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  1. No more takers? We will get started in the next few days. Happy to get 1, happier to get more :)
  2. Awesome I'll PM you to exchange email addresses :)
  3. What do you mean by home site? you mean where we are located? We're in various states of the U.S.. As for preventing double turning, I wrote a script that watches for new save games (happens on a new turn) so that everyone gets an email on a new turn. This has the benefits of PBEM & Simultaneous turn Pitboss. Well that same script blocks currently connected IPs for 1 hour. So anyone that was in the game on a new turn is kicked out for an hour. Not perfect but good enough to kill the incentive to double-turn :) This is actually a new feature we'd be testing full-scale in our next game.
  4. We've been playing CIV for years, first PBEM now Pitboss and routinely have new players on a word of mouth basis. We also have players unable to stick to the commitment that is playing a game for months, players who want to take a break or player that didn't like getting pwned too hard :). We are experienced dedicated CIV players looking for new folks to bring new challenges, perspectives & strategies. The games we play: - usually 4 to 6 months - varied map types and rules but otherwise fairly generic CIV4 BTS 3.19 - out-of-band politics - simultaneous turns pitboss - firewall mechanism for preventing double-turning - new turn notification by email or text if you want during defined hours - 12h per turn, hoping for a minimum for 2 turns per day - we've had up to 9 players - every game brings its share of border cases & game mechanics technicalities - diplomatic victories disabled What we look for in new players: - live in the Americas (for timezone purposes) - is able to take turns at work (or you don't work :)), the only way a game keeps moving is with folks able to take a 10 minutes break for a turn during the day. The rules: - In the first 2 weeks if you miss a lot of turns you'll be replaced by an AI. - nothing else! you can lie, betray, backstab all you want but your reputation will follow you. I think that's it, let me know if you have any questions and if we should count you in!