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  1. I don't understand, what are you trying to say here?
  2. Can you guys type in english please. I have no idea what your saying, thanks
  3. Hi, I tried on apolyton, civ fanatics and his main website to contact him but haven't herd anything back for a over a year now. If anyone knows where he is these days or on the nets, I would apreciate any info on that. Even his phone number or a private email he has.
  4. https://apolyton.net/forum/other-games/call-to-power-1/259402-how-do-you-install-a-mod-propelry If anyone here knows how to have the medmod4 mod be playable on my laptop, please tell me or give me step by step instructions with pics or make a YouTube video. the link explains all the ways I have attempted to get this mod to be playable.
  5. hello again, I was able to get it to work so you can close this thread now.
  6. Hi, when ever I try to download/install 1.21 hack for call to power a error pops up on my laptop and it forces me to exit the setup. how do I fix this? what do I need to do to fix this?
  7. Hi, recently this week I have been speaking to HEX in the private email system in this forum. I am waiting for him to respond back as he gave me directions on how to get the mod to play HOWEVER I tried what he said and it failed so just letting you know, he is still here. I have already tried the apolyton website to ask for help and its been a year or more, no response from anyone.
  8. Hi, I had sent a message to (hexagonian) about getting his mod cradle 4 to work with call to power 2 here. kirner on this forum told me that he is not hex and to contact Dale here as he may be able to assist me or help me get the cradle 4 mod to work as well as the medmods for call to power 1 or 2. I tried following the mods instructions to get them to be playable but did not get far and may have had a few errors along the way attempting to get these mods to be playable. the game regular game works fine, just cannot play the mods. Can you please tell me how to properly install the mods so they can be playable please? I am asking in here as I can only send one message at a time on this forum.
  9. Hi, I am new here. I am not sure where to post this however if its in the wrong section, please move it to the appropriate area. I sent a pm message to skinir on this forum so, skinir if you see this, please check your pm message here that I sent you. Its regarding your cradle IV mod for call to power 2 and another mod by Wesw. If anyone else here reads this, what is the best time to reach skirnir? or what are his hours that he is on here. I know people are busy with work and life so it may take a while.