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  1. A new snapshot 20w16a added 2 new structures - one is a ruined nether portal which commonly appears in the overworld and the nether - has a chest, obsidian and netherrack. The other new structure is a nether bastion - appears in all biomes except the basalt deltas - it is smaller version of the nether fortress and has a ruined style - there are 4 types - has chests, gold - made of blackstone - has piglin mobs that get hostile if you loot the chests or the gold even if you are wearing golden armor (hostile at all times if you aren't wearing golden armor).
  2. So the latest 1.16 snapshot added another nether biome - the "Basalt Deltas" - now spawning point of magma cubes and has lava inlets, basalt and a new block - blackstone which is the nether equivalent of cobblestone (just only available in this biome). I've been playing a world on the 1.16 snapshots though admittedly I'm avoiding the nether area until the at least the pre-release for 1.16 comes out if not the actual release (interesting world - has the major biomes within 3000 squares of spawn).
  3. First snapshot for the 1.16 Nether update released Includes the 3 new biomes in the nether - the introduction of armor/weapons/tools stronger than diamond (but very hard to find in the nether as it is extremely rare and only in lava lakes - and requires both your diamond armor/weapons/tools to upgrade them and gold bars to create the new netherite armor. Netherite armor/weapons/tools float on lava and so won't be destroyed by lava it seems. The hoglin mob has been put into the game but isn't fully functional yet (won't attack, can't breed). 2 new types of wood added - crimson stem and warped stem - already have the steps, slabs, fences, gates etc. in game - these woods won't burn. Several new types of light - though most of them have a range of 10 instead of 14-15 like most light - except for the shroomlight - which can spawn in the crimson and warped stems it seems.
  4. So 1.15 the Buzzy Bees update is being released on December 10, 2019.
  5. So Minecon had some info about the upcoming 1.15 and 1.16 patches 1.15 is the bees (and bugs) patch - adding bees, honey and other bee related things but mostly fixing bugs 1.16 is the Nether update - they are adding at least 2 more biomes to the nether - with a couple new hostile mobs - only have placeholder names now.
  6. Understandable - sure if you can transfer the save to me I would be interested in having it - thanks.
  7. Thanks, that did the trick - was able to access the chests and open the doors.
  8. The spawn chunk protected mode seems to have been activated - meaning anything in the spawn chunk is undestroyable. That means that you can't access any chests in that area and doors without pressure plates won't open. Unfortunately half of the chests at spawn base are located in this "zone". Can it be turned off or shrunk down in size significantly? At least until I can access the chests and move their contents? Also here's an updated nether tunnel map:
  9. No, I am going to start making some automated and semi automated farms though. I'll start with the easier ones such as the semi-automated cobblestone and stone generators and the automatic melon, pumpkin and sugarcane farms. Haven't figured out where to build them though yet. Eventually I might get to a gold farm if one still works in 1.14 (the last one I did worked in 1.12 but not sure if that one works in 1.14) Gold farms would usually require me to get above the ceiling of the nether and would require a large amount of blocks (at least 6 to 8 thousand blocks of several different types) - last time I built it I did it in creative and it still took me 10-12 hours of gametime. Admittedly it and the enderman farm (which would require killing the dragon and probably creative mode to get down to level 20 of the end) are the fastest xp farms.
  10. Turns out I was a week off from my "playing on weekends" time - so got more done (plus had insomnia so played then as it helps me get sleepy to mine in Minecraft ) Updated nether tunnel system map below - added the main "bases" as circles on the map - spawn base in east - midway base in the middle, the western village and the stepped base in the west:
  11. Was tired of losing so much XP when I died so took the zombie spawner in your village and made it into a zombie XP farm - admittedly that is the slowest XP farm of all of them - but the easiest to do thankfully. Unfortunately part of it was required to go above ground level near the gate heading to your staircase down to your mine - so I put a sign on the cobblestone not to break it - to avoid getting flooded by zombies . Yeah my schedule is such that I will be stuck only being able to play games on weekends (or in my case "weekends") for a while and I have the new games I bought on this year's Steam summer sale to play (and last year's and the year before and … ).
  12. Got a few things done the last couple weeks: Expanded the midway base significantly Completed the level 11 tunnel all the way to N35tor's village from spawn (had been just past midway base) - though planning on extending it to the mushroom island and perhaps to the landmass westward of it Found and explored 2 strongholds (one in the east has only 1 eye of ender in the end portal while the one north of midway base has 2) - hopefully one of the nearby strongholds has the max 3 eyes Edit: I planted some bamboo in and around the midway base - it grows ridiculously fast so you are welcome to chop down several bamboo shoots - might be best to replant them at your village
  13. N35t0r re your exploration of the nether portals - I've finally got around to putting signs on them indicating where/what they are (except for the latest 2 portals) - perhaps I can turn the skeleton and blaze spawners & witch huts into automated farms eventually. I wouldn't bother exploring all of them - there are nearly 20 portals already lol - a lot of them are just villages. As for me, I have been expanding the midway base - got the farm done and animals tucked away - unfortunately (or not) found out that a illager patrol regularly spawns nearby.
  14. Yeah tried it a couple of times yesterday and today and it seems fine so far. Thanks for thinking about that fix.
  15. Sorry for taking so long to respond to this - it has been a busy week. Realms is expensive for one payee I find - not sure where you are located but here it would be a little over $10.00 per month - which would be okay if the payee was rotated among 3 or 4 people every few months - but we don't have that many people (plus would have to find a way to transfer the save file). As for Spigot - I've never heard of it - and I've never been able to figure out how to get any sort of mods to work. There was also another mod called optifine but I don't know if that still exists for the current patch. Not sure what to suggest.