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  1. [lurk mode on]
  2. Maybe this one? Ugly cabinet, but I like the form factor. Fits in the tv shelf. http://www.itpower.se/dator-mini-pc-asus-k20bf/product_details.php/products_id/5645 Or this one? Even uglier and a bit bulky, a bit more oomph though. No W10 included which might be a deal breaker... https://www.komplett.se/product/793319/datorutrustning/paketerbjudande/pc-i-delar-intel/pc-i-delar-mini-itx-gamer#productinfo
  3. I wish... Might be time to upgrade the comp connected to the TV though...
  4. Crap, my spanking new laptop is just below minimum requirement. Should've gone for the Core i5... :/
  5. Considering I haven't done any Civvin' since 2011... Maybe not
  6. If you would've asked me a month ago I would've said highly unlikely. But since I've been away for so long I'm ready to be disappointed on day 1 :)
  7. After watching several videos of gameplay and reading all the news I'm actually excuted about Civ 6! I would love a SPDG, I have fond memories of the original Civ 4 SPDG, way back in 2007(!!)... And judging by the reports you should be able to finish a game in one sitting or at least avoid the tedium of the middle game. Also it helps I have a spanking new laptop with some muscle under the hood :)
  8. Well, I'm not buying a new laptop just yet... Penry's right, Civ V put me off the whole franchise. They need to do someting mighty spectacular for me to jump aboard again...
  9. I'm sorry for your loss, E_T.
  10. I'm so sorry E_T, cancer is terrible disease. My father was a alcoholic and when he finally had beaten that monster and was happy and content with his life for the first time in a long while he got hit by cancer in the stomach and liver... He's been gone for two years now. Life is so unfair sometimes...
  11. I've never used it myself, but I just installed it and it looks like a RSS-reader for forums. I tried to connect to CFC, but their API was too old apparently... http://www.tapatalk.com/
  12. Can you install Tapatalk? That will solve the issues of viewing the forum on mobile devices...