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  1. As you guys may or may not know, The MP ladder league (league.civplayers.com) Is holding an "Olympics" type event. We would very much like it if apolyton, weplayciv, and civfanatics were represented. I had a hard time posting in civfanatics for some reason so if someone could pass the word along that would be great. We'd like for you to chose a representative and have him/her contact me so we can have constant communication with you guys. Email:hcky2cool@aol.com YIM:kcdestroyer and i'm always in the gamespy lobby (which I know many of you resent) This even is not about proving anything to anybody, we just want to have some fun. So please feel free to contact me at any time thanks, des
  2. Thats exactly what happens in the new civ MOD Rise of mankind http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=9301 Download that if you can, It is unbelievable, sort of like a whole new civ. theres * 288 Techs in tech tree * 300+ Units * 189 Buildings * 88 Wonders * 36 National wonders * 54 Civic options * 29 Unit categories, modern units are superior to ancient units * 28 New resources * 26 Pre made maps included: 7xEarth, 2xMars map, 2xMediterranean, Europe, Demographica (Europe), New Zealand, 2xEurasia, North&South America maps, Australia, Antarctica, Orion and Sirius fictional planet maps, Colonization (1500AD America) scenario, 2xTamriel (Elderscrolls), Earthsea, Japan+Korea map * 22 New Leaders * 19 New Improvements for terrain/resources * 6 New route types * 5 New Civilizations (55 with extra civ addon pack) * 5 New Projects * 4 New Citizen types * 4 New Religions 2 New Civic categories * 2 New Map sizes: Giant (54% bigger than Huge), Gigantic (50% bigger than Giant ie. 134% bigger than Huge) * 2 New Gamespeed: Blitz 215 turns, Snail 3000 turns * 1 New terrain type: Marsh * AI Autoplay * Better BTS AI 0.78c (includes Unofficial patch) * Corporation specific buildings * Civic specific buildings * Dynamic Civ Names * Enhanced Interface (BUG 3.6 mod) * Ethnically Diverse Units * Ethnic Diverse Citystyles * Faster expansion in late game: Colonists and Pioneers build cities with preset buildings * Fight in the future era with futuristic units * Influence Driven War * Inquisition, destroy religions * Modified Civics * Modified Religions (each religion is more unique) * More events (about 60) * More game alerts, extra information about cities and diplomacy options * New promotions (for air units too) * New unit flags for Civilizations * RevolutionDCM 2.5 * Advanced Combat Odds 1.0 * Ranged Bombardment * Sevopedia * Super Spies (promotions for spies) * Supports maximum of 50 players * Tech conquest, conquering enemy cities boosts your research * Tech diffusion, civs can't fall too far behind in tech race * Unit order enhancements, icons show each units current task * Upgradeable buildings * User configurable options (see: BUG options, Rise of Mankind Config.ini and Revolution.ini) Ya, WOW! UNfortunatly it's not compatible with multiplayer gaming at the moment, but it is extremely fun to play in 1 Player. Honestly i strongly reccomend it, it is like a CIV V beta.
  3. No, it's perfectly fine, you bring up a good point I didn't explain myself well. What i was thinking was that you would just change leaders, the player wouldn't lose any control of the civilization just the current leader. For example, I would be playing with Joao II and he would die then Joao III would take control or possibly someone else in the government, But the human would still be playing the gmae. I thought having new traits ever 50-60 turns might be a +
  4. I'd kind of like to see a campaign mode where players whould make their own civilization and possible a UU/UB. They would earn their traits instead of picking them based on what they did, IE if they built 4-5 cities they would gain imp. or if they worked their land a lot they would gain exp. Another idea i had was having multiple leaders for a country instead of just one. (This just applies to campaign mode) IE. One leader would only be in power until he died of old age/war/etc etc.. and then a new leader would take his place. The player would have to then choose an hier to the throne (A general, a son...) Just like in real life if the leader didn't have an heir there could be dispute over the throne and possibly send you into a civil war. This is just an idea, and i wanted to see what people thought about it.
  5. I agree with Erick, i'm big into the world of Civ4 online and people already get angry about random events being 'unfair'. Just imagine if they were studying a tech and it got stopped or redirected people would FLIP out. However more variation would be nice ie. one studied technology would open up 2 or 3 others instead of just one, and based on the game you would have to choose different tech paths. Unlike now where people study: Bronzeworking, animaly husbandry, archery...so on.
  6. I tend to agree Ysop on this one, i wouldn't be picking saladin for his UU. Camal Archers are a sorry excuse for a knight in my opinion. Like noted above CA's do have higher retreat odds but it isn't drastic enough to make me say "I would prefer a CA over a knight." I do disagree with Ysop on the Madrassa issue. Madrassa's are geat buildings that help Arabia spam great people on any map-type. Early scientists are HUGE and can change an entire game.
  7. Well, i think you definatly need celtia and maybe an Isreal civilization. Come to think of it the Isrealies are the only people i have not seen represented in civ. Other than that i'd definatly keep Khmer and holy rome as I see them being used A lot.
  8. It would be cool if you could view your city like you did in civIII. More techs would be nice too, becuase there is really very little tech path variation , it always goes: Bronze working, Animal husbandry, A religion if your lucky, and then ironworking. So maybe some more early technologies to change gameplay a little bit.