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  1. Oh I dunno, I've been spending a lot of time lately playing low-end browser+timer based MMOs although with a whole bunch of other people who are not strategy gamers at all (I am)
  2. I cannot see myself going any further with this mod aside from the fact that my laptop is now struggling with pretty much any game (beyond ones that have a smaller footprint). The developers have also admitted that with the additions they keep making are now majorly out-growing the capacity of the core engine and unless this is made open source by Firaxis/2K (whoever) then performance of the game is only going to get worse even on the best of gaming rigs (this is partially down to the core engine which is not capable of using the full cpacity of newer hardware/operating systems). From studying the project forum over on CFC it looks like a couple of developers are putting serious consideration into developing a home-brew 4X engine and then placing the C2C ideals into it, which would be interesting, but will be a long time in the making. In the mean-time I'm putting serious consideration into rolling back to Civ 3, but it lacks any really meaty mods (unless anyone knows of anything that may not be available on CFC?)
  3. Ah, I wouldn't read that as it's NEVER going to be released outside of South Korea....only that they haven't decided yet. Depending upon it's success in Korea they may still push/develop a European and/or a North America release. I'm still waiting for a game called Sevencore that appeared intrguiging (but a fairly standard MMO), however although it's had a european release the version is only in german....which seems a bit odd, moreso because there has been an NA release, but the launcher detects the country and thus I can only run the german version and not the NA one which is in english....bit of a tangent there.
  4. No it's not....but it does sound like something a little different and not necessarily a bad thing of the "Civilisation" aspect is dropped. Kind of makes me think of a different approach on the Mincraft "build it and then watch as someone else knocks it all down" sort of thing. What I'd hate to see is a game that allows you to build all these wonderful things in full 3D, make you take ages to do it (due to skill/resources/what-ever) but then allow other players to destroy it in a far shorter amoutn of time than it takes to build. Having said that, i won't be playing it, F2P or not....just don't have the hardware to keep up :-(....however if I could, i'd at least give it a go, but yeah, agree that the title is bad.
  5. To add to my problems I think my laptop fan is reaching it's EoL....even flash games struggle to run properly (although this may be due to me having hardware acceleration turned on in chrome) and a CPU temp progam I nabbed reveals that my core temp is usually about 80C at full processing, and 50-60 with internet radio and another non-flash broswer game open. I've taken a look at it and there's not a lot of dust on the fan, but maybe some in the parts not so easy to see (need a compressed air can!!). However N35t0r, in my games the AI has often been quite competent at keeping up at Warlord level, even surpassing me. I'm sure I spotted a conversation on CivFantics on how the AI can actually struggle at the higher difficulty levels due to the greater barb/animal threat, it slows down their expansion more where-as the player may notice little difference or be able to cope better. My current game had my nearest neighbor becoming much bigger then myself...but then it did have range to expand east and west, where I only had the west (towards that AI) to expand. I was still roughly ahead in tech due to better building choices, but he was larger and had a biggger military than me
  6. sort of works. I tried a 16GB SD card, this made no difference at all to the MMO or Civ 4...possibly due to the data transfer rate being slower on the SD card. The 1GB USB stick did improve the MMOs performance.....for about 30 mins...then it would drop....then pick up again...then almost playable...but not quite there, which is a shame as it looked okay (to me if anyone is curious it was Ragnarok Online 2) The 1GB usb stick made no difference at all to Civs performance...or if it did it was so slight that I didn't notice. Will have to see if a bigger one helps anymore....should I ever manage to get a bigger one.
  7. well well well....ReadyBoost works, even with only a 1GB flash stick. Haven't tried it with civ yet, but last night I downloaded a MMO that ran awfully on my laptop, totally unplayable, tried it this morning wit hthe stick plugged in and readyboost activated and it made a massive difference. Thanks ET, you may well have just dragged some more life out of my struggling laptop :-D
  8. True, at least it would prove that it did something....turning off the aero setting had no noticeable difference
  9. it's only 1GB, so perhaps not suitable as flash memory, oh well. Still need to see if step 1 has made any difference.
  10. They are a little more expensive over here in the UK...but not by much. The fan is on pretty much on all of the is the laptop to be honest as I'm either playing a game, listening to internet radio or my partner is using it. Still, it may turn out that because USB sticks are so cheap the freebie I got from my seminar will be a fair sized one.
  11. Cannot say if step 1 has helped me at all...I *think* it has, but not sure. step 2 and 3 are beyond me as I cannot afford additional hardware of any kind, but they sound feasable. I only have a 128MB flash drive...and another one I got from a seminar which I haven't even looked at yet (but will probably also be small). However what is also not helping is that the age of my laptop may be playing upon the cooling fan, not positive but I'm sure the laptop has been hotter of later and it randomly turns itself off (but always when I'm trying to run an executable)...this may be due to the laptop model being known to shut down when a critical temp is reached....or it may be a virus that my AV software is unable to detect.....not sure which is worse in some ways. Oddly flash games don't seem to work too well either, sometimes slowing down to an unplayable rate. I expect this out of a game like civ (especially with a mod as big as C2C)....but a flash game? Time for an upgrade methinks.....but cannot afford one so that will not happen.
  12. Well I'll give the aero windows thing a go, but haven't had much time for civ lately
  13. I've been getting spammed by the WPC mail notification tool too, had about 40+ messages so far
  14. Okay, we're on V30 far as I can tell it's mostly performance improvements, so far gameplay has held no new surprises. Once again I started afresh, I did attempt to update an old save to the new version, but it took ages and left the game running VERY slowly...felt like I'd get back to where I was just as quckly by starting a new I did. Once again, favourite setting, Standard map using the Continents pre-set and 1 continent per team, warlord difficulty random civ choice (game picked America), I've explored a bit of my land and appear to be alone, but there may be a lot to the west of me still to explore. I've been beaten to Shamanism and am currently running at 65% research to get even +1 income...still early days.
  15. Oh I know that running it on a laptop is going to make it slow, i just don't have any choice, I have a tower but it's less powerful than my laptop and currently running Ubuntu so it of no use and the cost involved in upgrading the hardware on that tower is too high given that MOST of what I want to play will work on my laptop.....if a little slow. Although I do worry that if I keep pushign the laptop am I going to make it wear out faster....not entirely sure on that side of things to be honest, but constant fan use and the heating up of innards surely can't be a good thing for any electrical device....oh well, enjoy it while it lasts, then get a replacement!