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  1. This is turn tracking thread [TTT] for a smax game. Players: Hive - DDragon University - AI Angels - shhizm Morganities - AI PK - Armageddon Spartans - AI Gaians - thehatta Discussion thread here: Post with discussed rules: This game starts now, and we can later talk about additional details. Passwords are set as you requested, thehatta only received one from me (PM) DDragon - Hive is first. Game is started with established first base (as in settings table) also it is blind research. This is not as majority games are set. You also received more colony pods, 2 formers and more scouts, as in the settings table. Angels have a bit different set of units and accumulated base production, but I did not change that back in the scenario. Good luck!
  2. Gaian Luck by Mart Shortly after planetfall, you could review reports about surrounding terrain. There is abundant plant life, fertile soil, rivers and sea coast. Not only you grabbed with Deirdre more landing pods from U.N.S. Unity, but also will be able to establish a colony in a very good location. Other mission officers could not be reached by radio. They have either equipment malfunction or they did not survive this emergency landing. While regretting loss of life, you are not that worried about getting all those wrong ideas for future of this human colony out of your way. Just last corrections on the tabview and report will be ready for Lady Deirdre Sky. Living these past days in almost constantly moving escape pods has become unbearable to large portion of the crew. Decisions needed to be made. This is vanila SMAC game. No expansion! Installation: Unzip the folder "gotm-2014-gaian-luck" to the "scenarios" folder inside the game folder. Play: Start SMAC game, choose: Scenario > Play scenario -> and find the folder as described above. Select "Deirdre-2101.Sc" file. About game settings: Standard size map. Dense cloud cover (more rainy conditions). Abundant planet life (mindworms). Transcendence - the only victory condition enabled. No restart of eliminated factions. Random events are ON. Librarian difficulty How quickly can you transcend? To complete this scenario discover all technologies and complete Ascent to Transcendence Secret Project in the smallest possible number of turns. In case of a tie, Victory Points will decide the winner. Save and submit your game the turn before completion of the Ascent to Transcendence SP. Attach your save here in this thread for standings on Apolyton. Deadline: March 31, 2015 After this date, you can submit your game for consolation standings. This scenario is the December 2014 Game of the Month on another site, where it can be downloaded: Link For After Actions Reports, please use other thread and keep this one for standings only, thank you! When doing AAR, please remember before March 31, 2015 to write spoiler warning to players, who are going to play this scenario. They should not read such AAR before submitting. Good 'Gaian' luck! = = = = = = = = = Standings ...
  3. It all depends. there was some time ago a ranking of factions and the best in it was University and the weakest was Planet Cult. However some players (and I agree with it) say that with every faction you can have enough chances, just depending how good you are in the game. There is online Vel's strategy guide. There is good overview of factions.
  4. I noticed mozilla scrapbook seems to be able to record only 10000 files. Maybe this is the problem.
  5. Where is the forum, somewhere on CFC?
  6. I have seen it in one of the tests game for UMod. I don't remember details at the moment, but it was somewhere around version 0.1 to 0.2. Boreholes are much cheaper in Umod, the idea is that a player could play with only small number of formers to reduce micromanagement. But these were not small modifications. I guess, it was very cheap price that triggered AI to choose boreholes. And it was Spartans that were building boreholes, e.g. in MY 2333 they had 3, but I think they had a few more, but they found another improvement better and 2 boreholes were dismantled. Spartans are also ones, that often did most of crawling in tests I was doing. I think it may be something with Spartan AI (or maybe strategy settings in faction files?) Hive was building crawlers too, e.g. in ACDG3 they constructed at least one.
  7. pbem - yes. I still hope for a pbem I signed in into recently to finally start. And we have a demogame - singleplayer. Good place to chat about playing, view game saves, etc. there is subforum.
  8. A good page to check
  9. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Alien Crossfire Game of the Month, March 2010 This month we start in mission year 2150. Pravin Lal is busy with diplomacy, planet wide tensions and a vendetta, but is concerned with technological progress that would take humanity back to space. Installation: 1) Download the zip file and place it into your main game directory. usually this is: C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri 2) Unzip it, but use "extract here" command rather than "extract to 'gotm_1003_unsa' " 3) Start up SMAX, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and navigate to folder 'GotM_1003_UNSA' that is in your 'scenarios' folder (Game should already be in your scenarios folder). 4) Choose 'Kirkway_UNSA_2150.SC' scenario to play. It is transcend difficulty and you play Peacekeepers derived faction of United Nations Space Agency. Submission: Your submission is due May, 9th at 12:00 (Noon) GMT. You can send a game save one turn before launching the first satellite. Submission by email: Bdanv: borcea [ _ ] dan [ AT ] yahoo [ DOT ] com. Mart: marcin777 [ AT ] gmail [ DOT ] com. =============================================== To: Commander Kirkway From: Commissioner Pravin Lal U.N. Headquarters, MY 2150, January 29 Commander, I am greatly concerned that recent conflicts on Chiron threaten our ambition of returning into space. Therefore, I have created United Nations Space Agency (UNSA). I apoint you to the position of Agency Director. I prepared adequate means to build UNSA facilities on one of the islands of Santa Ana Archipelago, south of Monsoon Jungle and east of Sea of Unity, which was scouted 10 years ago by Believers. Spartans have already established a base near Geothermal Shallows. So far, we have good relations with Colonel Santiago. You can also ask assistance of Lady Deirdre Sky, our long time pact-mate. Her bases are on Monsoon Jungle coast to the north. Our intelligence is sketchy, but there is possible Hive activity in the west. I know Yang can threaten your bases, but still the archipelago is the safest location for UNSA. There is intellegance of a possible recent drone rebellion in the Hive. Watch for Hive rebels in the region. Send a patrol to South 2 Airbase Complex, I will send supplies to that location for you. Your objective, Commander Kirkway, is to successfully launch our first satellite into Chiron's orbit as soon as you can. Good Luck! Pravin Lal =============================================== NOTES: - Use CTRL+F4 to see scenario objectives. =============================================== OBJECTIVE: - Launch the first satellite of UNSA in the smallest possible number of turns. You need to acquire Orbital Spaceflight technology and build a satellite in one of your bases. Save and submit the turn before one such satellite would be completed. =============================================== OTHER NOTES: - Your GotM score depends on the number of turns you played. - In case of a tie, victory points determine the winner. - Hit CTRL+H to home your any independent supply crawler, once it is in a base. - U.N. Airbase Complex, South 2, has some goodies for you! Use Lal's advice! - Missile chassis is now available with Doctrine: Air Power. - Colony pods are disabled. Protect your five bases! - You are allowed to purchase or to sell a base from/to AI for energy credits (EC) only. Extortion or gifting is allowed too, but you are not allowed to exchange a base for a base. Good Luck, Commander! ********************************* Standings for the March GotM: "UNSA - United Nations Space Agency" No code has to be inserted here. Consolation standings: No code has to be inserted here. (if you are still playing this sceanrio, you can submit your save at any time. the result will be entered in the 'Consolation standings')
  10. In one succession game, we tweaked AI Morgan with Interest attribute 5%, it won by cornering energy market, since we were too slow with mounting his HQ base raid.
  11. I think AI uses hurry when having abundant enough energy reserves.
  12. mp3mymp3 records directly to the computer. The newest is version 3, but version 2 is good for like win XP. commentaries could be recorder later too, while replaying the recorded image.
  13. There is a free (I believe) Windows Movie Maker program from Microsoft. If it is not in the system, I think one can download it and instal. There is possibility to overlay an additional sound tracks. It has actually quite decent movie editing.
  14. How about "stereo mix" setting? In WinXP: in control panel there is option Sounds and audio devices -> Audio (tab) -> Sound recording, button: Volume. This opens "Recording control" I think having unchecked both mic and stereo mix mute checkboxes can make it possible to record in camstudio both game sound and microphone.
  15. You plan to record full HD? 1920x1080? This would allow for text fully readable and files would be somewhat large, I guess. In many "let's play" being unable to read text and labels lowers fun of watching.
  16. The bonuses below can be used all of them in a single faction, they do not count towards limit of 8 (afaik): #BONUS Morale Modifier Psi Combat Modifier (%) Research Bonus Per Base Extra Drone Per Base Extra Talent Per Base Bonus Energy Reserve Energy Interest (%) Bonus Commerce Rate Population Bonus Hurry Modifier (%) Research Modifer (%) Share Technology Select Technologies Terraform Bonus Bonus Commfrequency Immunity to Mind Control 25% Attack Bonus Free Prototypes Aquatic Faction Alien Faction Worm Police Share Tech w/ Infiltrator Steal Tech #BONUSCODES MORALE PSI RESEARCH DRONE TALENT ENERGY INTEREST COMMERCE POPULATION HURRY TECHCOST TECHSHARE SELECTTECH TERRAFORM COMMFREQ MINDCONTROL FANATIC FREEPROTO AQUATIC ALIEN WORMPOLICE SHARETECH TECHSTEAL ======================== The abilities below are limited to 8 only: #LIMITEDBONUS Free Tech. Free Facility Free Vehicle Social Benefit Robust Immunity Impunity Penalty Fungus Nutrient Fungus Mineral Fungus Energy Bonus Votes Free Facility (Prereq.) Revolt No Drone Free Ability (Prereq.) Probe Cost Defense Offense #LIMITEDBONUSCODES TECH FACILITY UNIT SOCIAL ROBUST IMMUNITY IMPUNITY PENALTY FUNGNUTRIENT FUNGMINERALS FUNGENERGY VOTES FREEFAC REVOLT NODRONE FREEABIL PROBECOST DEFENSE OFFENSE =============================== ALIEN, 0, AQUATIC, 0, PSI, 25, FACILITY, 33, TECH, DocFlex, SOCIAL, +RESEARCH, SOCIAL, -GROWTH, NODRONE, 2, TECH, Ecology, FUNGNUTRIENT, 1, ENERGY, 50 There is 7 limited bonuses, so this faction should work ok. The crawler thing might be some problem hidden in text files, introduced during modification/mod building. Does order "o" (crawl resources) in a base work? The crawler should have non-zero move points for that.
  17. Any saves? Was it singleplayer or TCP/IP multiplayer? That counts, as TCP/IP works differently in many small things. In singleplayer, maybe you are making an SP that is already built?
  18. Ok, deadline for submissions is set to May, 9th! So still, there is one month to complete the game.
  19. In one of the tests, I had AI unloading units on the island, so potentially if I let my defenses being too small, AI could threaten unsa. Also, in theory, letting AI transcend before unsa launches a satellite, the game would end in loss, but smac allows still to play afterwards. So satellite could be launched.
  20. Yeah, you see, on one side transcend difficulty scares away, on the other people that play say: "it's easy" One of the intention in this scenario is for everyone to win. The question is how fast you launch the satellite and that would rank players. After previous GotM games being mostly difficult, here is something manageable. For builders to enjoy. For momentum players - try to conquer Hive or any other faction. It is doable, if sufficiently planned.
  21. Make a base on a sensor, or build geosynchronous pod later, build aerospace complex for +100% defense, build AAA tracking unit for +100% defense, later tachyon field gives +200%. This would make a base really difficult to be attacked from air.
  22. That was made from huge map image, which is 64x128. The archipelago is genuine creation, although it tries to resemble the fragment of Chiron - position of the two islands visible on the huge map. These islands are just 2-tile, 1-tile pieces... sounds like good idea for a special project to make such map. :)
  23. Anyone else completed the game and submitted?
  24. Finally! I was thinking before, that this would be so nice thing, but civ3 and civ4 was step back from it by making rivers on tile borders. Very improving nautical element of the game. In early technological times ships were relatively small, so you could sail with e.g. Caravel quite deep into land mass.
  25. I conquered mostly Believers and Spartans - to get 7 victory points. Morganities had few declared by them wars, and after I took several bases, they agreed for truce. All the rest was almost untouched, though there were vendettas with Gaians and Hive.