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  1. It was for a bit. I've just had my turn for the second time today (the very same turn) as the game doesn't seem to be saving. If you watch the bottom right corner it first says "committing turn"; then once that's done after a couple of seconds, it says "waiting for X" (the next player). Both times it has got to the first message, but not the second :/
  2. Looks like we're up and going again
  3. Yeah, I can't. But it says it's my turn; and I'd like it to stop doing that when there is nothing I can do. Maybe we need to kill those old games and start new ones :/
  4. Has the new update killed our game?
  5. I'm going to start a new game in Play By Cloud with a few other friends; and I was wondering if a couple of people from here would like to join? One of those friends doesn't have Gathering Storm, so it'll be under the Rise & Fall ruleset. We'll kick it off next week. Thanks Jonny
  6. Ah, thanks. No I'm not. Sorry to be a pain, but can you post here too?
  7. Has someone discovered the Bermuda Triangle & in the process lost our game into it? Lol
  8. Just got back on and I'm good to go
  9. It's my turn; but once I get into the game I'm not linked to the server for PBC apparently...
  10. I dunno about the rest of you, but I am good to go again...
  11. Make that Fri-Sun.
  12. I'm off camping, just over Fri/Sat if I don't take my turn for a while.
  13. Sorry guys. Got a bit distracted with shit in my city.
  14. +1 Personalities do not get much bigger than either Henry or Brian