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  1. Well, for now I'm consolidating our gains in the recent wars to unify Pritania and, with that goal in mind, we have finally established the Republic of Pritania. The primary ambition I set out with when I started this game is complete: a unified Republic of Pritania. Now, to see about strengthening and/or expanding said republic... Our new Archon:
  2. Open to recommendations on what to do next from what seem to be the following options: 1. Finish the conquest of Scotland & Ireland to unite as the Republic/Kingdom of "Albion", trying to settle the wilds while contesting all of the barbarian tribes that arise from there 2. Just wall off at Hadrian's Wall location (already in progress) and consolidate Pritania through economic development for a while 3. Wall off at Hadrian's Wall location and send our armies south to begin the conquest of the mainland, starting with Calais, Normandy, Brittany, and the low countries I'm leaning toward #2 myself for now, but open to suggestions. Either way, Rome is coming some day...
  3. Orgetorix Duratis passed away in 523 AUC, passing the office of tribal chief to 51-year old Dumnacus Caractacus. He's certainly far more capable an orator than Chief Orgetoris Duratis was, but he's utterly abysmal at finesse (literally a score of zero due to a combination of the traits "blunt" and "depressed" in combination with low aptitude for it. With little but martial prowess and oratory skill to lean on (no finesse, little zeal), we might as well finish uniting Pritania. And, that, I'm happy to say, is exactly what Chief Dumnacus Caractatcus did. With the capital at 47 civilization and growing, hopefully we can transition to a more civilized form of government soon. Then the only question is whether to complete the conquest of Albion or to forgo bothering with barbaric Scotland & Ireland in favor of consolidation or conquest of Gaul to our south. The might of Rome is growing as well and they have FAR more population...
  4. I had the same thing in my playthrough. I ran out of men, but that freed up a LOT of cashflow to spend on mercenaries.
  5. The year is now 521 AUC and Cantiacia has succeeded in uniting most of England and Wales - only portions of 3 provinces remain to complete the unification of Pritania under a single banner. And, speaking of that banner, the civilization level in the capital has now risen to 45. I also think I've figured out (finally) how to get it beyond the cap: just grow the population, which seems to interact with the "centralization" variable as well as increase the building slots (for more marketplaces). I'd generally prefer to use every drop of my civic income for research (especially when the current chief isn't high on finesse), but I'm using good chunks of it now to send additional pops to the capital. The current chieftain, Orgetorix Duratis, is afflicted with cancer and reaching the end of his life. He's had a fairly good reign in terms of territorial expansion as well as civilizing influence. Current map:
  6. 514 AUC: With the death of the last disloyal clan chief and sufficient oratory capital to expend, the tribal council has finally been given greater authority within the tribal government. Unfortunately, a game feature of the tribal form of government is that ANY change - even one that would ostensibly give the clan chiefs more power! - reduces their loyalty and makes them hostile to the tribe. This seems a peculiar game mechanic, as with everything involving government transition from tribal government so far. And, while that means civil war is presumably imminent, the rebel faction would be lead by a 75 year old and utterly useless (2 martial, 5 finesse, 2 charisma, 2 zeal) daughter of the previous chieftess who may have only 8 months left before she dies of dyptheria - long before the civil war would kick off. So... not worried about that clan, at least. Her children (grandchildren of the original chieftess) are VASTLY more reasonable and useful. The other clan that was an issue, Clan Sinori, was easier to handle. The clan chief was already a personal friend of the tribal chief - and holding a triumph in the capital in celebration of his friend assuaged his hurt feelings at being given additional power in the tribal council (yup, just roll with that one...). The ONLY step left in moving to a republic now is getting the capital up to 50 civilization. I'll get there. In the meantime, I can focus my military on adventures in Wales and Northern England in the future...
  7. Well, useless nephew started turning the magistrate against the chief from his prison cell (despite his abysmally low scores on everything - oratory & finesse included) so he's now been executed. Can't have a noble trying to cause a civil war. Tyranny is now around 2.4 (it'd already eroded from 1 to 0.4 from imprisoning him). Shouldn't take too long for that to wear off, but I'll suffer the maluses for now. I do wonder, though, if a prisoner continuing to foment his conspiracy against the crown from his cell is an intended mechanic or potentially a bug. Either way, execution ended up being a fairly simple solution to make it go away.
  8. you don't know jack
  9. Yeah, on the civilizing front, the treshhold reported for becoming a monarchy or republic is now 50, not 40. And, amusingly, several monarchies in the Med don't have capital cities that high. So... go figure? This seems like a fairly janky game mechanic right now. I'll keep chasing it, though.
  10. In other news, my stupid nephew (who is nearly worthless at every skill) kept demanding to become Elder and started creating actual problems by rivaling the chieftain and spreading malice. So I accepted the 1 tyranny penalty for simply imprisoning him. I'm not sure there's any negative to simply leaving him to rot there, so that can go on for as long as there's no event compelling me to let him out. No need to execute him - he is family - just keep him away from sharp objects.
  11. Well, I went to war alright, and the result was initially great - defeated several armies, stomped through enemy territory, and successfully laid siege to 3 major forts/cities in my advance north. Alas, the enemy had more reserves to recruit than I did, and their 2nd wave resulted in utter disaster (see below in 500 AUC). That said, facing the disaster of a negative warscore for the first time in this playthrough, but OVERFLOWING in cash in the absence of armies on the negative side of my ledger, I just hired mercenaries to finish the war and peaced out after I'd recaptured at least most of what I'd lost (see below in 502 AUC). It's going to be a while before the next war. I'm going to have to wait until I have more reserves available to replace my losses.
  12. Chieftess Catissena died just after defeating the Icenian army of 19,000 men in the field. Reportedly, she had a heart attack after observing a comet at the age of 77. The new chief, Orgetorix Duratis, isn't anything special aside from a capable commander (8 military, 5 finesse, 4 charisma, 5 zeal), but I could have done far, far worse given the options among the clans. With Icenia finally united under the our banner, I'm torn between concentrating on consolidation of my existing holdings and expanding northward to unite the Britannia region and eventually claim the crown of Pritannia. I'd normally be inclined to focus on cultural homogenity, but Chieftain Orgetorix's meager oratory skills have me thinking about going on the attack instead. If so, however, I need to be careful not to overextend.
  13. That's awesome
  14. Up to 493 AUC and the chieftess has come down ill at the age of 77 as I was finally preparing to finish off isolated Icenia. The other outstanding issue (aside from issues to arise from the imminent succession to one of the clan chiefs) is that 2 of my potential trade routes cannot be created because no-one wants to sell me anything within range. Even extending my diplomatic range did not change this (don't know quite how far that goes). The "civilization level" of my capital is up to 36 - much of the rest of southern England is now in the 30-34 range (though the more northern parts of my empire are still down in the 20s). You can transition to a republic or monarchy when the capital reaches 40. Even with 2/2 marketplaces built there, it might take a while. To give an idea of the scale there, Rome appears to have 46 right now - Athens 43, many other cities in the Eastern med similar. So I'm not THAT far behind.
  15. As the devs are now likely to say in their streams when people bring this up, "administrative cap is just a number". You often gain more from expanding beyond it - even well beyond it - than the efficiency of staying small. Treat it as a soft cap, not a hard cap, and blow past it if needed. I generally try to prioritize all techs & traditions that expand the cap, though, just to keep the penalties for expansion down. I typically will expand to a bit over the cap, then only justify expanding further if I can go grab chokepoint systems. I then backfill as influence becomes available and/or as my cap rises to reduce the penalties for that expansion.