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  1. I wonder if this is as close as firaxis gets to sim city societies lol. Okay...not that bad.. but still, dale was right from the beginning on this iteration.
  2. Hello all, I can't tell u the last time I played this game. Pretty sure it was january. So I have to ask, my main beef was with the awful ai. The fact that if I was strong instead of kissing my ass they'd gang up on me with three hoplites against my scary... has this been resolved? does the ai have any depth? Or skill otherwise I wont waste my time. Thanks, Dan
  3. I haven't played this game since the second patch. Don't miss it at all. As a matter of fact I've found myself doing far more productive things with my time. Who could have known that all it would take to break my addiction was crappy smack.
  4. If your a trustworthy guy, just use his account I suppose...there really isn't too much crazy crap that can happen unless your a dick and start buying things using his account..
  5. I'm playing King is second place...I just hope it gets harder and more interesting otherwise this game just really kinda blows.
  6. I guess this goes to show how different tastes can be. I can't imagine playing this game solely through strategic almost...depresses me...haha I think part of the problem with the trading posts is the roads and the wells that pretty much just look like holes...Idk I would be really happy if this got changed via mod or patch they just ruin the landscape I love the farms though those were really well done. I kinda miss the towns from Civ4 they were organic and they grew and filled out nicely.
  7. Minor thing: the trading posts could use a make-over...they are so damn ugly.
  8. I'm starting to get a bit worried about this game. I just moved from warlord to prince and I'm still running in second place very early (280 turns) in this game...Is this game just really easy?? One question on trading posts, what is a good balance to strike with these things i.e. farms, posts, mines? Not enough farms and these cities never grow, not enough mines and no production.
  9. Or they should do it in a patch :) . To be honest this just seemed like an oversight to me.
  10. I don't need it to remember the formation, I just need to be able to select multiple units like every other civ game did in the past via control-click, we're not exactly re-inventing the wheel here. And then when I right click it just has to tell each unit to move forward one tile
  11. Basically all I meant by "battle formation is this: I land 2 infantry, 2 artillery and 2 calvary. I set it up so the infantry are at the center, the artillery are behind them and the two calvary are at either edge. I want to be able to move this group forward as 1 unit, instead of click move, click move, click move. I don't really care if move points go unused in this case because, well there was a logical behind setting up my units the way I did to protect them, thus I want to keep them together. This shouldn't at all be hard to implement, its mostly a UI correction then it is a new game element. what would be cool though is I could have my melee units create wedge formations/trenches (maybe as a promotion?) ala the Total war series.
  12. Another thing I just thought of, why can't I select multiple units. Its really annoying when I have a battle formation all set up and I'm forced to move each unit individually.
  13. I completely disagree. For one thing its not 'different' it just doesn't exist. I find it incredibly obnoxious to have to agree to useless open borders agreements to get through to see someone else or even that person for that matter. Its also ludicrious that in the age of the satelliate that I have to have hoped I clung to an old scout. I understand the arguement that it was annoying to have the AI hound you for maps all the time but the solution is to fix it not just do away with it. Don't get me wrong, I like this game but there are 5 or 6 things that I just think are stupid and thats one of them. The others? Well, not being able to have friends because I'm strong seems dumb to me as well...You'd think (with the exception of the end space/culture race) that with MASSIVE military might know...would want to be on my side. I miss permanent alliances as well, but it seemed few used them so I'm not upset about that. Also, having no clue as to why the AI is pissed at me is annoying too...Though, I must admit the up-coming patch looks promising on that front. EDIT: I would point to one HUGE improvement, doing away with Tech trading and replacing it with research why couldn't they have taken that replace and improve approach to map trading?
  14. diplomacy and map trading should be fixed/added back
  15. I don't think its terrible but I think all three points need to be rectified in a patch for sure. The pact of secrecy I must admit vexes me, does that mean they won't trade with that person or what?