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  1. Don't Buy R+F as GS as all the content from R+F minus the civs in it.
  2. civ vi playtime is broke ive played like 2hrs tops but my steam stats say otherwise I most definitely aint played 16 hrs
  3. Well its my Birthday that's all that matters
  4. when its Sh1t basically doesn't matter if its 10 mins or 2 hours in if a game is Sh1t its well Sh1t
  5. Age of Empires 4 Civilization 7
  6. Y its Boring , Dull , AI is more dumb than the Barbs are just my 2 cents
  7. weird I only just got back on here by removing it from my ISPs blocked list says something like TSL2 security was out of date in MS Edge
  8. my ISPs virus filter blocks the page unless like now I turn it off.............
  9. I'm still unable to get in on both ms edge google chrome or my android tablet but weirdly ie works the message I get on the others says page not found too many redirects worked fine up until about a month ago can get to the page the error comes up after logging in. Edit: I used to be connected to FB on here if that's the cause?
  10. I voted for Dale because he's a bigger Nub than the rest of the options imo
  11. also be nice to know which games in MP lobby are new ones Oh and Theodore R AI sucks
  12. no teamer options for multiplayer
  13. ill play if I'm online :)
  14. didn't crash that's good I suppose thanks Dale
  15. all I want to know is it maxed out with 4 players in a game...