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  1. They should cut him to avoid the 16MM guaranteed he'll get next season if he's injured.
  2. It appears you have added an additional Teddy Bridgewater to Con's team in place of Mariota.
  3. Definitely out. Too busy + travel.
  4. ...and I win on tie-breaker like Rho said. :faint:
  5. Not until stat corrections are automatically applied on Thursday at 4pm. :scared:
  6. Shows me winning by 1 point right now. Still well within stat correction territory. :scared:
  7. Don't worry, you still have Eli left.
  8. I have Trent Richardson + 34 points vs. Andrew Luck. I'm scared.
  9. I take solace in still being first in Coach Rating. (Because it's all I have left).
  10. "Continuous assessment of the military capabilities of potential nuclear/conventional adversaries"?
  11. What week? There is no week this week. I have no idea what you're talking about. My team was already 4-4 going into week 9.
  12. Yeah, stuff like that is why I don't watch football if I remember who I have on my roster. Becomes less about the football and too much about "no! don't give it to that guy!" :\
  13. Speaking of happening to you, what's having a W5 under "Strk" like? I don't expect to ever to get one