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  1. I'd give it a try... please count me in, too.

    <p>Hi Gloria, I just came around here to look for the Civ 4 SDK and see how that game can be modded. Civ 4 was advertised as being very moddable, so that's one of the motivations to get it. </p>

    <p>We're really fine today, sitting on the terrace in the calm sunny evening sun. Heike is hacking her afternoon away, improving the RechenMonster. C++ at work is not a problem, I can't play at work anyway. At home it's a different story. I'm quite eager to get into my Villages and Cities again... but now I guess it's a good moment to install Civ 4 on my laptop. </p>

    <p>Have a nice weekend!</p>



    <p>Hi Tobing! I hope you and Belze and I can play some CivilzationBTS! I've loved your company and that of your lovely wife in some rather great alpha tests. I hope you can take yourself away from the C++ programming at work to play BTS with me soon.</p>