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  1. I would be interested in this as well, if you can PM me the details. :)
  2. I hope they don't decide to shut down! I want to see how your UN gambit plays out.
  3. I'm OK with that. Also, when I did my turn in this game, there was nothing done towards Pippin that would have affected you (since I played out of turn) and Beta had already played, so it should be OK to continue without any sort of re-load.
  4. I don't really understand why Pippin just doesn't log in and retire if he no longer intends to play so the rest of us can continue... But whatever. I guess I'm more of the flavour that it doesn't matter whether you win or lose but how you play the game. Though it seems that philosophy isn't very popular in these parts.
  5. Beta, could I get the admin password for this game so I can continue on against AI's? I actually had a plan I'd like to follow through on even though the chances of success are less than 1%, I'd still like to see if it might have worked out. :) Thx.
  6. So is this game over then? Am I just talking to myself now? Have I been squelched? Hello? Anyone???
  7. Ok... So since nobody is communicating anything at all here, I'm just gonna go ahead and assume Cal isn't going to do his turn and I'm going to log in and do mine. I'll pause for 2mn and Arnelos when I'm done.
  8. Cal, go ahead and do your turn. I can understand why Beta would prefer I miss my last turn, so be it. Holding everyone else hostage isn't fair, so go ahead and play.
  9. Um... I didn't get to play my turn. I guess it's no big deal but if we could re-load Viseslav's save, I can pause for him when I'm done. I just assumed he would pause for me and didn't clarify, so it's up to you guys. PS: I'm really sorry I missed my turn, I got a wicked case of the flu and went straight to bed last night when I came home from work. Didn't even turn my computer on! I just figured I could do it this morning since it was paused and all...
  10. I don't think that's allowed...
  11. 2mn, can you clear your inbox?
  12. "Tis just a scratch." I loved that movie...
  13. Is there a particular reason why you guys aren't finishing your turns?