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  1. Hi 2metraninja! I haven't played civ in probably 3 years, but I decided to fire it back up again tonight. While I'm waiting for the install to finish, I decided to check in on good ol' weplayciv and found your message here. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Have a lot of great memories on here. I'm not ready for MP again (proficiently and emotionally lol) but maybe someday. Take care!
  2. Try other stuff first. Like running civ in compatibility mode. Also, does the 2k splash screen animation play smooth? Its a very useful indicator for the whole game I've found...
  3. Did you ever figure it out? :)
  4. I am a lurker/lounge lizard for CFC, other wise I would've totally joined! :)
  5. Hi Guys, I guess I've been volunteered for this game somehow without my prior commitment. It's just like my job in real life! Anyway, 2metra is correct, I chose the Med and can only commit to one full time game. However, I also volunteered to be a temp sub anytime, so I can do that here too. In fact, I will actively seek for my own replacement if you like, but if anyone here can find a replacement faster, by all means. That way, you guys can get going and not worry about those unstable AI civs. Just pm me the password if you need me! cheerio! dratboy
  6. Once Barbs are gone, it's always fun to declare war on your most aggressive neighbour and wait for his invasion force. Great Wall gives 100% bonus to Great General, which of course can be used in different ways ways to level up your units. Single player of course.
  7. Sorry Beta! I had planned on leaving a few spots open for the community, but response from my local chapter was overwhelming. That being said, we hope to have a thread going here for all game-related trash talking and stuff. As spots become available, we'll be advertising for replacement players. Considering the nature of this lawless game, I estimate the chances of future rage quits at well over 100%. Stay tuned!
  8. Howdy. would like to request a new game if there is space on your fine server! :) Currently only three of us have accounts here, but we expect that to change rapidly. The gist of this game can be summed up like this: No rules. No reloads. No Pauses. Basically, besides server issues forcing reloads of the last autosave, we don't want the game stopped for anyone or anything and there will be no officiating. Everyone going into this totally understands. We have 14 confirmed players and we're cutting it off there. Everyone already knows who they will be, so we'll trust they don't log in as the wrong civ. If they do, see rule# 1. Thanks in advance for hosting. Hopefully this results in more members in the community. We promise not to break anything. Cheers Game Info Civ 4 Vanilla/Warlords/BtS: BTS Game Name: Butterscotch Ripple Ice Cream Game password: make one up and PM me please Mod: None New Game/Scenario/Map: New Game PlayYourTurn: Civ stats? Game Settings Map Script: Custom Continents Map Size: Huge Climate: temperate Sea Level: low Start Era:medieval Game Speed:normal Map Script Dependent Game Settings - please fill in as applicable to your nominated map script *World Wrap: toroidal *Number of Continents: 5 *Resources: standard Game Options - Unticked as default (state ticked/unticked): assume UNticked for all erased game options Advanced Start: ticked Advanced Start Base Points: 3000 No Tech Brokering: ticked Require Complete Kills: ticked Multiplayer Options Simultaneous Turns: ticked Take over AI: ticked Shuffle Teams:UNticked Anonymous:UNticked Turn Timer: ticked Allow X hours to complete a turn: 48 Game turn limit: 0 City Elimination Limit:0 Victory Conditions - Ticked as default (state ticked/unticked) Time Victory:UNticked Conquest Victory:ticked Domination Victory:ticked Cultural Victory:UNticked Space Victory:UNticked Diplomatic Victory:ticked Player/AI Info - Please copy/paste for each participant involved Player: everyone will pick their own name when they join the advanced start. All Humans, No teams Civ: Ottomans Leader:Suleiman Difficulty: warlord Civ: Portugal Leader: Joao II Difficulty: warlord Civ: Spain Leader: Isabella Difficulty: warlord Civ: Germany Leader: Frederick Difficulty: warlord Civ: Mongolia Leader: Ghengis Khan Difficulty: warlord Civ: Celtia Leader: Boudica Difficulty: warlord Civ: Aztecs Leader: Montezuma Difficulty: warlord Civ: Russia Leader: Stalin Difficulty: warlord Civ: Netherlands Leader: Willem van Oranje Difficulty: warlord Civ: France Leader: Napoleon Difficulty: warlord Civ: Ottomans Leader: Mehmed II Difficulty: warlord Civ: Carthage Leader: Hannibal Difficulty: warlord Civ: America Leader: Lincoln Difficulty: warlord Civ: Japan Leader: Tokugawa Difficulty: warlord