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  1. Haven't checked in here for a while. Thought I would post. I am living up to my nickname in Fantasy Football this year.
  2. con jr is in.
  3. PM sent and Thank You! And sorry Spaced about not making a big deal out of your championship, we were just all on messenger and pretty much used that to talk trash this year. Congrats again for being the luckiest
  4. He isn't going to get shit done with the Democrats in the House. I suspect the investigations are going to suck up enormous amounts of both the White Houses and Congresses time. All leading to not a lot of shit getting done. Just because he says something doesn't mean he actually plans on doing it. I say let it ride for another two years. I really don't think he is going to do anything to counter his increasing popularity mainly among his base.
  5. Well at least I was the second luckiest guy this year
  6. so can we add/ drop/ trade yet?
  7. What?
  8. excuses..................
  9. I hate you GK, and you are a traitor
  10. I am going to be out in the field most of the day today, so if a turn pops definitely messenger me, please. Thanks!
  11. I'm bummed. I always look forward to failing miserably every fall...........................
  12. Well fvck. Training camps start this week. Can we do some kind of semi retarded smaller league? Is that even possible?
  13. My point being the down under/ kiwi contingent didnt have much interest either but did it to just F$%k around. Heck I just do it to f*(k around. But point taken Ill stfu now