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  1. White Rainbow - Turn Tracking Thread (TTT) SMAX v.2 PBEM - ladder game Game setup thread is here Factions (also turn order): Commlink:No code has to be inserted here. The map: Slightly modified Map of Planet. Game preferences: Rules: 1.In case of inactivity of any player, the turn will be 'pushed' after 6 (six) days. Obviously out-of-town and vacation periods are excluded if properly announced in this thread - the game will be stalled during these periods, unless agreed otherwise. 2.Action to be taken on non-responsive player (14 days without posting activity): the faction will be turned to the AI. Notes: Players will start with 2 CPs, 1 scout and 1 droid former, and Cult gets a mindworm and Angels a probe team. Unity former droids, designed by Mart, are new basic units that cannot be reversed engineered. You will need to research Centauri Ecology to build more formers. Darsnan has copies of your passwords. 2101 WhiteRainbow to Anpax.SAV
  2. New PBEM (play-by-email) starting: Looking for 1-2 more players to start. Conditions: - transcend difficulty level; - no tech trading; - 25 turns truce.
  3. This is the place where you can find links to all important SMACx resources here at WPC. It's still very much work in progress and i hope i can count on your help to build this. All you have to do is post your suggestions at the end of this thread (using the same format) and i will incorporate them. Thanks :) A Avatars - The Custom Avatar Project - SMAC(X) avatars B Buy - Places to buy SMAX C Carbon Patch - Brad Oliver patch F Fiction - SMAC fiction G Guide - Vel's SMAX Guide version 4.0 (final) - complete guide to SMACx by Velociryx I IP Gaming - From installation to tcp/ip games; SMAC(X), Hamachi and you - a guide by DrazharLn L Links - Active SMACX Links (external) - by Petek Linux - Playing custom scenarios in Linux M Maps download - Links where you can download SMACx maps Maps build - How to create really big maps - a guide by Petek S Scenarios: a how-to guide - Creating a Scenario - by Googlie (revised) Screenshots - Taking pics of the game T Tech Tree - SMAX tech tree TCP/IP Gaming - From installation to tcp/ip games; SMAC(X), Hamachi and you - a guide by DrazharLn
  4. this particular rollover bug was fixed in the unofficial patch made by scient. there are other patch projects going on right now here: those are aiming at fixing various bugs as well as making new tools to rebalance the gameplay and improve the AI. enjoy!
  5. Description The November 2012 Game of the Month - Nomads - was built around a custom faction made by Torvald Normann (Cytroll) with art by Robin Pirez and BUncle, who added his personal touch for the new leader portrait. Your mission, as the leader of this faction, is to fight your way to a Conquest Victory. Estimated time of play: +/- 4 hours, depending on your skill level. Background After the tragic death of Ahto Ilmar, ex-Colonial Marines Officer of Unity and leader of the Nomad faction since Planetfall, you, Steinar Vog, as his second-in-command and newly-appointed Companion, finally have the means to achieve your goals. The scenario starts in MY.2181 and your faction is a well-established one. The Nomads have built the Virtual World and explored part of the world map while building some infrastructure. Contact was made with the Morganites and the Nomads have started conducting business together with them. Everything was in place for a long prosperous peace period, but this is set to change shortly. Your mission: All you will have to do is let yourself be driven by your nomadic inner nature. Steinar, invading the lands of the other six factions is what you were secretly aiming to do for so long. This is your moment! The time has arrived! Reaching a Conquest Victory is the only way to finish this scenario. Still, this must be done in a pure nomad way: you are not allowed to build additional colony pods. If you need more bases, you will have to conquer them... Directions: 1) Download the zip file from this page and place it into your main game directory. Usually this is: C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri 2) Unzip it there. 3) Start up SMAC (not SMAX), then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "1211NomadsGotM" and choose the scenario. 4) The game will automatically load with the Nomads faction. Restrictions: No additional bases can be built (you're starting with 5 bases at transcend difficulty level). Even though you have the possibility to build colony pods, doing so will invalidate your submission. *Notes: You can check at any time the objectives using the '=' key. The scenario ends when you get the 'Mission completed' popup. Please save before taking the last base! Don't forget to inform us on the moves needed to complete the mission (if any). The rules of the 2012 GotM Competition can be found here: Enjoy!
  6. deadline for submissions set for December 20th. you still have a full month at your disposal to complete the scenario
  7. … The uniformed man was walking faster and angrier than one would think possible among the lush trees, rolling lawns and cheery brooks of the recreation commons at Gaia's Landing. He got more hurried, but also happier, when he saw the striking woman waiting for him under a huge birch tree. She made a mock salute and shouted "Welcome, officer, sir!". "Oh, quit it, Annika", Dieter answered and embraced her, politician's outfit meeting that of a military man. "Seriously, look what they make me wear", Dieter said. "But that's beside the point. The thing that bothers me is that I suddenly need a military rank to read 'highly classified documents'. I need permission from the military people to read my own reports!" "You're so handsome in a uniform", Annika laughed. "Just seeing you makes me want to volunteer." Dieter laughed too. "It's good to see you, mad woman", he said warmly. "We're lucky to be able to see each other as professionals." "Of course", Annika said, suddenly looking very serious. "Mix work with pleasure, so to speak." "You're not fooling anyone, you know." "I know. I told some people at the complex that I was going to see you to brief you today and they have been making crude jokes about it ever since. 'Hey, Jack, come to my office and I'll brief you.' 'Sorry, John, I'm straight.' That sort of thing. Anyway, one thing I've actually been wanting to ask you as a professional is if you know what the Lady really thinks of all this." "The war?", Annika asked. "Well, the original orders came straight from her. Nobody was consulted." "Really?" "Yes, really. I remember her message word by word: 'The Spartans are obviously terrified. Conquer their bases southeast of Freshwater Sea. That should scare them into submission. The governor has free hands as to how it's done. Lady Deirdre Skye.'" "That's... short." "Very short, indeed, and very unlike Deirdre. And it arrived almost immediately after that brood trainer had been reported dead." "That Lindly person? Do you think this could be personal? Would the Lady let her feelings influence the decision to go to war." "To be honest, I don't know. It doesn't fit her usual behavior, but it's always hard to tell with her. She's very... distant." "Distant, that's exactly the word for it! She called me in the other day. Wanted to know if her generals are lying to her to keep her calm." "She did?! Has she given them reason not to trust her?" "Not that I know of. But if this war is personal, she might have. Was she close to Lindly?" "I know that Lindly worked closely to Deirdre, what with the brood training and all." A thought struck Dieter. "Were they lovers?" "No. Not that I know of. In fact, if they were, it's the best kept secret in all Gaia. People like you would have known, for example." "Probably. But Deirdre is the one person who might be able to keep a secret like that from me. Anyway, I've been thinking that both me and Michel have been focusing too much on the peripheral parts of Gaia, neglecting the centre." "That's a shame. I know how fond you are of palace conspiracies..." "Yeah", Dieter mumbled, lost in thought. Then he shrugged and said "Look at us! We've hardly seen each other since the war began and here we are talking about work!" "That's who we are. What do normal people talk about these days?" "Well, mostly the war." "We're perfectly normal, then." "I am normal, you are perfect." "Oooh, that's smooth talk, Mr. Propagandist." "I mean it", Dieter smiled. And he did. He remembered when he was a young, promising executive arriving at Gaia's Landing for the first time and meeting the slightly older Talent who'd been given the task of showing him around and teaching him some of the workings of Gaian administration. Since the Talent Location Program was still new, Annika was the first confirmed Talent Dieter had ever spoken to, that he knew of. He was overwhelmed with the impact she made on him and had started to think that Talents really might be the next step in human evolution. She always seemed to be able to stay in tune with his thoughts (and a little ahead of them), getting positive feedback from her made him feel high with pride - and just spending time with her made him feel as if some unknown god had performed a miracle just for him. It wasn't until she met him at a social gathering and, somewhat nervously, confessed that she had similar feelings towards him that he understood that it wasn't a matter of Talents or non-Talents, but a different miracle altogether: Love. His memories mingled with his feelings in the present and made him look at the Rec Commons with fresh eyes: at the students helping each other out with their work, the children playing, the loving couples and all this taking place among the trees, in a small bubble of perfectly tuned Earth, with state of the art technology invisibly maintaining an environment that the human race had been tuned to by tens of thousands of years of evolution. "This is what we are for", Dieter said, extending his arm to take in the surroundings. "We always talk about what we are against, but this is what we are for. We are not at war with nature, but we bend it slightly to fit us, to make us happy, to give the monkey what it needs to be happy through nature and the angel what it needs to be stimulated by technology and in between we find ourselves being humans. That's what being Gaian is all about, not being against pollution, but being for humanity, including the environment human beings need to stay happy! We should be telling this to the other factions! They would have to listen to that!" "They would listen, but what would they hear?", Annika said. "The Morganites poison yet another river to be able to drown themselves in useless gadgets and they call this 'creativity', even 'freedom'. In the Hive people dressed in coveralls work their hands bloody for the sake of their leader, and they call this 'equality'. And the Welcoming Ceremony is both the most dignified and the most well-documented ritual on Planet and still the other factions call it 'dancing naked through the trees'." "I guess you're right. The Morganites only come to the ceremony because they want to sell pictures of naked skin, the Peacekeepers just want a chance to say 'look at the Gaians, they are just like us only stark crazy' and I don't want to know what the Believers make of it." "I didn't mean to be cynical, love. When the war is over perhaps we should shift the focus of our communication. Somewhat less threats, somewhat more promises, maybe." Dieter sighed. "If the war ever ends." "The war is going well. The eastern governor is doing a great job. It will end in victory for us. I'm more worried about what the war will have done to us by then. Have you noticed people getting more aggressive? Not just towards Spartans, I mean, but towards each other." "I have seen signs of it. Theoretically, though, being hateful of our enemies should be almost as bad to a Good Gaian." "Yes, of course." It was Annika's time to sigh. "We know so little about war. To the Spartans it's a fact of life, something their society is always preparing for. We, on the other hand, are constantly trying to avoid it, to suppress anything that we feel resemble it, and that's why we are moving in the dark now. What is war to a society? What does it do to it? What is war, really? We don't know. Do you think we'll ever really learn what war is?" "Well, it's been my job to make us stay Gaian through the war. Frankly, I'm more worried that it will never end. And have you thought about what will happen to those Spartan bases? Once the war is over we'll have what amounts to a huge ethnic minority in Gaian territory." "They will love their freedom! They will learn to be Gaians." "Yes, and guess who'll be enrolled as their teacher? No time for us, just more work, even after the war's ended." Annika smiled again. "Oh, quit your whining, soldier. You know you love your job. And there will be time. We don't have to rush through short lives like our ancestors on Earth. There is plenty of time, Dieter." Dieter smiled back, but it was her smile, not her words, that convinced him. "And now", Annika continued, taking his hand and leading towards one of the privacy areas, "I don't think I've been adequately briefed lately." For a while they managed to forget the war.
  8. This scenario has become part of the 2012 Game of the Month Competition. Details bellow: STANDINGS FOR THE FEBRUARY 2012 GotM COMPETITION: The standings will be calculated using the following criteria (in this exact order): 1. Difficulting level (transcendent submission beat any lower level submission) 2. number of objectives reached; 3. number of turns needed to reach the objectives; 4. Alpha Centauri score. meaning: - the games played on lesser difficulty level won't be able to beat a superior level; - if we have more players on the same difficulty level, the player with most objectives will be placed higher; - on the same number of objectives, the scenario completed in less turns will outweigh the others; - if there will be more than one submission still tied, the Alpha Centauri score will decide the winner. 2012 GotM COMPETITION The three best results will receive points for the 2012 GotM Competition: The best result will bring you a 'Gold victory' and 4 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition as well as a special badge visible in your profile and your post bits. The second best result will bring you a 'Silver victory' and 2 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition. The third best result will bring you a 'Bronze victory' and 1 point in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition. PRIZES: The winners of the 2012 GotM Competition will receive prizes consisting of downloadable games from All prizes are courtesy of IMPORTANT: for everything concerning submissions, AARs, prizes please use this thread: or use this email address: submissions [ @ ] alphacentauri2 [.] info Provisional standings for February 2012 GotM: Submissions for Transcend difficulty level: 1.Earthmichael @ ac2 1st submission: MY2230 2.lorddragonhat by email 1st submission: MY2247
  9. STANDINGS FOR THE January 2012 GotM COMPETITION: The standings will be calculated using the following criteria (in this exact order): - difficulty level; - number of turns needed to reach the objective; - total population of the Believers (the more, the better). Meaning: The games played on lesser difficulty level won't be able to beat a superior level. On the same difficulty level, the scenario completed in less turns will outweigh the others. If the objective was reached in the same number of turns, the total population of the Believers will be the tie-breaker. 2012 GotM COMPETITION The three best results will receive points for the 2012 GotM Competition: The best result will bring you a 'Gold victory' and 4 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition as well as a special badge visible in your profile and your post bits. The second best result will bring you a 'Silver victory' and 2 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition. The third best result will bring you a 'Bronze victory' and 1 point in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition. PRIZES: The winners of the 2012 GotM Competition will receive prizes consisting of downloadable games from All prizes are courtesy of DIRECTIONS 1) Download the zip file (at the bottom of this post) and place it into your main game directory. usually this is: C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/ 2) Unzip it there. Confirm overwrite if asked (ONLY FOR WINDOWS USERS)! 3) Start up SMAC, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "LEGotM" and choose the scenario. Download link for Librarian difficulty level: Download link for Transcend difficulty level: GOOD LUCK! *Important: for everything concerning submissions, AARs, prizes please use this thread: or use this email address: submissions [ @ ] alphacentauri2 [.] info *Kind of important: please use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags if you want to talk about strategies. some players want to give it a try before reading the others' experiences.
  10. thank you, D.
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  12. *** The restaurant was expensive, possibly the most expensive on Planet, but in an extravagant, rather than exclusive, way. The cutlery was heavy with precious metals; the meals were large, even ones made up of genuine, non-vat grown, meat and rare spices. The room was bright with harnessed solar energy, leaving the dark Chiron night to those of lesser means. In Jeneba's mind, though, the primary source of light seemed to be the smile of the man sitting opposite her, lighting a fine cigar. "This, in fact", CEO Nwabudike Morgan said, indicating the cigar, "is a good example of what I was talking about. If some other faction leader, Lal for example, was to smoke one of these in public, there would be talk of the leader setting a bad example by smoking unhealthy cigars before the eyes of those poor helpless drones who can't think for themselves. We, however, would think of it as inspirational. 'Look, he is rich enough to smoke expensive cigars'! Then we leave it to the individual drone to pursue his or her happiness in order to be able to smoke one of these one day. “Or, for that matter, buy a restaurant and turn it into a non-smoking area. “The point is that we don't demand a certain behavior - all we demand is that you work hard, by hand or by brain, whatever your assets are, to be able to afford the behavior of your choice! And we don't need an army of bureaucrats to make sure you don't put in more than you take out - because you can't! That's the power of the Market!" Morgan leaned back, obviously pleased with his speech, cheerfully slapping the bottom of the waitress who had just brought him a glass of brandy and laughing loudly at her wide-eyed surprise. He leaned forward and winked at Jeneba. "That would have been called 'sexual harassment', or perhaps 'adultery', in several other factions; indeed it would have in much of our own. However, in this restaurant, 'brief body contact with serving personnel' is part of the deal we made when having this table reserved for us. We paid good money for it and so it's ours!" "And does the girl get extra money for providing this - service? ," Jeneba asked. Morgan raised his eyebrows. "Why, if she was smart enough to negotiate for it! Her body is, of course, protected as her private property under our property laws - the only kind of laws you need - and may be sold or leased as she likes. It's all a matter of supply and demand! It's all in her contract; signed by her out of her own free will!" "You see", Morgan continued, "the Market is good not only for organizing the distribution of energy, minerals and other limited resources, but also for organizing most human relationships. 'Human behavior is economic behavior', to quote my own greatest role model. And it's not just crude egotism, either. By striving to accomplish wealth for yourself, you inevitably create a better life for everyone around you, from the scientist getting rich from patenting a medical drug which helps ill people all over Planet, to the actor earning sweet credits pursuing his dream while at the same time entertaining his audience." Jeneba considered her next move. Her boss had asked her to question The Morganite lifestyle, so that he could defend it as a sort of intellectual pastime. "Well, but what about inherited wealth? Might that not be construed as unjust? Didn't you - " "Yes, there's a point right there", Morgan interrupted. "We all know that some - not all - who inherit wealth become lazy and passive. However, the urge to provide for your offspring is such a strong driving force that the benefits are greater than the costs. Market forces gain their strength because they are tied to the deepest evolutionary drives imprinted in our very genes. When you mess with the Market, you're messing with a force of nature, which is why the non-market economies are like people thinking they've grown wings when they're really plain-old people in a plane that's about to run out of fuel." Jeneba spread her hands, "Well, that's plain to see. But the elites of the other factions have invested huge resources and much prestige in their systems. They are not likely to listen to reason and some of them are heavily armed, you know..." Morgan leaned forward, lowered his voice and put on the let's-get-down-to-business face that Jeneba had come to admire and fear through the years of working for Morgan. "Ah, this brings us to the reason we're here tonight. You see, I have a plan..." ***
  13. @admins: please add Kilkakon to the SMAC GotM folder
  14. SMAC\X "Game Of The Month" (GOTM) Introduction GOTM is basically a single player contest to see who can beat a scenario with the highest score. This competition has started as an Idea inspired by CFC. Here is an example of how one game is setup: Someone picks a map, victory conditions, starting faction and all the preferences. The game lasts a month. Those who participate send in the files required to be eligible, then their GOTM-score is calculated and the the player with highest score wins. Index You can use this thread to discuss the rules and submit new scenarios. You can use this thread to discuss points system. Rules of the competition The GOTM scenarios will have all victory conditions enabled. The players can submit entries for each type of victory (Transcend, Conquest, Diplomatic and Economic). Cooperative victory is allowed. Scoring Ingame score (Aplha Centauri score) divided by the number of turns it took for victory divided by 2 equals the GOTM score. 'GOTM score' = S / (.5 * V) ________________ S - Ingame score V - number of turns it took for victory It the event of a tie the game's end date is used to determine the winner. Standings for each type of victory conditions will be made at the end of the month. The players will gain points based on their rank in each victory condition. As an example: Player A finishes first in conquest (worth 3points) third in transcend (worth 1 point) and 3rd in Diplomatic (worth 1 point) for a total of 5 points. Player B finishes 2nd in all three categories (each worth 2 points) giving a total of 6. Points should probably be based on the number of entries for each victory condition. Example if only 2 people send in games where they won an economic victory. The winner of that category should not get the same amount of points as the winner of say the conquest category that had for example 8 entries. First Place would get points equal to the total number of submissions (n) for that victory condition, but this will be capped at a max of 10, so if there are 12 entries, you can still only win 10 points. Rank® earns points equal to (n if n > 10 then n = 10 minus (r-1)) So after finding what n will equal you can use this formula to find the points for each rank. (n - (r - 1)) Submission for the GOTM Your submission for the GOTM will be due the first Sunday after the 5th of the following month at 12:00 (Noon) GMT. When submitting your Game of the Month, you need to send in the required saved games: the 1st turn save along with a save at turn 50, 100, 200, 300, etc. As well as the last turn before the game ends. (please use the autosave option of the game to be sure you will have something to submit). Please rename the saved games as follows: Nickname_GOTMXX_MissionYear.sav For example: zsozso_GOTM0906_2101.sav [Your turn 2101 Save] zsozso_GOTM0906_2150.sav [Your turn 2150 Save] zsozso_GOTM0906_2152.sav [Your turn 2152 Save - game ends in 2153] Also provide some basic information about your game: Name you use in the WePlayCiv Forums. Your Alpha Centauri Score (F8). The Ending Turn (Mission Year). Any notes that are needed to complete the last turn. Type of victory. When you have these saves together, please send them to the GOTM Staff. (You can send them to me by email for now (borcea [ _ ] dan [ AT ] yahoo [ DOT ] com). 2009 Standings No code has to be inserted here. Please don not post in this thread. You can use this thread to discuss the rules and submit new scenarios. You can use this thread to discuss points system.
  15. Happy Birthday, Eclipse! (just sent him a heads-up on FB)
  16. just add thank you line at the end: Illuminatus for the graphics, scenario creators for their work and Darsnan for making it.
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  18. as you may be aware, Darsnan is leaving the SMAC community. so, we are loosing the biggest contributor to the SMAC GotM. maybe we should try to keep alive the GotM concept. what do you think? i can make scenarios, but i can only allocate limited time to my SMAC duties. also, i know i can count on BU for the graphics, but we need some fresh blood also. so, the 'job' openings are: - 'scenario maker' (it's not that hard, sometimes an original idea can be enough) - 'graphics specialist' (for the front page images) - 'penman' (for the background stories). any volunteers?
  19. @admins: please add t_ ras to the CMN Central Command forum.
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