, I began to move to secure the alligiance of our neighbouring countries to my benevolent rule. Pamphylia was the first victim. With my old wife dying due to old age and sickness, I remarried, got a second son, and promptly was faced with betrayal; my new wife was discovered to work to kill my oldest son to place her own son on the throne! SHe is no wife of mine. Life of a Tyrant is never easy.
  11. Young, popular, promising - and in charge. That's me, Themistios. My predecessor left a spawling empire, big coffers, a huge manpower base, but also a big, bad infamy after multiple big conquests and an unruly Egypt. So I decided to let the country rest for a while. After nineteen years, however, Cyrenaica proved to be too tempting. Even with the desert taking its toll, we won the war with bigger resources than we started. Then, our friends in Cilicia got attacked by the Selucids, whom for some mysterios reason has named themselves "___". The war was soon won by Cilicia by themselves, and we negotiated a favorable peace for them. The next decade I used to slowly grow support for myself and my family, and by clever planning more clever than a clever fox with a degree in clever planning from the University of Clever, I finally proclaimed a permanent dictatorship with me and my family at the helm. Fourty years as Archon is over, I am now Dictator for life!
  12. I´m sorry.
  13. I was destined to rule. A man of the people, for the people. For life. It is my goal. But first I need the victories, support and power. I am Nikerator Abadanids, and I intend to stay. Not that I will do so for long, most likely. I am 70. But I plan to leave a mark behind, perhaps even a dynasty? First goal was accomplished when I got appointed dictator. Then, I changed the election laws to lifetime elections. Or close to it, I will have 50 years before I need to step down. Being 70, that's a minor problem. With the war won, Rhodes is now regarded as a Great Power. With great power, of course, comes great responsibility! To rule fairly, will be our mission. Like with our new subject, Memphis. I ordered the conquest to be merciful. With the war won, even a ruler elected for life is required to hand off his dictatorship privileges. But I don't feel finished. I think I'll keep it. Some don't like it, I have deep coffers, though. Some guy wanted me dead, but I got him arrested pronto. But alas, I'm sick, and I have only days left to live now... I have secured my apprentice, the young Themistios Mithridatids, the office of Archon. May he rule long and accomplish what I couldn't...